What are the main highlights of the SCO Qingdao summit? Ministry of foreign affairs response

What are the main highlights of the SCO Qingdao summit? Ministry of foreign affairs response

[World Wide Web roundup,]2018 June 11th, foreign ministry spokesman Geng Geng chaired a regular press conference. Some of the meetings were recorded as follows:

Q: the Qingdao summit of the Shanghai cooperation organization just closed yesterday. This is the first summit held by the SCO after its expansion, and the international community is highly concerned about it. What is the main highlight of this summit?

A: on the Qingdao summit of the SCO, Wang Yi, State Councilor and foreign minister received a media interview yesterday, and made a full exposition of the features, significance and results of the summit. We suggest that you pay attention to it. I would like to emphasize a few more points here.

First, the Qingdao summit has endowed the "Shanghai spirit" with a new era connotation. The "Shanghai spirit" is the 20 word, "mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diverse civilizations, and seek common development". The reason for the continuous development and expansion of the SCO for 17 years is that the "spirit of Shanghai" is always practiced, outmoded ideas of civilization conflict, cold war thinking, zero sum game and so on. In his speech to the Qingdao summit, President Xi Jinping put forward a series of important formulations and discussions on development, security, cooperation, civilization and global governance, summarized the basic concepts of building a new international relationship, added a new era of wine to the spirit of Shanghai, and gave the new historical mission of the SCO.

Second, the Qingdao summit has established a new goal of SCO. In his speech, President Xi Jinping pointed out that we should persist in CO building and sharing the global concept of governance, constantly reform and improve the global governance system, and promote all countries to work together to build a community of human destiny. This important initiative has been confirmed in the Qingdao declaration and has become the most important political consensus and the future development goal of the eight countries of the SCO. Improving global governance and building a community of human destiny is the common cause of all countries. As a comprehensive regional organization with 8 member states, 4 observer states and 6 dialogue partners, the SCO has the responsibility and ability to become a more important and active force in the process of global governance and plays a leading role in building a community of human destiny.

Third, the Qingdao summit has set up a new action guide for future cooperation. At the Qingdao summit, members of the Member States signed, ratified or published 17 documents, witnessing the signing of 6 cooperation documents, which was the most successful of the previous summit. The Qingdao summit in the further development of the good neighborly and friendly relations between Member States, fighting the "three forces", promote trade facilitation, promote the "The Belt and Road" initiative and national development strategy and Regional Cooperation Initiative docking, strengthen cultural cooperation and expand foreign exchanges and other aspects achieved tangible results, also made a tie Solid and solid planning. Implementing the consensus reached by the leaders at the Qingdao summit is the next stage of efforts and major tasks of the SCO.

As a founding member of SCO, China always regards SCO as one of the priority directions in diplomacy. Together with other Member States, we will fully implement the outcome of the summit and promote SCO closer unity, more efficient cooperation, more effective action and brighter prospects.

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