The party secretary who was morally bankrupt turned out to be so capricious.

The party secretary who was morally bankrupt turned out to be so capricious.

Original title: the party secretary of moral degradation, so his wife is so capricious!

"Never allow my relatives to act under my banner. If you find that you need to report quickly..." Many corrupt officials will be so active when they are in office.

In June 11th, 2 verdicts were published by the Chinese referee's document network, which opened the bribe of Li Yilong's wife Yang Lan and his mother's family in Hunan.

Yang Lan, with her sister Yang Ping, brother-in-law Zhang Dingyi and aunt Wang Meixian, helped people to adjust their duties and introduce projects, accepting bribes of more than 270 million yuan. In more than ten years, they also conceal Li Yilong's huge crime income together, reaching a huge 30 million.

Li Yilong has been very insensitive on the issues of men and women. The Hunan Provincial Commission on discipline reported that he violated life discipline, moral decay, unjustifiable relations with many women, right color, money and color trading.

However, Li Yilong is so "favorite" to Yang Lan that the Chinese Journal of discipline inspection and supervision has named his name: (Li Yilong) long term use of public funds to hire full-time nanny, the plane must be first class, the high speed rail must be business and even the special seat, and the wife should refer to the execution, and the next is to satire the emperor. "Treatment".

It is this twisted "favor" that gives Yang Lan and her mother family the "capricious" space.

Help promote the job and introduce the project.

In 2013, after Li Yilong went to Hengyang as the Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the municipal Party committee, the deputy executive officer of Qidong County, L, found Zhang Dingyi through the relationship, asking for a greeting to Li Yilong and helping to adjust his duties.

Zhang Dingyi and Yang Ping talked to Li Yilong through Yang Lan, and submitted the resume of L to Li. After Li Yilong's attention, L rose to the rank of director and served as the director and Secretary of the Party committee of a development zone.

In April 2014, Wang Meixian, a self-employed man, asked for help from Hengyang and hoped to undertake engineering projects in Hengyang. Wang Meixian found his niece Yang Lan and Yang Ping sisters to discuss the matter. Yang Lan did not agree to arrange for Li Yilong directly. Instead, he decided to come to Zhang Dingyi by L and let him arrange an appropriate project in the development zone.

L, in return for the help of Zhang Dingyi, Yang Ping, Yang Lan and others to adjust their duties, and kept a good relationship with the relatives of Li Yilong, the Secretary of the municipal Party committee, introduced a project for a certain road to Tang.

During the period, Tang and Wang Meixian agreed to undertake the project according to the total cost of the project 7% to Wang Meixian to introduce the fee "Royalty". Wang Meixian told the matter to Yang Ping, and others, the family agreed to decide after the introduction of the introduction of the fee "Cheng Cheng" after the proportion of distribution: Zhang Ding 10%, Yang Ping, Wang Meixian, Yang Lan each accounted for 30%.

After winning the bid and getting the project money, 7% of the prior agreement, from October 2014 to February 2016, gave Wang Meixian cash a total of 2 million 360 thousand yuan of the benefits of the "withdrawal".

Wang Meixian got the money, playing a little "small sliphead", she buckled 200 thousand yuan due to personal stock, 1 million 700 thousand yuan will be taken out, 4 people in proportion to distribution: Wang Meixian, Yang Ping, Yang Lan, 510 thousand yuan, Zhang Dingyi is 170 thousand yuan.

The remaining 460 thousand were saved by Wang Meixian except Yang Ping took 50 thousand. The reason why they did not split money was because the rumor was under investigation at that time, and they did not dare to repeat Li Yilong.

In 2010, after Li Yilong was the Secretary of the Huaihua municipal Party committee, Mr. Xia, the Secretary of the Party committee of a township in Xupu County, made a call to Li Yilong to help solve the job adjustment. Zhang Dingyi promised to help, and repeatedly asked his wife and Yang Lan, together with his wife Yang Ping, Yang Lan conveyed to Li Yilong.

Later, Li Yilong and Yang Lan, respectively through Li Yilong's Secretary Zheng at that time, greeted Li Zicheng, the Secretary of the Xupu county Party committee secretary, and helped Xia to serve as the Secretary and director of the Party group of the Xupu County Bureau of land.

Xia Mou thanked Zhang Dingyi for his help and sent Zhang Dingyi cash to the total of 9 yuan for 300 thousand yuan. Zhang Dingyi took 170 thousand yuan to Yang Ping, and told Yang Ping that he sent the money to thank him for his duty adjustment, and Yang Ping gave him 70 thousand yuan to Yang Lan.

From 2013 to 2015, Yang Lan also received 60 thousand yuan from a deputy director Wang of the Hengyang city. Using Li Yilong's position, he helped Wang to adjust to the Standing Committee of a county Party committee and the Secretary of the Commission for discipline.

A joint concealment of a huge amount of criminal income

From 2003 to 2016, Li Yilong used to serve as the Secretary of the Huaihua municipal Party committee and the Secretary of the Hengyang municipal Party committee. Afterwards, Li Yilong transferred the property he received and the portion of the public money he had appropriated to Yang Lan.

Yang Lan found more than 20 relatives and friends around them, stored in their names, purchased financial products, opened an insurance cabinet in the bank or kept them directly in the way of storing and transferring, with a total of 3000 yuan RMB, $150 million, HK $100 yuan, and more than 600 million yuan of gold and a large number of precious metals. Calligraphy and paintings, precious jade, precious ivory, precious watches, etc.

In the process, Yang Ping, Zhang Dingyi, Wang Meixian, Li Yilong and Yang Lanzhi Li Xuan were involved in different degrees.

In March 2016, Li Yilong was transferred from the post of secretary of Hengyang Municipal Committee, which is to investigate his "prelude". The verdict revealed that before leaving the night, Liu Mou, Hengyang cadre, thanked Li Yilong for his promotion to his job and sent it to Li Yilong's home in Hengyang Police Reserve, and sent 150 thousand yuan.

Until then, Li Yilong did not forget to collect the money and gave it to Yang Lan, saying that if you keep it well, he will give it back later. In fact, the money has not been retreated.

Finally, Yang Lanyi was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment, Yang Ping was sentenced to 2 years and 10 months, Zhang Dingyi was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months, Wang Meixian was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months, and the punishment of the corresponding fine.

Yang Lan and his Niang family made full use of the "superiority" as a relative of Li Yilong, playing the banner of Li Yilong everywhere. The two circles of politics and Commerce in Huaihua and Hengyang are also very "sensible". Many things do not need Li Yilong to come forward. They will take the initiative to do the job and become the hidden rules in the locals.

Li Yilong fully interprets the words "one person gets the way, the chicken and the dog rise", and the people around him almost all get the advantage through him. The Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) has previously introduced the case of his nanny Hu Xinghong accepting bribes 200 thousand and merchant friend Cai Lisheng accepting bribes 2 million.

Leading cadres should not only manage themselves well, but also fully restrain the "around people".

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