The establishment of the new site of the United States Taiwan Association has promoted the party to send a plaque on the precipice.

The establishment of the new site of the United States Taiwan Association has promoted the party to send a plaque on the precipice.

[Global Times - global network reporter Fan Lingzhi]12 Sunday, "AIT" Taipei Office of the Nei Lake New Museum, the United States assistant secretary of state for education and cultural affairs Royce (Marie Royce) attended the ceremony. On the same day, Zhang Anle, the president of the Chinese unity promotion party, held the "new house to celebrate" AIT's "new house". Meanwhile, the Communist Party also issued a public letter to the roes, saying "you do not welcome the instilling of the Democratic Progressive Party authorities to split our land."

The Global Times reporter learned from the Chinese unification promotion party that on the morning of 12, there were about 200 protesters gathered at the new site of AIT Lake Taipei office. The presence of people in the presence of "the United States is the world's biggest disorderly source" of the big banners expressed discontent, the Chinese unification promotion party Huang Zhong party chairman Zhong Dading said that this time to the AIT, the appeal is "the evil group of the United States out of Taiwan", Cai Yingwen inclined to the United States, and should be off the stage. In a video of the Chinese unity promotion party to the Global Times reporter, a party protesting the party urged the party to shout at the scene: "Taiwan is an inseparable territory of China!" The unification of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits and the general trend of the times! Peaceful reunification, the people are happy! " The slogan.

When Zhang Anle came to the scene, he showed the plaque to the public with four other party members. The Global Times reporter noticed that the plaque was red and yellow, in addition to the text, there was a word "Celebrating the completion of the AIT new house in the Taiwan Association of the United States". Zhang Anle said the plaque was to be given to AIT, hoping that the Americans would not make things on both sides of the Straits, otherwise the bad luck was the people of Taiwan. Hu Dagang, a spokesman for the Chinese unity promotion party, told the Global Times reporter that AIT had said it would "reject the plaque". The present plaque has been brought back to the party department and will be sent back to the AIT Taipei office in the future.

"First of all, I would like to welcome you to visit our beautiful island of Taiwan. But let me solemnly declare that you do not welcome your incitement to split the territory of the DPP authorities, create cross-strait conflicts and jeopardize the safety of life and property of the people on both sides of the Straits. This is the beginning of an open letter to the Royce and Mrs. Royce, provided by the Chinese unity promotion party to journalists. It is mentioned in the letter that only the peaceful reunification with the mainland is the greatest guarantee of long lasting peace and stability, and the greatest guarantee of the people's happiness. "Today, your country for its own greed ambition, regardless of the lives of the people of Taiwan, insisted that the" Taiwan independence "politicians support, strong their thieves, bewitching them to resist the reunification of the two sides of the situation, will eventually cause Taiwan to stir up the body, but can you not be affected by the wave, the whole body and retreat?

At the end of this letter, the Chinese nation is in a storm of rain and rain for thousands of years. It is now the great rejuvenation of the nation and the coming moment of the peace of the world. The unification of the two sides is the trend of the times. Any practice of resisting by force is not only futile, but also the death and injury of thousands of innocent residents. "Vietnam War is not far away."

The 6.5 hectare AIT Taipei office, which costs more than 200 million dollars, has been regarded by the island's "Taiwan independence" force as the "security commitment" of the United States to Taiwan. The former director of the former AIT Taiwan office, Yang Sudi (Stephen Young), once wrote to the Taiwan media in April 22nd, once again mentioned that the new AIT Pavilion will set up "the home of the Marines" (Marine). House). He revealed that when he was preparing for the new pavilion, he began to decide that the AIT new pavilion would be assigned to a contingent by the American marine embassy guard (MSG).

However, when the 12 day new site was completed, rumors about "the US side will send the Marines to the new museum vian". Mo Jian, President of AIT, said that AIT did not comment on the peacekeeping measures, but it could be said that the new pavilion, like the present site, would be together with the ground guard, while Mei Jianhua, the head of the AIT Taipei office, said that it would not show or highlight the political position through the peacekeeping measures, which would be consistent with the practices in the world and ensure environmental security.

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