Sexual invasion of Shenyang: no teacher ethics is only an administrative warning

Sexual invasion of Shenyang: no teacher ethics is only an administrative warning

The afternoon of April 7th, Shenyang through SMS reply "China news weekly" interview requests, he wrote in the message: I want to send a weak cry: three university to take "morality" that. Excuse me, what does this qualitative depend on? Which formal decision has this conclusion? Which fact supports this conclusion? Is it only about public opinion? Just a person's answer in an interview? It's so sad.

In his reply, Shenyang said he had a "view" on China News Weekly's interview with Fei Zhengang, the head of the Chinese Department of the Chinese Department of Beijing University. He said, "there is no moral problem at all," he said. At that time, the party secretary of the Chinese Department of the Chinese Department, Li Xiaofan (late), made a summary of the general assembly. The first sentence was that the question of Shenyang was not a question of moral quality. Only administrative punishment decision is no warning, demerits. The interview was completely disregarding the facts, and it was sad. "

20 years ago, Shenyang in the north of Gao Yan's students "sexual assault incident" occurred, when he was chairman of the Department of Peking University Chinese fee has been involved in disciplinary action against Zhengang Shenyang. In April 6th, China News Weekly interviewed Fei Zhengang to know about the disposition of Shenyang in the year. At the time of the interview, he said that the events in Shenyang were mainly handled by the Beijing University of Peking Commission, and he did not separate the matter. "But the end result you know, is to give him a punishment." He also said, "that year, he was a young man, but from the teacher's ethics, the young teacher was a problem."

The incident of "Shenyang sex invasion of girls high rock" has caused rapid social concern. In April 7th, "China Newsweek" reporter came to Shenyang. Now, two colleagues from Nanjing University and one of his graduate students in Nanjing University are interviewed.

According to a graduate student in Shenyang, who did not want to be named, they had a group of WeChat members who were all postgraduates from Shenyang. They saw the recent news about Shenyang. Her mood was very complicated. She said that when he chose Shenyang as a Postgraduate Tutor, he heard some rumors from his female college students about his past.

In her eyes, Shenyang was her awe, admiring and trusting academic bull and an extremely responsible graduate tutor. On weekdays, he did not hear that he had frequent personal contact with a female student or something that he should not have. Her own contact with Shenyang is limited to the one or two week seminar. The most recent meeting was March 20th, and never seen Shenyang since then.

According to the girl, there are many students in Shenyang, who call him "Mr. Shen" on the face and call him "Shen Shu" in private. She sent an email to ask questions related to the Shenyang paper, and there was a reply in the day. If the student failed to complete the task he had arranged, he would criticize the students and raise the volume. "The momentum is terrifying."

A teacher from the school of Arts in Nanjing University said to China News Weekly that he was surprised to see the news about Shenyang in recent days. I think the Shenyang described in the news is quite different from that on weekdays. Before transferred to Shenyang south, a private friend told him about a girl, said the North Shenyang Dutch act, "said Li Youyou is not so detailed, are hearsay, nor what improper relationship heard of him in the school with female students." He told China News Weekly.

Another teacher from Shenyang said that there are more than a dozen teachers in the Language Department of the Institute of culture, and they are not familiar with Shenyang. "At the time of the Shenyang Primary School of letters, the teachers had talked about him in Peking University, but all were rumours."

In April 6th, Li Youyou, one of the high school friends and the informant of the incident, told China News Weekly that they were still in contact with other victims of sexual assault in Shenyang. She said, "we have now contacted at least four female victims."

China News Weekly has failed to contact Xu Xingwu, the dean of the school of literature, and Ding Fan, the former dean of the school of Arts, and Ding Fan, the former president of the Nanjing University. In April 7th, Ding Fan is alleged to have network information circle of friends said, Shenyang is transferred to Nanjing University during its administration, he admitted that he led oversight, willing to bear all the responsibility.

Xu Xingwu said in a statement, the College of Nanjing University should be promptly corrected the mistakes in the work of introducing talents, and come to the conclusion that Shenyang does not comply with the ethics of Teachers College of Nanjing University requirements. The school of Arts of Nanjing University also issued a statement on its official website that Shenyang is now in the stage of waiting for verification and investigation, and has suspended teaching and educating people. The statement "suggested that Shenyang should resign from the Faculty of the Nanjing University School of literature".

On the same day, the Shanghai Normal University also made a decision to terminate the agreement on the employment of part-time teachers outside the school of Shenyang, which was signed with the professor of literature of Nanjing University in July 2017.

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