The White House announces the detailed schedule of "special gold conference" on the 12 day

The White House announces the detailed schedule of

Original title: the White House announced the 12 day "special fund meeting" detailed schedule

[Global Times - global network reported to Singapore special correspondent Bai Yunyi] according to the latest information issued by the White House 11 evening, the US President Trump will be in Singapore at 9:15 on the 12 day and the Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun held only the translation presence, no other officials to accompany the "one to one" talks. The bilateral meeting between the DPRK and the US will take place around 10 local time.

The white house information shows that Trump will depart from the Shangri-La hotel in 8 at 12 to the The Le Grand Hotel in Sentosa Island. The 9 point is that Trump and Kim Jeong-eun will greet each other and then enter the "one to one" talks. In the next large range of talks, the United States will send Secretary of state Pompeio, White House chief of staff John Kelly and the "lineup" of national security adviser Bolton to accompany Trump with the DPRK.

At 11:30, at 11:30, Trump and Kim Jeong-eun will be working for lunch. In addition to the representatives of the large range of talks, White House press secretary Saunders, American ambassador to Philippines and Matt Pottinger, the head of Asia affairs of the National Security Council, will also appear in the work lunch.

According to the white house information, Trump will leave Singapore at 7 pm on 12.

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Kim Jeong-eun and Trump will arrive in Singapore for the first time in 12 days.

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