HUAWEI Xu Wenwei: intelligent terminal in 2025 will reach 40 billion 86% enterprises with AI

HUAWEI Xu Wenwei: intelligent terminal in 2025 will reach 40 billion 86% enterprises with AI

Sina science and technology news April 17th noon news, HUAWEI analysis Teachers University will be held in Shenzhen in Shenzhen on April 17th. Xu Wenwei, the director of HUAWEI and President of strategic Marketing, first released the global industry outlook GIV 2025. According to GIV prediction, by 2025, the total number of global connections will reach 100 billion, and video traffic will account for 89%. 86% of enterprises will adopt AI and create 23 trillion dollar digital economy.

Xu Wenwei said that every round development of human industrial society is accompanied by an industrial cycle of roughly 50-60 years. The first 30 years are the invention phase of basic technology, and the next 30 years are technology accelerated application stage. With the universal popularity of artificial intelligence and other technologies, we have reached a new intersection in the intelligent world 30 years after the information industry cycle.

In the new situation, Xu Wenwei released the global industry outlook GIV 2025 (Global Industry Vision) for the first time at the analyst conference. This is HUAWEI's exploration and Reflection on the role and opportunities of the ICT industry in the smart world, he said. HUAWEI launched GIV, mainly for the whole society to outline the direction of the innovation of the intelligent world, for the industry to hint the development path of the intelligent world, and build a basic bridge for the diversified ICT industry ecosystem into the intelligent world.

Xu Wenwei said that the first step to enter the digital world is the upgrading of all things perception and the interconnection of all things. From vehicle to UAV, from robot to pig and sheep, from urban monitoring facilities to power grids, everything will be brought into the world of intelligent things.

In the field of personal and family, the number of personal intelligent terminals will reach 40 billion in 2025, with an average of 5 intelligent terminals per person, and 20% of them will own more than 10 intelligent terminals.

The total number of global connections reaches 100 billion, which means that 4 billion livestock, 20 million containers, 300 million LED street lights and 1 billion 800 million water meters will be labeled with digital labels, forming new industries such as industrial Internet of things and vehicle interconnection.

In 2025, the adoption rate of global enterprises to AI will reach 86%, and the utilization rate of enterprise data will increase to about 80%. HUAWEI is also developing a preventive maintenance system for web sites. With running data and artificial intelligence, it can predict up to 50% of the network failures, and reduce the failure rate of the customer network by 20%.

To 2025, into the 5G network will be more than 60 million vehicles, 100% cars will be connected to the network, the realization of "+ Intelligent traffic". The market space for the Internet of cars will reach $145 billion.

Xu Wenwei finally said that the long-term return of ICT will be 6.7 times the return of non ICT investment and will create a $23 trillion digital economy. And the value brought by "+ intelligence" will benefit all walks of life, such as manufacturing, service and transportation. (Zhang Jun)

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