Central Commission for discipline inspection organs: officials are willing to be hunting is the initiative to exchange interests

Central Commission for discipline inspection organs: officials are willing to be hunting is the initiative to exchange interests

Original title: bait poisonous, do not greedy to be "hunting" is the initiative to exchange interests.

Paying attention to "hunting" and being willing to be surrounded by "hunting"

Poison bait

Why are they going to be "hunting"

The "hunters" benefit from hunting rights and borrowing rights, and are hunted by the "hunters" to abuse their power and seek private interests. Faced with various "hunting" tricks, weak party members and cadres are easy to relax their vigilance and lose their way. From the former committee member of the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Department of justice and deputy director of the Department of justice, the former deputy director of the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Department of justice and deputy director of the Department of justice, to help the old friends "special affairs", the former deputy inspector of the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region forestry department, Jiang Yong, to the new cash packets, shopping cards, storage cards, fitness cards, the new Henan Province Wang Baojun, the former standing committee of the municipal Party committee and propaganda minister, looked at the eighteen party members and cadres who had been sacked since then. So why are they willing to be "hunting" and how to solve this problem? The reporter recently interviewed Song Wei, director of the center for clean government research of University of Science and Technology Beijing, and director of the collaborative innovation center of Hunan's clean government construction, Deng Lianfan.

Willing to be "hunting" seems passive corruption, but in essence it is an active exchange of interests.

Reporter: the two plenary session of the nineteen Central Commission for discipline inspection made the conclusion that "hunting" and "being surrounded by hunting" are still prominent issues. How to understand the "hunting"?

Deng Lianfan: he is willing to be "hunting" and focuses on two words "willing to". Willing to, as the name suggests, is willing, willing, not forced, or even willing to be "hunting".

Reporter: what is the relationship between "hunts" and those who are willing to be hunts?

Song Wei: the aim of "hunting" is to get illegal and irregular interests through Party members and cadres. The "hunts" use the power or influence of their hands to help the "hunts" to achieve their illegal purposes, so as to seek their own advantages. Willing to be "hunting" appears to be passive corruption, but in essence it is a passive exchange of active interests.

Willing to be "hunts" stems from vanity, greed and luck.

Reporter: Why are "hunts" willing, willing, or even "hunting"?

Song Wei: once a man fails in the "total switch" of his mind, it is easy to face the temptation, especially the desire, the hobby, the little favors, and the lack of self-control, which leads to the unprincipled and no bottom line of the behavior.

Deng Lianfan: the reasons for being "hunting" can be understood from three aspects: first, the vanity of spiritual interests. Some party members and cadres have the idea of "official standard", and it is thought that those who are in power should be clustered together, and they should be crowed with the moon. Otherwise, they appear incompetent, no market, and no authority. They are happy to enjoy the sense of superiority created by the "sedan chair" people.

Secondly, it is the greed of material interests. Party members and cadres are tasted and benefited when they are being hunted. They often get deeper and deeper. If they can control greed and strict self-discipline, they will not give the "Hunter" the opportunity to "seize the loopholes".

Finally, it's a fluke problem. Many people who are willing to be hunts have trade-offs. Fluke makes them think that the way of corruption is very concealed, with human feelings, feelings and other guise, not naked power and money transactions, and the possibility of being investigated and dealt with is low. Therefore, we often choose to deceive ourselves, accept and accept "hunting".

The "hunting" and the "hunting" problem are intertwined to reflect the seriousness and complexity of the struggle against corruption.

Reporter: from the party members and cadres themselves, how to counter "hunting"?

Deng Lianfan: on the one hand, we should keep the bottom line. Using Party discipline and national law to measure and restrict their words and deeds, we should always be vigilant, cautious, cautious and cautious. On the other hand, you should ask yourself at a high standard. Improve Party spirit, constantly purify the soul and cultivate noble sentiment. By improving the interest of life and abandoning the life style of being drunk, the heart is disdained to be "hungled" and purify the life circle and circle of friends.

Reporter: from the perspective of external supervision, what role should Party organizations play to solve the problem of Party members and cadres being willing to be "hunting"?

Song Wei: "hunting" and being willing to be "hunting" are intertwined, reflecting the seriousness and complexity of the current struggle against corruption. The destruction of this state to the political ecosystem is very serious. We see that a small number of Party members and cadres originally had a sense of discipline, but because they did not stick to the bottom line of discipline, they were gradually dragged into the mire of corruption. Therefore, all dimensions of Party members, cadres, Party organizations and social strata should draw a clear line with the standards of "pro" and "Qing" political and commercial relations.

For Party organizations, it is necessary to strengthen the integrity education, ideal and belief education, and let the party members and cadres be aware of the "hunting", and can not degenerate into the "hunting". At the same time, we should play the role of supervision, such as strengthening the bribery and bribery, and investigating and prosecuted together by the "hunts"; the "hunts", in accordance with the laws and regulations, also let them "spit out" all the illegal profits.

Deng Lianfan: we must grasp early and catch small, and resolutely prevent "boiled frog in warm water". It is necessary to grasp the problem of a good scale. In fact, it is easy to distinguish between "pro" and "Qing" business relations or whether they are willing to be "hunting". For example, businessmen and officials fishing, occasionally fishing out may be a gentleman's friends, but if often go out fishing, car to pick up the car, shoulder to shoulder, eat drink, all can see the cat. Therefore, we should make corrections as soon as possible.

Besides, we should create a clean and honest political atmosphere and social environment. For example, we should strengthen the publicity of party affairs and government affairs, persist in bribery and bribery, and check channels for mass supervision and reporting. These measures can reduce the power of rent-seeking space and allow power to run in the sun. The formation of a clean and clean atmosphere helps to transform the idea of "hunting" by the "hunted", to change the psychology of the "hunts" to attach to power, and to eliminate the soil of corruption. (Cao Yi of our newspaper reporter)

Source: China Discipline Inspection Report

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yiling

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