Trump said he was satisfied with the "special fund meeting" and invited Kim Jeong-eun to visit the White House.

Trump said he was satisfied with the

Original title: Trump said he was satisfied with the "Golden Summit" and invited Kim Jeong-eun to visit the White House.

China and the new network (Xinhua) June 12 (Xinhua) comprehensive report, the summit of the summit of the United States and the United States held in Capella Resort Singapore, Kim Jeong-eun and Trump in the afternoon to attend the signing ceremony, the two sides signed the historic documents of the DPRK summit, and will be published in the press conference. Kim Jeong-eun and Trump then took a photo of the group for the first time they shook hands in the morning. Trump also invited Kim Jeong-eun to visit the White House.

The president of the United States said before signing the document that he and Kim Jeong-eun would sign a "very comprehensive document". They will publish the contents of the document after the meeting and share the details of the documents at the press conference at 2:30 p.m.

After signing the document, President Trump said he was very proud and satisfied with today's summit. He said: "I think our relationship with the DPRK and the Korean Peninsula will be totally different from the past. We all want to do something about it, and we will do so. We have set up a very special friendship. This will make other people look up to us and be very happy. We are going to solve a very big and serious problem for the world. "

In reply to the question whether the leaders of the two countries will meet again, Trump said: "we will meet again, and we will meet many times." He said that since their first historic handshake this morning, the two have known a lot about each other. "We know a lot about each other. He is a very talented person, and I know he loves his country very much."

Before signing, Kim Jeong-eun said, "today we held a historic meeting and decided to leave it behind. We will sign this historic document, and the world will see "a major change". I also want to express my thanks to President Trump for allowing this meeting to be held. Kim Jeong-eun said that the DPRK and the United States will sign a communiqu, and will welcome the new start.

After taking a walk with Kim Jeong-eun after lunch, Trump told reporters that the United States and North Korea summit made many progress, "better than anyone expected."

The two people will sign the agreement to maintain the momentum of the DPRK Singapore summit, the report said. The agreement will "acknowledge the progress made by the summit and keep the momentum forward."

The DPRK summit held in Capella Resort Singapore this morning. This is the first meeting of the DPRK and US leaders in decades.

Kim Jeong-eun, the supreme leader of the DPRK, had a historic handshake with President Trump, and then took part in a couple of talks, a bilateral expansion meeting, and a working lunch after the meeting.

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