The first exposure of China's new generation transport aircraft is obviously less than 20.

The first exposure of China's new generation transport aircraft is obviously less than 20.

[observer network comprehensive report] according to a video released by the Yanliang District Committee Propaganda Department official Bo @ Yanliang, China Aviation City, June 12th, a transport aircraft fuselage "blocked aircraft" in Yanliang city. The size of the aircraft is smaller than 20, including the fuselage, the fairing, radar cover and other details, which are different from the transport of -20, which may be new in our country. A generation of medium transport.

A new type of transport aircraft that blocks airplanes in Yanliang

Yanliang, as an aviation city, often "blocks the plane". In 2016, Yanliang's high-profile -20 had "blocked the plane".

Shutting down planes in 2016 -20 source: Social Media

But this time the aircraft is not common, the observer network military commentator through the study thinks, according to the aircraft fuselage and transportation of -9 and transport -20, it can be seen that the machine seems to be slightly larger than the 9, and obviously less than the transport of 20. The machine is obviously different from the -9 Series in the manifold, the cockpit glass, the landing gear position, the landing gear structure and the fuselage, and the new aircraft fuselage is wide relative to the current -9 series of the PLA. The machine should be one of the new generation of the PLA's new type of medium transport aircraft, the size of which should be larger than the existing C-130 series tactical transport aircraft, less than the A-400M series transport aircraft.

A comparison of the angle between the new transport plane, the -9 and the -20 shows that the new transport is larger than 9, less than 20.

From the traces similar to "sticking plaster" near the fuselage of the aircraft, the machine has carried out static failure tests. These traces are the traces of the binding blocks sticking up and uncovering, which can, to some extent, infer that the machine is still in the prototype stage.

Although some people speculated that the aircraft had been on display at the Zhuhai air show in 2014, it was called the "new China transport" -30 aircraft, but the -30 aircraft exposed in Yanliang and the Zhuhai air show were obviously different in the fuselage structure, the size of the airframe, the landing gear structure, and the structure of the fairing. Yun -30 is closer to A-400M in comparison. Of course, this may be the early plan for the "new China Transportation" in AVIC.

Although we can not confirm that the new aircraft is "Yun -30". However, some of the performance parameters of -30 can be used for reference. In 2014, China China aviation exhibition has published some basic data of the new medium transport aircraft. According to the design at that time, the maximum speed of "Yun -30" was 600-700 kilometers per hour, the full load range was over 3000 kilometers, and the load was above 20 tons.

Basic data of "new medium transport plane" at Zhuhai air show in 14

With the expansion of our special machine fleet and auxiliary machine team, our army's current -8 and -9 series, as the basic tools of hi-tech No. 1 to hi-tech No. eleven, are now "stretched", and our army's mechanized vehicles with a large number of 20 tons can not be transported through the existing medium transport aircraft. The emergence of this new medium transport aircraft may change the "dilemma" of our special fleet. Not only can it be converted into a more advanced high-tech auxiliary machine, but it can also be loaded with the "08" series of big eight wheel family. However, whether the new transport aircraft will become the "cornerstone" of our special operations in the future and the rapid delivery of medium sized synthetic brigade remains to be seen.

Restricted by C-130, the Stryker family has no demand for quick delivery of the 08 family.

But now, it doesn't necessarily mean that there is no future. At present, from the perspective of visual inspection, it is still a little difficult for this transport aircraft to load a medium-sized brigade.

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