The price of agricultural products slumped on the island, but the Taiwan army had no choice but to open the "bananas" mode.

The price of agricultural products slumped on the island, but the Taiwan army had no choice but to open the

[observer network comprehensive report] according to the Taiwan "United newspaper" June 11th news, Taiwan region leader Cai Yingwen (11) this afternoon (11) to the Taiwan Army's Taizhong army tenth Corps artillery fifty-eighth command, inspected the anti airborne assault drill, including the avenger anti-aircraft missile system, thunder 2000 multi tube rocket artillery, M10 9A2 type 155 mm self propelled artillery was unveiled, and Cai Yingwen also presented "add vegetable gold" to console the officers and men of Taiwan army.

Yin Changrong, the commander of the Taiwan military cannon, said the force also recently bought bananas to help farmers, "almost every meal is eating bananas!"

Yin Changrong said, today, the rehearsal is mainly aimed at the enemy, the air attack in Taiwan, the air defense forces to carry out the air combat, including the avenger missile system, 3 thunderbolt 2000 multi tube rocket artillery, the last 6 M109A2 155 millimeter self-propelled artillery firing two rounds.

Yin Changrong said that Cai Yingwen was greatly encouraged by the spirit of the soldiers. Today, it was thought that the weather was not good, and the soldiers might not be able to rehearse a little, but when Cai Yingwen came, they could meet the challenge.

As for the bananas that lead to a sharp drop in the price, Yin Changrong said that Cai Yingwen did not specifically mention the purchase of bananas when he gave a gift of gold, but the Taiwan army was playing with the people in the spirit of buying bananas and watermelons in particular. "Almost every meal is bananas!"

According to the observer network previously reported that the recent prices of agricultural products in Taiwan plummeted, all walks of life will be directed at the Tsai authorities, that the policies led by the Tsai authorities have led to a steep fall in prices. In this regard, the former Kuomintang "Standing Committee" Sun Daqian cited the Taiwan regional leader Cai Yingwen after several policies, calling the "disastrous report card"; he said, in the face of declining prices of agricultural products, Cai Yingwen, in addition to disguised as a net red, to play live, it seems to be a bundle of hands.

Ma Ying-Jeou, the former leader of the retired Taiwan region, did not idle away. On the 9 day, he appeared in the Wenshan District of Taipei in the morning. Ma Ying-Jeou ate bananas with many Kuomintang members, the president of the Kuomintang and Lai Shibao, Ding Shouzhong and others on the stage. I like to eat bananas very little, so I still eat almost every meal. Recently, the price of banana has fallen down. I am very concerned about the situation of banana farmers. I hope that the mainland can help sell some of them.

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