Social media services: travel needs cleaner and information security.

Social media services: travel needs cleaner and information security.

An surging special commentator, Chen Cheng

In many App, App is a good helper for passengers traveling by air. This kind of application tool can relate to the flight information of the user and provide the practical functions such as the late message, the airport weather, the flight check-in and so on, so it is very popular with the passengers. But in recent days, the air travel App product upgrade, opened the social chat and user tag settings and other functions, again sparked controversy.

As a matter of fact, this is not the first time the App has opened a social function. As early as in its 2015 version, it had also been known as a "friend of the crossbar" to see the social functions of the ranking of the friends in the address book. And the launch of this new function has aroused controversy. It is not that netizens are suspicious.

The "remaining temperature" in the case of "air hostess online car killing" has not been dispersed. The discussion on whether the application tool App should be socialized and labelled is still continuing. Against this background, the social upgrading of App products has pushed the issue of whether App should be socialized and labelled to the cusp. This will inevitably cause the public anxiety about the product.

According to the actual use of a certain civil aviation media, the passengers from their seat number clicked in, can see the flight execution of the plane seat map, the seat is someone, at a glance, and the entire interface into a similar group chat room scene, everyone can speak freely. Of course, if it's just an interactive scenario, it's also harmless. But by clicking on a seat, there will be a personal home page that contains a user name (real name or net name), a user's head (a real image or other), and a flight history thermal map to infer the home city of the family, as well as the city it often goes to, and so on. . On the personal homepage, there are also personal tag information such as flying talent, preference for a certain airline, window and constellation.

So much information, careful thinking is really frightening. For individuals or organizations with sufficient analytical capabilities, the above label and home page information are sufficient to infer the passenger's economic conditions, work background, and so on, which can be used for other uses. Even if the information is not enough to affect personal life, there is a doubt that passengers are willing to publish these contents. Are consumers "sociable"?

On the evening of June 11th, air travel App responded to the incident through its official WeChat. The response said, "the original intention of the new function design is to hear the voice of a large number of users". Such as "finally in Beijing home, this year want to pick up my parents to Beijing for the new year, but they are old, or the first time to take a plane, if a plane know a person can help look after the better." In addition, it also claims that "users do not display personal real identity information, which are editable information such as the head image, nickname, label and so on; at the same time, users can choose to open or close themselves according to their own wishes, and click on the top right corner of the head to be set."

And whether these calls are true or not, even if the functional design is well intentioned and editable, and can be closed, it is also a failure. First, the new function is on-line, which is actually opened to all users by default, and has not been informed in time. Second, users can choose to close the settings and hide them more deeply. Third, even if all the information of the personal home page is editable, it is also after the user finds the problem, and in the case of the default all users, App is not to ask whether the user wants to edit. In short, this has violated the privacy and choice of users.

The socialization of application tools is a trend in the industry, but it does not mean that users can not be respected. For social tools, respect for users' wishes is the fundamental rule. When more and more people are disgusted with the idea of "being socially" and disturbing, this innovative business will obviously let users rethink and vote with feet.

In addition, in a statement issued by App, which does not address the issue of user privacy, there is still a deeper problem to consider. It is the product developed by the China Travelsky Holding Company (hereinafter referred to as the medium letter), and the medium letter is the only data service company of China civil aviation. You know, all airlines in mainland China except Chunqiu airlines use the data services of China Airlines, including air ticket sales, departure and reservation system. That is to say, regardless of whether you use the air travel App, your personal information will be stored in the data service system of China Airlines.

Under the premise that this data service does not compete with the third parties, has it facilitated the "big bully" of the air travel service under the monopolistic service? One news may be worth noting: in recent years, the fraud cases caused by "flight cancellation" text messages have been exposed in recent years, involving several domestic airlines, and there is no following after the police intervention. The insider said that the abuse of the system and the lack of monitoring by airlines and other parties are likely to be the source of mass SMS fraud.

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