China went to Mali and its troops to carry out live ammunition exercises to simulate the attack of the convoy (map)

China went to Mali and its troops to carry out live ammunition exercises to simulate the attack of the convoy (map)


In the morning of June 9th, the Sixth Batch of China's Mali peacekeeping guard team was attacked by a fleet of rapid support operations. For the first time, it organized a practical tactical drill named "desert oasis" at the oasis range and tested the capacity of the peacekeeping force.


In view of the deteriorating security situation in the mission area, the Chinese blue helmets "desert oasis" live ammunition tactical drill.

Jia Chunming

Vehicular high fire machine gun fire suppression

Pistol real shot fire

It is reported that China's sixth batches of Mali peacekeepers in late May have been deployed in late May, and the security situation in the mission area and the surrounding area has deteriorated, and there have been a number of terrorist attacks against United Nations peacekeepers. The head of the battle area command of the union of horses has issued an orange warning and issued a safety warning that "the security situation in the city of Austria is uncontrollable and there may be any violent terrorist attack at any time".

Using a walking combat vehicle for cover shooting

After the attack, the men quickly got off the train and returned fire.

According to peacekeeping missions and security needs, the China peacekeeping security detachment is responsible for the security and defense tasks of the barracks of the United Ma Tun Tung theater command area. In order to cope with the increasingly severe security situation and the possible unexpected situation, the Chinese peacekeeping guard unit takes "the temporary implementation of the vigilance and guard task, the motorcade is ambushed by unidentified militants" as the tactical background, and adopts the "situation induction, random guidance, coherent implementation, real bomb test" and the emergency response and rapid maneuver. Fire fighting and defensive retreat were carried out in live ammunition tactical drill.

Heavy machine gun fire suppression

This practical tactical rehearsal uses 6 kinds of light weapons, such as high shooting machine gun, heavy machine gun, sniper rifle, micro charge gun and so on. It actually shoots 5 kinds of projectiles such as armor piercing projectile, multifunctional projectile and conventional bomb. It comprehensively examines the actual combat level of peacekeeping troops and effectively improves the consciousness of precision war preparedness and emergency capacity of the peacekeepers. .

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