The 4 British F-35 worth 100 million pounds is only protected by 1.5 metre fence.

The 4 British F-35 worth 100 million pounds is only protected by 1.5 metre fence.

Overseas network, June 12, by telephone, 4 F-35 type "lightning" stealth fighters purchased in Britain arrived at the British Air Force Base in Norfolkshire. However, the F-35 fighter, worth nearly 100 million pounds (850 million yuan), is only protected by a 1.5 meter wooden fence.

According to today's Russian reports, 4 F-35 fighters arrived at the British Air Force Base on 6 days. The media showed their safety was questioned because the runway at the end of the runway was a relatively low height of the wooden fence, and some people sent the fence position to the Internet, so anyone wanted to locate them accurately. The fighter plane is very easy.

Robin Horsefall, a soldier from the British special air service (SAS), said: "a team of commandos can completely cross the fence and destroy the aircraft overnight. This reflects Britain's low investment in armed forces and low safety standards. The Ministry of defense did not send troops to defend bases or invest in building fences. A spokesman for the RAF said: "neither the Royal Air Force nor the Ministry of defense has issued relevant safety policies. However, we have determined that there are enough security measures, there are multiple protection, not just rely on the surrounding fence. "

It is reported that the F-35 fighter manufactured by Shangluo Krishna Martin has set its price to 100 million. The US media has recently reported that the price of the F-35 fighter plane may be up to 150 million because of the problems encountered in the design of the original parts. Britain has agreed to buy 138 F-35 fighters to the US arms giant. The second batch of 5 F-35 is scheduled to arrive at Malem Air Force Base in Norfolkshire, England in July. Britain will be equipped with these fighters to the air force and Navy as part of the attack group.

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