Nanjing tens of millions of villas devaluation half a total of 11 people auction: there was a corpse case.

Nanjing tens of millions of villas devaluation half a total of 11 people auction: there was a corpse case.

Original title: Nanjing million yuan villa devaluation half auction, a total of 11 people auction, there was a corpse case in the house.

The villa with a value of about 12000000 yuan is assessed at the market price of 50%, with a starting price of 4 million 350 thousand yuan - a set of Nanjing houses now being auctioned online, causing social concern.

The judicial auction began at 10 a.m. on June 11th, and the price cycle lasted for one day. By 11 p.m. on the 11 day, the news ( found that 3 of the 11 applicants had been bidding for 4 times, and the leading bid was 4 million 660 thousand yuan.

Why does the complete set of housing with a market price exceed tens of millions suffer from depreciation in the process of evaluation and auction? It turned out that the villa had happened to kill a son-in-law by a wealthy businessman, and was considered to be a "haunted house". The local court also indicated in the auction information that the property that had been sold has committed murder and has "major flaws".

Villa auction: evaluation value "shrink", only 11 people auction.

The auction house is a three storey residential building located in Ruijing Wenhua District, general road, Jiangning District, Nanjing. Nanjing Qinhuai District Court published relevant auction information on "Ali auction and justice" network platform.

The villa has an area of 422.77 square meters and is designed to be a complete set of houses. "The survey of the auction mark" shows that the owner of the property, Zhu Mou, housing without leasehold, there are mortgages, according to the court's related ruling was seized.

"Product introduction" information disclosure, the property surrounding the property of banks, hotels and other commercial facilities, near the primary school, hospital and other public resources, living and transportation conditions are convenient.

The value of the three storey villa was investigated and assessed by a real estate appraisal agency in Shenzhen. The final assessment price was 6 million 180 thousand yuan. The court will set the auction price to 4 million 350 thousand yuan, and the auction time will be from 10 hours in June 11, 2018 to 10 o'clock in June 12th.

Surging news from the judicial auction network platform found that a total of 11 people entered the auction. Up to 14 hours in June 11th, only 3 bidders offered. After 4 bids, the current bid is 4 million 660 thousand yuan.

Judging from the auction information, the value of the building has been seriously "shrinking". The evaluation price is 6 million 180 thousand yuan, but "the product introduction" points out, "the final value of this assessment is considered on the basis of the original market value, and the final value is calculated on the basis of 50%." That is to say, the original market value of this villa is two times the estimated price of 6 million 180 thousand yuan - 12 million 360 thousand yuan.

According to the modern express, the villa was also auctioned publicly in 2014, when the starting price was 8 million 200 thousand, and the final auction took place.

The value of the villa is worth more than ten million yuan. At present, the valuation price has shrunk by half. Why is it still not favored by the market?

The "table of investigation of auction targets" published by the court has made special "defect reminders":

"When evaluating the company's survey on the object of valuation, after consulting the historical data, it has been determined that the object of the assessment has occurred in a murder case, which has great defects and is extremely difficult to change."

The court also reminded the enrolmen to "decide" the bidding behavior in the "auction notice". "Once the bidder makes a decision, it shows that it is fully understood, and accepts the status of the subject matter and all the known and unknown defects."

Villa homicide: rich businessman killed son-in-law, wife of the deceased is an accomplice.

What is the "murder case" that makes the auction villa "a major flaw"? The surging news found that the "murder house" was behind a murder case related to fraud.

The murder occurred in February 26, 2011, where the case was located in the No. 142 villa in Nanjing, Ruijing Wenhua District, which is the three storey villa of the court.

The criminal ruling of "(2014) two compound word no. 0001" published by the Chinese referee's document network revealed the process of the intentional murder: the defendant, Xue Jinggong, killed his son-in-law field and mutilated the corpse, and then put the corpse in a garbage bag with her daughter Xue Ping (the pseudonym) and shipped it to the mountain.

Xue Jinggong, born in 1940, was once a businessman in Nanjing. Xue Ping, his daughter, was born in 1970. Her husband, Xue Ping, was 8 years older than her. Xue Ping and Tian married after they met in Japan, and the couple returned home to do beauty business in 2006, according to procuratorial cloud magazine. When Tian drove back to his hometown in Xi'an, his brother drove his car to self ignite on the freeway. According to the owner's information and the driving license, cell phone and other items left in the car, the deceased was mistaken for Tian Mou. Later, Tian and his wife Xue Ping talked about it and concealed the fact. Since then, Xue Ping, the "family member of the deceased", has defrauded about 5000000 yuan of insurance premiums. Tian has bought an accident personal injury insurance in Japan.

Four years later, Tian Tian, who was fed up with the "dead man", wanted to become a "normal man", thus contradicting Xue Ping and his father, Xue Jinggong.

Jiangsu high court in May 2014 made a review of the reversion of the Criminal Decision: after the registration of the household registration, Tian Mou many times to Xue Ping and his family to ask for passports, Xue Ping and father Xue Jinggong worried about the return of the passport, to cheat insurance money is easy to be exposed, in order to avoid being implicated to return passports, so a further relationship with Tian Worsening. So Xue Jinggong and her father and daughter premeditated killings of Tian. In the evening of February 26, 2011, in Xue Ping's villa, No. 142 of Ruijing Wenhua District, Xue Jinggong used a pre prepared axe and a kitchen knife to kill Tian, and then dismembered the body in the aisle, and together with Xue Ping, the corpses and clothes were loaded into the garbage bag and thrown to the Cuiping mountain in Nanjing.

In December 2013, the Nanjing intermediate people's court sentenced Xue Jinggong to death for a period of two years with intentional homicide. The defendant of the same case, Xue Ping, was also sentenced. Since then, the Jiangsu High Court ruled that the above verdict was approved.

In September 2016, the Jiangsu High Court made the Criminal Decision on the change of criminal penalty for the crime of intentional homicide by the Xue Jinggong. He believed that during the two year reprieve of the death penalty, Xue Gong did not commit a crime intentionally, which was in accordance with the statutory terms of commutation, and the penalty was reduced to life imprisonment.

7 years later, the villa that happened in that year entered the judicial auction process. The court's announcement of "major blemishes" prompted the auction to become the focus of local attention.

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