Singapore is the "special gold club" spending 2000 million new currency experts: making steady profits

Singapore is the

Original title: in order to let Kim Jeong-eun and Trump meet, Singapore spent 2000 million new coins! Expert: steady profit is not lost.

Introduction: Kim Jeong-eun, chairman of the DPRK's State Council, and President Trump of the United States held the first meeting in the history of the two presidents of the two countries in Singapore on the 12 day, and started a dialogue on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the relief of the tensions between the two sides.

Source Xinhua news agency, Global Times (reporter: Bai Yunyi), CCTV news

See you at last!

12 at 9 a.m., Kim Jeong-eun and Trump finally realized the "handshake" of the century at the Sentosa Island, Singapore. This is also the first time that the supreme leader of the DPRK has met with the incumbent president of the United States.

According to the White House's 11 nocturnal message to reporters, the two leaders will hold the "one to one" talks only at 9:15, where only translation is present and there are no other officials. Around 10 o'clock held a wide range of talks with senior officials from both countries.

Video source: CCTV news

Details 1: Trump took Kim Jeong-eun's arm.

Thumbs up

This is the first time that the incumbent leaders of the DPRK and the US have met and shook hands for decades. For the first time, what did the two people talk about?

9 a.m.

In the outdoor courtyard of the hotel, two people walked towards each other and shook hands for more than ten seconds. During the period, the two sides exchanged a few words and seemed to greet each other. Trump did not perform the "special handshake handshake" when he met with many other national leaders, but he just clapped Kim Jeong-eun's arm with his left hand.

Then two people entered the room.

Kim Jeong-eun said in English, nice to meet you, Mr. President (Nice to meet you, Mr). President).

While walking indoors, Kim Jeong-eun said, many people will not believe what is happening in Singapore. They will think it's a fantasy in a science fiction movie.

According to the global times, two people exchanged a few words in the corridor, shook hands again, and walked to the conference room side by side. During this process, the Global Times reporter noted that the two were relaxed, smiling and accompanied by two interpreters. While walking, Trump patted Kim Jeong-eun's back from time to time.

9:15 a.m.

The two men sat at the two story library and began a more than 40 minute "one to one" meeting. Before the meeting, the two people spoke briefly to the media. After the speech, the two shook hands again, and Trump thumbs up Kim Jeong-eun's thumb.

I feel very good. We will have a good negotiation and achieve "great success". It will be extremely successful. It's my pleasure. I have no doubt that we will have a very good relationship.

It's not easy to come here. The past was the shackles of our feet, and the old prejudices and practices became the obstacles to our progress, but we crossed them and came here.

This is true. Thank you, everyone. Thank you。 Thanks very much。

Thank you.

9:55 a.m.

The "one to one" meeting ended and extended to the Cassia restaurant. Before expanding the meeting, the two sides made a statement to the media again.

Very good, very, very good. Our relationship is excellent.

We will solve a big problem and a big dilemma.

This summit will be a great prelude to peace. There will be great challenges ahead, but I am willing to work closely with President Trump.

We will solve it and we will succeed. I look forward to working with you. This thing will be finished.

CCTV news reports said that according to the schedule given by the White House last night:

9 minutes after the start of the meeting, the leaders of the two countries exchanged greetings each other in 15 minutes.

At 9:15, it was a one to one meeting between Kim Jeong-eun and Trump.

At the beginning of the 10, it is a bilateral expansion meeting.

At noon, two people will have lunch together.

In the afternoon, there may be a press conference in the US.

Judging from the itinerary, the meeting should last only one day. Tonight, Trump will leave Singapore for home by special plane.

Secretary of State Secretary of state Pompeio, the White House chief of office John Kelly and the White House national security adviser John Bolton will take part in the expansion of the talks, according to China new network. White House spokesman Sarah Sanders, American ambassador to Philippines Kim Cheng, and the White House National Security Council (NSC) senior director for Asian affairs, Matt Pottinger, will attend a working lunch.

Detail 2: focus on at least three big issues

CCTV news learned from the White House and other sources that the summit is expected to focus on at least three major issues.

The first is whether the two sides can sign an agreement to end the Korean War. In June 1st, Trump revealed that the two sides are likely to sign an agreement to end the war. In 1950, the Korean War in -1953 finally signed only armistice, the armistice agreement. The parties did not sign a peace agreement to end the war. The armistice agreement is a military agreement, which mainly describes the conditions for cease-fire. The peace agreement will be a more complicated political agreement, involving all levels of politics, diplomacy, economy and trade, and military affairs of other countries.

The second question is whether the two sides can agree on North Korea's abandonment of nuclear weapons. The United States has always insisted on a comprehensive, verifiable and irreversible nuclear abandonment of the DPRK, while the DPRK, although agreed to abandon the nuclear direction, is more willing to proceed in a phased manner. The differences between the two sides are obvious, and Trump also confessed.

