Shenfei eight annihilate 15 and FC31 test pilots were all in the air parking.

Shenfei eight annihilate 15 and FC31 test pilots were all in the air parking.

In the book of "test flight hero" published this year, we have made a documentary description of the group of test pilots in our country, on the direct face of the "perilous" in the work of the pilot, the mission of the pilot, and the pavement for the new aircraft of our country.

The characters in this book have been described by the media, Huang Bingxin, Lei Qiang, Li Zhonghua and so on, and the introduction of "Li Guoen" in the first chapters of the book. Who is Li Guoen?

Li Guoen is the first flight test pilot of China's first generation of carrier borne fighter -15. In August 31, 2009, the fighter -15 succeeded in flying,

About Li Guoen, the media reported publicly that he was the leader of the first air test brigade of the air force.

The success of the first flight of new aircraft marks the development of a new generation of Shipborne aviation equipment in China, which has entered a new stage, filling the gap in the field of Shipborne aircraft in our country.

Another new fighter completed the test flight. Li Guoen solemnly signed her name on the test flight qualified book.

In addition, in the book, Li Guoen had driven a test base of the northwest air force of the new warplane transfer field. In the full load take-off, the right hair added force failed to connect, the right hair stopped in the air, and finally successfully disposed. In the extreme overloading situation, a single safe landing on the Plateau Airport.

This new type of fighter is probably the last type of the development of our classic fighter 8 series fighter. The advanced nature of airborne equipment is self-evident. It is equipped with the most advanced equipment in our country today. The most powerful verification machine is currently the only one in China.

According to the book "test hero", Li Guoen is also the first flight test pilot of the second four generation aircraft in China.

In October 31, 2012, the fighter -31 first flew. China has become the second country in the world to test two types of four generation aircraft at the same time.

It is also by the introduction of the book that we can see that the more the more domestic new fighters soar in the blue sky, the airman, Li Guoen, and other test pilots, who have been quietly paying behind it. (authorship: blocking the ship)

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