Why did man not become a "criminal" for 9 years? Police: he did not reflect.

Why did man not become a

Original title: information has been corrected and responsibility is unclear?

Chinese business newspaper Yulin news (reporter Yang Huyuan) Yulin man Wang Tianrong inexplicable to become a "criminal", identity card information was sentenced to 10 years, Yulin Municipal Public Security Bureau Yuyang branch after investigation found that the Department entered the error (Chinese business newspaper June 5th B01 edition, June 6th edition of the report). Yesterday afternoon, the Chinese business reporter learned from the Yuyang branch of the public security bureau that the error message was corrected.

Why do not correct 9 years?

Police: men did not reflect

The Yuyang branch of the Public Security Bureau arranges the investigation personnel to carry out the investigation, and finds from the Yuyang district court the investigation roll, the trial roll and the verdict found that the identity card number of the actual perpetrators is not consistent with the information in the information resource library of the national offenders, and the error of Wang Tianrong's identity information is incorrectly entered into the national criminal offender's letter. Interest resource repositories. The Yuyang branch of the Public Security Bureau will report the situation to the Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau step by step, and correct the wrong information within a week.

It may be unavoidable for police to record information wrongly, but why has it been delayed for 9 years, causing the parties to be wrongly arrested? Why was the incident solved quickly after being reported by the media? In this regard, Zhao Shaohua, the director of the administrative office of the Yuyang branch of the Public Security Bureau, said that Wang Tianrong had never found the relevant departments to reflect the problem, which had not been effectively dealt with. In June 1st, after Wang Tianrong and the media were reflected in the police brigade of the Yuyang branch of the Public Security Bureau, they began to deal with them and were in the process of dealing with them. It is properly handled in a week.

However, Wang Tianrong did not agree with the Yuyang branch of the Public Security Bureau. He said that in 9 years, every time he went to the Yuyang branch of the Public Security Bureau, he could not even go to the door. He was pushed to the court or the procuratorate to coordinate with the procuratorate. "I can't even go to the door, not to say the relevant department or the supervisor." He said that in June 1st, it could be reflected in the Yuyang branch of public security because it was also with reporters.

The man wants a certain amount of compensation

Police: it is suggested that the litigants take an administrative lawsuit

Wang Tianrong also questioned why the Yuyang branch of the public security bureau had been wrongly recorded. He thought the record of the crime was "perfect", with the number of cases, the number of cases, the name, the number of ID card, the time and place of the case, and how could it be wrong to make such a complete information entry. Should the public security organs bear corresponding legal responsibilities?

"The rules for investigating fault liability for the law enforcement of the police of the public security organs" clearly stated that: "to investigate the liability for law enforcement fault, we should follow the principle of seeking truth from facts, correcting mistakes, adapting to fault and punishment, and combining education and punishment." Then, does the Yuyang branch of public security start the procedure of pursuing responsibility, and is it necessary to investigate the responsibility of the police concerned according to the relevant provisions? Zhao Shaohua said, after the incident, the Yuyang branch of the Public Security Bureau Inspection Department intervened in the investigation, because the incident occurred more than ten years ago, now can not be said clearly, the responsibility can not be identified.

Wang Tianrong hoped that the Yuyang branch of the Public Security Bureau would give him some compensation for "wrong entry of criminal record". "Compensation problem, we suggest that the parties take administrative proceedings, the responsibility or compensation, the court decision what we will perform." Zhao Shaohua said. Such

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