Bad bubble study called ten minutes to persuade girls to go to bed, women to become private booty.

Bad bubble study called ten minutes to persuade girls to go to bed, women to become private booty.

Original title: bad PUA students are low age! Women's private photos are "spoils of war" and slogans are ugly.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

"The wolf is less meaty, and the men are anxious. The same skills will have different effects in different hands. "

Speaking of his work, PUA (Pick-up Artist, "soaking", defined from simple accos to the whole gender interaction process), Adu believes that the big reason for the recent public attack on the industry is the emotional manipulation technology called the "five step trap". The technology claims that women can be controlled through five steps.

After years of contact with PUA, the students said that although they were "profit-making", he could not accept the behavior of "sending girls for advertising" and not respecting the opposite sex.

Nandu journalists have found that many PUA tutors will bring students to team up to catch up with female students, and the contents of PUA courses are also being infiltrated into minors. In some PUA advertisements, it is even known that "in some three line cities, girls are not very knowledgeable and have a poor sense of self-protection.

The course claims to control women through five steps

According to Adu, the "five step trap" is the skill created by the "death row walk", that is, to try to control women through five steps. "The core of the five step is to dig a hole for a woman, constantly give her psychological hints, and finally achieve the purpose of mental control." Adu said that different PUA schools have their own routines. Some aim at short term artillery. Some people want to grow up and have a relatively longer time to manage their feelings.

How do you say hello? How to pull the relationship quickly? How do you judge whether a woman is interested in you? How to shorten the time from knowing to bed? Nandu journalists survey found that in the PUA tutorial, every routine is copied, promoted, or even "iterated" and "upgraded" in the form of textbooks.

In a PUA course entitled "ten minutes to persuade girls to go to bed", the author introduces a variety of different scenarios and coping strategies, combining the psychological activities of both men and women to provide a variety of communication paradigms for male students.

"Do not answer the expression, reply to use voice to make her familiar with your voice"; "the time and place of the date is the key factor in whether to go to bed, and be careful about the two points." It is suggested that students take girls to have afternoon tea, go home after tea, go to a cannon, have dinner and send them away. It will not exceed 8 points at the latest, and can also go back to deal with a wife or girlfriend. The author writes.

"The five step trap is sometimes the main goal of the underage. Men don't want to be in love and want to deal with guns, girls are not so traditional, and even spoiled. Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu have a large number of PUA players, most of whom are young people, mostly girls, and relatively open. Adu said that students expected different, some wanted to improve communication skills, emancipate themselves, others wanted to get excitement and pleasure.

PUA cadets Zhang said that everyone who wants to learn PUA can find their own course. "No money can buy a two figure pirate package, or buy a 280 or 380 yuan lesson." Rich and want to learn real Kung Fu, spend 10000 yuan is also very normal. Tutor Adu believes that some courses and institutions are expensive, which is reasonable. "After all, the value of EQ is immeasurable".

Some PUA propaganda is naked

PUA (Pick-up Artist) was originally designed to improve the ability to communicate with the opposite sex, improve EQ, and then evolve into "blister", from simple accosted and accosted to the whole process of sexual intercourse. In addition to steps such as accostation, interaction, and so on, there are close contacts and identification of sexual relations between the two sides. It

Insiders said Mr. Liu said that some people's "sexual needs" were suppressed for too long, so they would think that PUA is a "magic skill" that can save them. This is why they will be greatly satisfied when they succeed, and they will also expand themselves. "Some people will publish some photos of women in WeChat group or elsewhere to share their sexual experience, process experience and so on. Sometimes there are photos of women's privacy in a group, and a group of people will evaluate and ridicule women's facial value or even sexual organs. Mr. Liu told the Nandu reporter.

