The historical moment: Armed Police Tiananmen flag guard cancel the designation to history

The historical moment: Armed Police Tiananmen flag guard cancel the designation to history

[Global Times - global network reporter Guo Yuandan reported on 30]12, the official news release, since January 1, 2018 by the people's Liberation Army shoulder and saluting the flag escort mission.

The news said that at 7:36 on January 1, 2018, the national flag raising ceremony in Tiananmen square was first carried out by the people's Liberation Army Honor Guard and the military music corps.

This means that the national flag guard of the armed police will complete its mission and will be a history. Tiananmen flag Guard Corps of the armed police will be canceled, over Chinese people's Liberation army. There are also over the armed forces salute the troops.

In December 27th, the CPC Central Committee issued the "decision of the CPC Central Committee on the adjustment of people's armed police forces China leadership and command system" (hereinafter referred to as the "decision"), since at 0:00 on January 1, 2018, the armed police force by the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission to implement centralized leadership, the Central Military Commission - armed forces - Army Command system.

After the adjustment of the leadership and command system, the basic functions and attributes of the armed police force did not change, and they were not included in the PLA. Armed police and Tiananmen flag guard and salute the troops is clearly an exception, will be over ownership of the people's Liberation army.

In November 30, 2015, Tiananmen flag guard veterans, flag guard captain Xu Wen Wei Kai (left) off the collar and Cap badges, (November 30th). Xinhua News Agency issued photo Li Shimin

The ceremony of the Tiananmen flag raising ceremony is also a "return" to the army's honor guard, which is to be said from the history. From October 1, 1949 to September 1950, Tiananmen square flag raising ceremony by the Beijing public security corps responsible for picketing. From October 1st to 1976 in 1950, the national national day flag button was held by the Beijing Power Supply Bureau. From May 1977 to December 1982, the Beijing garrison took over the task of raising the national flag, the national flag guard said "class". In December 28, 1982, the five class of the sixth detachment of the former Beijing Armed Police Corps, the eleven Squadron, was stationed in the Tiananmen. It was responsible for the glorious duties of the national flag raising and the Tiananmen square, Tiananmen tower, Jinshui bridge, the monument to the people's heroes and the welcome ceremony. Since then, our country has the first set of standardized ceremonies of flag and lift. From the Tiananmen flag class upgrade history, the Beijing garrison troops in the early seven, 80s performed a task, and the people's liberation army honor guard also under the Beijing garrison.

Before the flag guards were made up of 36 armed police officers and soldiers, responsible for the daily lift of the flag. In "1" (that is, 1, 11, 21) and major festivals, the armed police band plays the national anthem on the spot. In order to maintain the order of the Tiananmen square, from June 1, 2004 onwards, the Tiananmen flag guard every month "3 big flag 1" service to 1 per month for the flag, 36 flag guards and 62 armed police band members and the flag, the national anthem played live three times.

The salute forces were born in 1937. They were 188 divisions, 564 regiments, 3 battalions and 7 battalions. At present, the nine salute squadron of the Beijing general police corps is the only salute force in our country, and it was founded in 1984. Salute squadron since its formation, has successfully completed the 35th anniversary, 40th anniversary, 45th anniversary, 50th anniversary, 60th anniversary, 50, 60 to commemorate the victory of the Anti Japanese War, 70th anniversary, the Eleventh Asian Games, welcome to fire a salute task of twenty-ninth Olympic Games, the 2014 Shanghai CICA summit cross saluting task and 700 times.

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