China West Express accelerates manufacturing and transporting 20 trailers to pull aircraft out of Yanliang Street (map)

China West Express accelerates manufacturing and transporting 20 trailers to pull aircraft out of Yanliang Street (map)

Today, I saw a video of Yanliang, which is known as China's aviation city.

I saw a white aircraft tractor towing a big yellow fat with no wings. Yes, it was a -20 strategic transport with fat girl. In recent years, this model has entered mass production, and the number should exceed 20. After all, the strategic transport plane of the air force has a huge gap and continues to replenish and expand a large number of strategic transport planes.

-20 is a new generation of strategic military large-scale transport aircraft developed by us, which is designed by the Aviation Industry Corp first aircraft design institute, Xi'an aircraft industry group, and the first flight in January 26, 2013.

Yun -20, as a large multi-purpose transport aircraft, can carry out long distance air transportation tasks for various materials and personnel under complex weather conditions. Compared with the air force active -76, the -20 engine and electronic equipment have been greatly improved, the load capacity has also been improved, and the short runway has better landing and landing performance.

The R & D of -20 aircraft is based on the aerodynamic shape and structure design of Russian -76, and integrates some features of C-17. The transport -20 uses the conventional layout, the cantilever type single wing, the front edge swept, no wing tip, the maximum take-off weight 220 tons, the load more than 66 tons, maximum speed more than 800 kilometers, the course is more than 7800 kilometers, the practical lift is 13000 meters. It has high extensibility, high reliability and safety.

We are relieved to see the streets blocked by the streets, which proves that the Xi'an aircraft industry group in Yanliang is tightening up the speed of making more new strategic transport aircraft for the air force.

Such a large capacity transport aircraft, its mass service will build a strategic air force. (authorship: Hao Han defense)

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