The gang was arrested after six days of camera attack and gesture provocation.

The gang was arrested after six days of camera attack and gesture provocation.

Original title: after stealing a number of motorcycles, the car theft gang gestures against the Skynet camera.

Cover news news (Luo Feng reporter Zhou Hongpan) June 11th, the reporter learned from the Shehong County Public Security Bureau of Suining City, a theft car gangs have stolen motorcycles many times in Suining, when they were monitored by the Skynet after the case, they were also provocation against the camera. After the careful control of the Shehong police, the theft gang was successfully knocked out.

On the morning of May 20th, the police station of Cao County, Shehong County Public Security Bureau received a warning from the crowd that a motorbike parked at the door was stolen. Cao Bei police station immediately investigated the theft and retrieved traces of stolen vehicles by monitoring Skynet.

"In the process of monitoring, we found that a man was driving a motorcycle passing through a surveillance camera and shooting a gesture to provoke him." Wang Dong, director of the Cao Bei police station, said that this is a provocation against the police and must be related to motorcycle theft cases. When they found this suspicious situation, they immediately verified their identity. Through careful investigation of the man, the police found that the man was very close to the other two people and had great suspicion of committing a crime.

In the afternoon of May 26th, the investigators got a clue, and the criminal suspect, Xia, was in the home of Yangxi town. "Xia Mou told us about the trajectory of the other two people. Wang Dong said that the case immediately dispatched two other people to control, and 2 hours later, Yang and Lee captured two people.

Investigators searched the suspect's home for a motorcycle that had not yet been transferred. One of the tricycles had been repainted by the suspect to cover the vehicle's original appearance, while the other two two - wheeled motorcycles were wrapped in their pockets to prevent them from being found, and the results were seized by the police on the spot.

According to the criminal suspect, from May 13th, 3 people in Shehong County Cao Bei Town, Renhe Town, Yangxi Town, Suining Western China Logistics Port, Pengxi County Rog Township, Xinsheng Township and other places to carry out theft, theft of 6 motorcycles, cars and electric tricycle electric bottles more than 20, the amount of more than 30000 yuan.

At present, the three people have been detained by the Shehong County Public Security Bureau for criminal detention, and the case is being further investigated.

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