Jia Pingwa talks on the representative of the people's Congress: you want to speak to you.

Jia Pingwa talks on the representative of the people's Congress: you want to speak to you.

Jia Pingwa, the representative of the Thirteenth National People's Congress, member of the Party group and chairman of the Shaanxi Writers Association, and the chairman of the Chinese Association of writers' Association. The representative of the novel "deserted city", "Qin opera", "ancient furnace", "light" etc.. The works won the national excellent short story award, the national excellent novella award, the national outstanding essay (set) award, the Lu Xun prize in literature and the Mao Dun prize in literature.

As the newly elected deputies to the National People's Congress, Jia Pingwa told the Beijing News reporter interview, will before he has done a lot of research, ready to submit some proposals and suggestions for Qinling Mountains, which suggested that he should be promoted to a spiritual dimension to the understanding of Qinling Mountains.

1 on behalf of duties

You're going to want you to talk to you

Beijing News: how many times are you elected to the National People's Congress? What did you do before the meeting?

Jia Pingwa: I was the first time to be elected to the National People's Congress. I had been a member of the CPPCC for 25 years. Before the meeting, we have done a lot of research and prepare to submit some proposals and suggestions.

Beijing News: what proposals and suggestions do you intend to mention?

Jia Pingwa: I want to put forward the suggestion about Qinling Mountains, not only the ecological protection of Qinling Mountains, but also should be promoted to a spiritual level to know Qinling Mountains. There is also a question about the foreign English translation of "dragon", and it is hoped that the relevant departments should re translate the concept of dragon. I also suggest that in the list of meetings, the female name should not be marked "female" and the annotation is cancelled. Why don't you write a man behind a man? I think it's not fair to women.

Beijing News: how do you understand the identity and responsibility of the representative?

Jia Pingwa: I had the role of the writer, a local worker writers association. I think the representative has a responsibility to express the wishes of the most basic people, and to me, at least, the ideas of the local writers and artists should be expressed. What do you choose to do? You are sure not to choose from this level of creation, but to choose you to speak to you and to reflect the opinions and suggestions at the grass-roots level.

Beijing News: what issues do you pay most attention to at this time?

Jia Pingwa: I pay most attention to the reform policies and measures to improve and guarantee the livelihood of the people in the report of the government work this year. The common people are concerned more about the livelihood of the people, housing, school, medical, health, pollution and so on. There are many data in the government work report, especially in the language. Many specific people's livelihood events have been written out. I think this is satisfactory.

2 on literary creation

To keep a new sense of life to society

Beijing News: the latest novel "Yamamoto", is the sixteenth novel of you. From 2011 the "ancient furnace", published in 2013 to "take the lamp", 2014 "old", "2016 flower", almost every two years, you have published a novel, some people say "now Jia Pingwa has to stop, isn't it?

Jia Pingwa: not every two years, in fact, it is actually three years to complete a novel. Especially "Yamamoto", in reality three years, these three years, in addition to the meeting to participate in various literary activities, processing unit of things, most of the time basically in writing this novel.

Every novel is strictly speaking, collecting materials, thinking and thinking, and it takes a lot of time. It's fast to start writing. But I write at least three times. For example, writing a 10 word novel, first I wrote 10 words in the notebook and put the draft draft; to change the copy, is watching the draft change, while re copy writing, write it again; and then change again, from the first word, start to write. It is really to write three times, 10 thousand words (works) at least to write 30 thousand words. If there is a big change, it must start from the first word and rewrite it, and I'm the habit.

Beijing News: do you stop?

Jia Pingwa: after 50 years of age, the desire for creation seems particularly strong and feels a lot of things to write. There is something to be written in the pocket. As for writing is good or not good, at the least, do some strength to express it. Like chicken eggs, chicken eggs don't you let it down it bored. Many people ask why can you write so much? Because there are so many things to go through, we always want to write it out.

Moreover, the creation made me a fresh sense of Chinese society, you must accept this society, can not be divorced from the society, because the social development is very fast.

