China and Vietnam border seized 7384 mink cases involving more than ten million (Figure)

China and Vietnam border seized 7384 mink cases involving more than ten million (Figure)

Original title: Sino Vietnamese border seized 7384 Martens involving more than ten million

Central Guangzhou Red River in June 11th news (reporter Li Tengfei correspondent Chen Hongjie) recently, the Yunnan border defense team mobile detachment three teams of Red River Division officers and soldiers, in the estuarine Nanping inspection station interception of an unlicensed transport of animal products, the scene seized a car suspected of mink like animal products, and then border defense Officers and soldiers informed the situation to the Forest Public Security Bureau of Hekou County.

After receiving the police, the police of the estuarine forest police immediately rushed to the scene, and together with the armed police officers of the border control detachment, the mink products that were seized on the spot were escorted to the Forest Public Security Bureau of the estuarine county. The forest police immediately seized the vehicles and goods, as the owners of the goods were unable to provide the legitimate source of the animal products and the transport license. After preliminary investigation and interrogating, the police speculated that the animal products were imported into China from abroad. Then, the border mobile detachment, the armed police officers, and the forest police officers classified the mink captured, and thousands of mink skin covered the entire yard.

After nearly one morning, the police officers and the forest police officers and the police officers and soldiers of dozens of border defense units were found to have 7384 mink skin, most of which were ferrets and mink skin. The initial estimate of the amount involved is up to tens of millions. According to the briefing, the case is also the largest number of cases of mink animal products seized by single case in Yunnan Province in recent years.

At present, the seized mink animal products have been sent to the identification department for identification. The suspect in charge of transportation has been detained by the Forest Public Security Bureau of estuarine county in accordance with the law, and the case is being further investigated.

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