The US military will install the Norway missile American media for the littoral ships: the firepower is still behind China.

The US military will install the Norway missile American media for the littoral ships: the firepower is still behind China.

The U. S. "national interest" bimonthly website published in June 9th entitled "thanks to Norway's missiles, the US Navy is likely to become a killer", the United States Navy has officially chosen future anti-ship missiles for its marine battleship.

The U. S. Navy has chosen Norway's "Navy attack missile" (NSM) for its hyper - view anti - ship missile for its marine battleship, the defense news weekly reported. Such missiles are likely to equip the future frigates of the United States.

Raytheon Missile Systems Co President Taylor Lawrence said in a press release: "Raytheon Co and concorsta have provided the Navy with an effective and effective solution to the requirements of the over - the - horizon mission. Because NSM already has actual combat capability, it has saved billions of dollars in development cost for the United States, and has created new hi-tech jobs in this country.

The Raytheon Co issued a statement that "NSM" is a long-range precision missile capable of combating tight land and sea targets. This missile uses advanced seeker and target recognition technology to repel enemy defenses outside 100 nautical miles. Frantz Stefan gardi, a senior fellow at the East and West Institute, explained on the website of a diplomat: "NSM is the successor to the short range anti - ship missile of the Penguin 's' Penguin'. The missile has infrared imaging seeker and inertial /GPS navigation function, which can combat sea and land targets about 185 kilometers away. It also has the ability to distinguish between designated targets and other nearby ships and objects.

Reported that it is currently used by the Norway Navy and Poland forces, and plans to be used in Malaysia and German Navy in the future. Another project is to develop the ground attack version of this missile.

It is reported that the US Navy hopes to buy 64 NSM by 2023. Every marine warship will be equipped with 8 NSM on the deck, and if all the planned coastal warships do it, the United States will eventually have to buy 232 such missiles. However, it is not possible for each littoral combat ship to be equipped with 8 NSM.

The report said that NSM will further enhance the lethality of the littoral combat ships, enabling them to attack the surface warships with higher accuracy and further range. However, they are still lagging behind firepower, such as Russia and China, which are capable of having anti-ship missiles farther away. For example, the Russian "club" -N anti ship missile range is said to be as high as 161 nautical miles, while Beijing's "Eagle strike" -12 anti-ship missile has a range of 215 knots.

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