Some writers have a fault, writing is not going to the life, only in the house to write, the literary soil is tied. You keep planting crops on a piece of land, and when you give it chemical fertilizer, the soil is tied up and no crops have been grown. So we should keep a fresh sense of life to society and study this society and pay attention to this society.

Beijing News: "Yamamoto" after you will have what new works? What's the story to be conceived now?

Jia Pingwa: after writing a piece of work, at least for a considerable period of time, we need to read, to live and store, to live and reserve, or to run around to see and understand some situations, and what to write next. I can't say it right now.

Beijing News: you said in the "ancient furnace" writing postscript in that year, "I appreciate the more than 300 signature pen, their blood is black, swallowed up, quietly died in the big basket." A "ancient furnace", which lasted 4 years, wrote bad 300 pens, and what about the other works? Do you use all the time to create it?

Jia Pingwa: in fact, in this society, the fine creation is particularly difficult, and it needs to be quiet, but there is a lot of external interference. I am now served as the Shaanxi Provincial Writers Association President, although not imprisoned, but the meeting and literary activities in particular, occupy a lot of time. In addition, I basically use it in writing. When I review this life, I have paid less to my family. As a husband and father, I paid too little. I bought a house as a studio, and every morning my wife took me to the studio, and at 8:30 I had to go to the studio. Back home in the evening was basically after 12. Year and year so, when the festival is also the same, the first year of the year to eat dumplings, my wife sent me to the studio.

For a long time, my family is fully committed by his wife, and I can't live in my life. Such as social, treatment of home chores, relatives and friends are pushed to the side, wife or others. I'm very guilty about that. After a long time, he was also out of the way. I have daughters and granddaughters, and I want to see them for a long time, but they soon come and call them fast, as if I broke my quiet life.

About 3 works

Love the country from the heart

Beijing News: one reviewer wrote a text: "from the" Qin opera "" ancient furnace "with" light "" old "to" flower ", has a strong experience of nostalgia atmosphere, it seems that every works are from the strong to his friends and some emotional care express, self has relatively mature automatic speaking of the heavy accent of literature. There are a lot of reflection and memory, he just rush out of themes and stories in literary writing emerged, sincere emotion and utter innocence everywhere". Do you think this passage can explain why you have been paying attention to local literature?

Jia Pingwa: the book critic said it was in line with my idea and thanked him for his understanding. For the countryside, there is a real love coming out from the heart, which concerns a concern, keeps watching it and studies it, so there are so many things that come out and want to write books. Of course, who comes out first, and starts to write who is especially strong, there is a lot of chance.

Beijing News: your works, "Qin opera" about the changes in a small town, a street of thirty years; "ancient furnace" depicts the changes of Cultural Revolution "of human nature," flower "tells the story of a kidnapped girl's fate. What do you want to express through these works?

Jia Pingwa: from my heart, I want to express what is the living condition and mental state of Chinese people in this era? What is the state of the spirit? Then it can be said to sort out the history and reality of the Chinese. Nowadays, this era can be said to be a big era. The change is very complex. People's mind is also very complex. I want to dig out the humanity of this era and this era, write and record this era.

The new Beijing News: the "pole flower" has caused some controversy. Some people claim that the works are defended for traffickers and abduction women. Your other works, such as "deserted city", has caused some controversy, how to treat these disputes?

Jia Pingwa: "feidou" caused controversy when overwhelming. I think it is normal for any work to be disputed, the idea is different, the point of view is different, and the dispute is inevitable. Especially in today's society, there is no unified thought, no unified view, you say that people in the East must go west. The environment is different, the status is different, the cultivation is different, there will be different views. But there are some reasons for the controversy, because of misreading. Maybe he is full of knowledge and full of knowledge, but his environment and status lead him to not understand the specific real life. He also understands this situation from his knowledge in books.

However, no matter how controversial, I think it is good, right, not afraid of dispute; wrong, correct in the process of dispute. As a writer, we must face the society with the greatest sincerity, face the people, face ourselves, face life honestly, and also face the reality sincerely. As long as it is sincere, everything is good. Fear not sincere, or tell lies, or sentimental words, or deliberately say paranoid, I think that to others on their own, not good for society.

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