Suspected China's latest transport 30 airframe exposure in Yanliang (map)

Suspected China's latest transport 30 airframe exposure in Yanliang (map)

In June 12th, a network of Yanliang's "traffic jam" video burst network. But the "car" here is the body of a transport aircraft. Many netizens have forwarded after watching that it is the body of -20 transport aircraft.

However, after careful observation, it can be found that this aircraft may not actually transport the body of the -20 transport aircraft, but the body of the -30 transport aircraft. It can be seen from the shape of the windshield of his cab that it is different from that of Yun -20 (right lower corner), which is similar to that of Yun -30 (right upper corner).

At the same time, it can be analyzed from the volume that this aircraft may not be the body of -20. This is because about two people on this plane come to the high (left) side, while the -20 can reach three people. This shows that the aircraft is a medium-sized transport aircraft, rather than -20 like that is a large transport aircraft.

In addition, the fairing of the side landing gear of the aircraft is more distinct, and the -20 is relatively smooth. The patch of the fuselage indicates that this is likely to be a strength testing machine. But we can not rule out that this is the possibility of a -20 modified prototype. This is because the video is not very clear, and there may be visual errors. If -20 is used as a special machine to install some special equipment or make some improvements, its aerodynamic shape will be adjusted accordingly.

Public information shows that the -30 transport plane is a medium-sized transport aircraft newly developed by China Aviation Industry Shan Fei. Its carrying capacity is roughly the same as that of the US C-130J transport plane. In the future, this transport plane will replace the -8/9 transport aircraft and become the main model of the mid size transport aircraft of the PLA. If the aircraft body is not a model, it indicates that -30 may have officially entered the development process. (authorship: camouflage)

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