The third problem is North Korea's repeated abandonment conditions: the United States safeguards its institutional security. Why is there such a requirement? Looking at history, we can see that the United States does have a record of subverting the power of other countries or trying to subvert the power of other countries, such as Cuba and Chile in 70s. In addition, the agreement signed by the president of the United States to the next administration may be abolished, such as the Obama administration's Iran nuclear agreement, and the unilateral announcement of Trump after taking power. The DPRK may consider whether the agreement between today and Trump to ensure the security of the Korean system will also be 2 or 6 years later. The United States government unilaterally declared its ineffectiveness and how the United States will implement its commitment to North Korea's institutional security.

Details 3: the market is more emotionally watching

The meeting has also become the focus of attention of market investors. The New York stock market's three largest index, 11, closed slightly higher, with the Dow Jones index rising 0.02% to 25322.31.

The US dollar index for the six major currencies rose by 0.05% to 93.582 on that day.

Under the guidance of geopolitical factors, the price of gold has also risen slightly. The New York mercantile exchange increased its gold price in August to $0.5, or $1303.2 an ounce.

1: what do you have for lunch?

After the "one to one" talks and bilateral enlargement meetings, the leaders of the DPRK and the United States and some of them worked together for lunch.

What will Trump and Kim Jeong-eun do for lunch? The White House has released a menu of working lunches that seem to combine eastern and Western dishes, including pork, steak and Haagen DAAS ice cream, and Yangzhou fried rice.

The Korean leader's lunch menu. (picture source: the White House of the United States)

Flower 2: Singapore's host meeting is 20 million

Experts say it is no loss

At the news conference after the wait, the host country Singapore said this meeting cost 2000 million new coins. From an economic point of view, why should Singapore host this meeting? How do you get the money back?

CNBC analysis said:

Tight security measures, logistic support, and news centers for more than two thousand media representatives around the world, the meeting of the leaders of the north and the United States to spend a total of 2000 million new dollars of the Singapore government. Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong said this is the cost Singapore is willing to pay. It

According to CCTV financial report, many analysts believe that Singapore's account is not losing money.

First, the economic effect. In the short term, more than 2500 international media representatives come to meet the summit of the United States and the US, and the tourist and national media spending will bring considerable benefits to Singapore. It

The Statistics Bureau of Singapore said:

All visitors and journalists will stay on average for 3.5 days, and each tourist will have at least 1500 new coins. This will contribute to Singapore's contribution of at least 2100 new currency (equivalent to about 100 million yuan). It

And even if there is no contribution to this part of the tourism industry, for the gross domestic product GDP more than 430 billion new currency, the national fiscal expenditure of 80 billion new currency in 2018, the fiscal deficit is only GDP0.1% of the Singapore economy, it also has economic strength to undertake the meeting. It

The restaurant and hospitality industry in Singapore has also been boosted. For example, the Royal The Square Hotel, which is only 15 points from President Trump's Shangri-La Hotel, has risen by 20% after a meeting in April, and the hotel manager said the hotel's occupancy rate will be over 90% during the meeting. In addition, Trump and Kim Jeong-eun stayed in Shangri-La Hotel and Rigi Hostellerie completely blocked for about a week, the earnings will be affected in the short term or will be affected. But in the long run, this historic meeting will bring huge exposure to the two hotels and two people who met with the hotel.

Secondly, in the international image, this commitment to the historic meeting between the leaders of the two countries has made Singapore a global focus. If the meeting is held successfully, it will further enhance the efficient, safe and reliable international image of Singapore. This will not only attract tourists but also attract more international investors.

Finally, as a neutral country, Singapore promotes the arbitration agenda of global affairs, winning the trust and recognition of the United States and North Korea, as well as other countries. Such a neutral stance will bring more opportunities for Singapore to hold talks and enhance its international status and popularity.

Flower 3: the hotel of the golden Club

What's special about it?

Trump and Kim Jeong-eun have been admitted to Shangri-La Hotel and Rigi Hostellerie respectively. Both Shangri-La and Reggie are well-known international chain brands, and there are many hotels in China, but a lot of people have not heard of the jiperle hotel. What is the special feature of the jiperle hotel?

The jiperpee hotel in Islands.

Islands jungle, natural barrier

Where political activities are organized, high security is often required.

Compared with Shangri-La and Reggie, there is a natural advantage for the JP Hotel holding the Golden Summit. The hotel is located in Islands, with only one bridge connected. There are only two floors on the ground, completely submerged in the jungle.

As you can see from the map, the hotel is located in the center of Islands.

In the sketch map, the hotel is surrounded by forests, and the jungle has become a natural barrier.

The jipere hotel overlooking.

The hotel's low-key entrance.

The hotel is transformed from old colonial buildings.

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