Mr. Liu said that the cheaters in the circle will create high value display surfaces, such as sports cars, expensive watches and bags on micro-blog. "When a girl chatted with you, you might say that I would like to see you later. It's time for me to practice the piano. This sentence seems arbitrary, in fact, it is to show itself, but in fact it may not play at all. "

Mr. Liu said that there is another word in the circle called "speed push", that is, after talking for almost an hour, you can come out and open the room. To achieve this goal, cadets usually talk with Huang Duanzi in their mouthpiece and explore App.

"Young people, especially students, are very good to take away." According to a person in the industry, K, some tutors will take the students out to fight, find a beautiful female student, or screen out "open" students in the "nearby people". "At the very beginning, most of you were willing, because girls were very happy in the process of chatting and felt that this man really loved himself." K said.

Nandu reporter noted that in part of the PUA propaganda, a tutor said "some three line cities, girls are not very wide, poor self-protection consciousness, easy to do." As long as an hour, take the hotel cannon directly. "

The vigilant "low age of cadets"

Gon Freecss is studying at university. He said he knew for the first time that PUA was in grade two. "At that time, the web and the bad boy two websites were very hot, and the content on the website was also good and evil. There was a positive normal teaching content. There were some things that taught you to be a girl in a night shop and a bar."

In high school, Gon Freecss thought he had "gone mad". "To remember these theories, I will remind myself that I should be humorous when I speak, and then slowly become unable to speak, even dare to speak, and finally feel social phobia." Gon Freecss told the Nandu reporter, "when I'm talking, I will think, how can I speak to attract the girl, what is the meaning of the word that she says, is it a waste test, what should I do?"

Ah min also came into contact with PUA in secondary school. "My family is very conservative. I can see from my parents' response to the love story. They are absolutely against it. When I see a movie in a primary school, when I have a kiss, my brother will block my eyes. " Ah Min said that because "men and women's feelings" is a topic never open at home, he is not good at dealing with girls or even clumsy. "I feel that I used to chat with girls before checking accounts, and I was afraid I would say something wrong. One time I first looked at PUA when I was searching for 'how to chat with girls' online. It's a WeChat chat post, feeling the content is amazing.

After learning for some time, he said he felt more comfortable chatting with a girl. After the university had more pocket money, ah min also began to report classes. "I remember a course in Guangzhou with a value of 298, and the goal was to get rid of being single. The lesson is that the teaching of artillery will continue to have sex suggestive content.

Li Qi, who was studying in junior high school, told Nandu reporter that many students in the class had known PUA courses. He himself had imitated the cases in the PUA course and "accosted" with other male students. "We will dress up and fall down, one to ask girls for help, to stimulate their maternal mentality." Li Qi said.

PUA students look forward to formal education

"The idea of improving interpersonal skills is normal. The premise is that your starting point is positive rather than deceptive." Fang Gang, a sexologist, said that improving the ability to love and interact is worth encouraging, but never with the idea of inducing or deceiving. Fang believes that for some women, especially underage women, the ability to judge and certain social experiences is an important foundation for self-protection. "If there is no self-protection awareness in this area, even if not being eyed by PUA students, it is easy to be eyed by other" old drivers ".

Ah K said that although he has learned PUA, it may be a course that no longer expects love. "I object to the negative content, which is not good for girls. If it is flooded, it will not only hurt more women but also indirectly hurt us. "

Recalling the experience of learning PUA, ah Min said she had more girls in contact with her and her thinking had changed radically. "I don't know many girls who date, but there are one or two hundred people on social software. There are also people who become mothers." Ah min believes that although he is "profitable" in PUA, he still can not accept many behaviors that do not respect women. "For example, without the consent of the girl, they will send private photos, or make them into advertisements and disseminate pornographic information. At present, the level, thinking and ability of PUA cadets are uneven, so some people think that successful conversation is a great thing, and some people think so. Said the people.

A people think, PUA commercial development situation is good, also shows that "emotional training" is just needed. "I don't know whether regulation can really solve the problem, but I hope there will be more formal sex education in the society. It's better to interfere with young people with books on how to be right in love, written by sex scientists."

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Writing: Qin Chuqiao, a journalist from Nandu

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yiling

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