The deputy department has been reduced to a departmental level, and now more than 60 leading cadres have been sacked.

The deputy department has been reduced to a departmental level, and now more than 60 leading cadres have been sacked.

Original title: the deputy department has dropped to a departmental level and is now sacked, involving more than 60 leading cadres.

Source: the WeChat public, Chang'an Avenue boss

Jilin Provincial Committee of the discipline issued a message, the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of Jilin Provincial People's Congress is suspected of serious violation of the law, and is currently receiving disciplinary review and supervision investigation.

The small partners concerned with the current political affairs should remember that Zhou Chen was not an ordinary office officer. He was promoted to deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Jilin Provincial People's Congress in 2011, and was a deputy ministerial cadre. This investigation is the second time that Zhou Chen Chen has "sacked".

Zhou Huachen was born in June 1952 and retired in January 2016. In March 2017, he decided to retire due to serious violation of discipline.

It has already been punished once, and now it has been investigated again, which shows that Zhou Chen Chen's problem is very serious, and recently he has discovered new clues.

Zhou Cheng Chen has served as an important position in many cities in Jilin Province, including Secretary of Dunhua municipal Party committee, deputy governor of Yanbian, mayor of Baishan, Secretary of municipal Party committee and Secretary of Jilin municipal Party committee.

Chang'an Avenue governor (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) found that over the past few months, a number of cadres have been investigated and dealt with in several cities, including:

Wang Dawei, former director of the Baishan City Environmental Protection Bureau, was the Deputy Secretary General of the Baishan City government, director of the real estate administration, and director of the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau.

Wang Dayong, general manager of Jilin cultural industry investment and development company, was former deputy general manager of Jilin City Development Ltd (Guo Kai Jilin Investment Co., Ltd.).

Liu Guifeng, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Security Supervision Bureau, served as mayor of Dunhua and joined the team with Zhou Huachen. After Liu left Dunhua, Liu took over as secretary of the municipal Party committee.

Zhang Deyou, President of Changchun intermediate people's court, served as vice president of Baishan City intermediate people's court and acting president of Jilin intermediate people's court.

Liu Guorui, standing committee of the Jilin Municipal Commission for the discipline of discipline;

He Ying, former deputy secretary general and director of the office of Baishan Party committee.

Zheng Hengri, Deputy Secretary General of the Baishan City government and former county magistrate of Changbai County Government.

These cadres have considerable weight in the local area, and are more deeply rooted in Zhou Huachen. They are likely to be the "two fuse" of Zhou Chen Chen's sacking.

The first time that Zhou Hua Chen was checked was related to "eating and drinking illegally", and it was during the "looking back" period of Jilin by the central inspection team.

From February 27, 2017 to April 27th, the central second inspection team inspected Jilin and looked back. In March, Zhou Huachen decided to retire due to serious violation of discipline. Apparently, he hit the muzzle of the patrol.

"Jilin news broadcast" in June 30th said, "the negative cases of the corrupt elements are shocking, especially the serious illegal and disciplinary cases, such as Wang Min, Gu Chun Li, Zhou Huachen, etc." This is the first public disclosure of the news of the birthday of the week.

In September, the China discipline inspection and supervision report reported that (Jilin) inspected the lead deputy director Zhou Huachen of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, involving 20 leading cadres of the party members, who were involved in illegal eating and drinking, and found out more than 40 provincial officials who were related to them, and carefully checked everyone, every meal and everything. Put forward the opinion of handling. "

It can be seen that "illegal eating and drinking" is the key word of Zhou Chen Chen's sacking, and his case involves a wide range, involving more than 60 leading cadres.

Liu Xijie, former Secretary General of the Jilin provincial government, worked with Zhou Chen Chen in the white mountain. Zhou Hua Chen was a secretary, and Liu Xijie was mayor. Today, two people are both sacked. It

On 2008, Zhou Huachen, Secretary of Baishan Party committee, transferred to Jilin and served as secretary of the Jilin Municipal Committee. He was in the Xu Jianyi class. Xu Jianyi transferred from the Secretary of the Jilin municipal Party committee to the FAW Group. In March 2015, Xu Jianyi, who had been the "head of the FAW", was checked for eleven and a half years.

After Zhou Hua Chen left the white mountain, he took over as the Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the municipal Party committee of Li Wei. He fell into the horse in August 2017. Recently, he was just the opposite of the Chinese discipline inspection and supervision newspaper.

Wang Min, Sun Zhengcai, Su Rong and other "big tigers" have held major leadership positions in Jilin, eliminating their remaining poison and undertaking heavy responsibilities.

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