Kim Jeong-eun Lion City 48 hours: intimate contact with Trump and onlookers

Kim Jeong-eun Lion City 48 hours: intimate contact with Trump and onlookers

Original title: Atlas Kim Jeong-eun Lion City 48 hours: close contact with Trump and the crowd

According to Xinhua, CCTV and China new network news, President Trump and Kim Jeong-eun, the supreme leader of the DPRK, had a historic handshake at 9 a.m. on 12 a.m. in Singapore. The two people then went into the conference room with a translator and carried out a 40 minute "one to one" meeting and shared their work at noon. Dinner.

From the June 10th afternoon at 14:36 p.m. China's Boeing Boeing 747 arrived at Singapore Airport in Singapore, the historic document of the US - DPRK relationship was signed and returned to the hotel at 14 p.m. on the 12 afternoon. The 48 hours of Kim Jeong-eun's unprecedented trip to Singapore had a lot of details and scenes that could not be missed.

Visit Prime Minister Li Xianlong

June 10th


Kim Jeong-eun, the supreme leader of the DPRK, arrived in Singapore Singapore Airport on the same day, and Singapore's foreign minister, Vivian, arrived at the airport to greet him. Kim Jeong-eun's motorcade arrived at the The St. Regis Singapore.

According to Zhongqing online report, Uighur afternoon twitter welcomed Kim Jeong-eun's visit and made public his photo at the airport to greet Kim Jeong-eun. Kim Jeong-eun, dressed in the "people's suit", stepped down from the gangway and shook hands with Uyghur.

CCTV network 12 Daily said that Kim Jeong-eun flew to Singapore on the 10 day, which is the China Air China Boeing 747 aircraft. Upon arrival at the airport, Kim Jeong-eun escorted the local police in a black extended version of Mercedes Benz to the The St Regis.


China new network quoted the Singapore "Lianhe Zaobao" news report, Kim Jeong-eun left the hotel in the afternoon, and arrived at the Istana at 18:29, meeting with Premier Li Xianlong.

This is the first visit by the supreme leader of the DPRK. Many people on the road took out their mobile phones to take photos and videos to record this historic scene. Li Xianlong also broadcast his meeting with Kim Jeong-eun on social media. Kim Jeong-eun thanked Singapore and Li Xianlong for their sincere efforts to help host the DPRK US summit.


About 6 hours after Kim Jeong-eun arrived in Singapore, according to the China Daily network, about 8:20 on the evening of 10, US President Trump arrived in the bajila Bali Air Force Base in Singapore by "Air Force One".

Trump concluded his trip to Canada at the G-7 summit and flew directly to Singapore. Singapore's foreign minister, Vivian, and other senior officials greeted him at the airport. Trump then went to Shangri-La hotel to stay.

China News Service reported that in addition to meeting Li Xianlong, Kim Jeong-eun and Trump should spend most of their time in Singapore.

Visit the sights of Singapore at night and waving to the crowd

June 11th


The Korean media reported Kim Jeong-eun's activities in Singapore on 11 days. According to the Xinhua news agency, three news reports issued by the CNA 11 early 11, detailed reports that the top leader of the 10 day to attend the DPRK leaders meeting to leave the capital Pyongyang, arrived in Singapore and meet with Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong. The Korean labor party organ reported the first two edition of Labor News published relevant reports, with 16 photos.

The Xinhua news agency said the Korean media usually broadcast reports after Kim Jeong-eun's visits, visits, interviews and other activities. It is rare to report early activities, especially overseas visits. The Associated Press said that the speed of reporting to DPRK could be seen as the confidence of the DPRK in the smooth progress of the Singapore meeting.

10 hours

The United States ambassador to Philippines and Cui Shanji, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the DPRK, led the group to the Ritz Carlton American Hotel in Singapore, and launched a consultations before the "special gold conference". The core issue was the issue of nuclear abandonment. Jincheng and Cui Shanji have held at least five rounds of talks.


President Trump, from the Shangri-La Hotel, went to Istana and held a bilateral meeting with Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong, and the two later worked together for a working lunch. This is the first visit to Singapore during Trump's term.


Korean President Wen Yin and US President Trent on the ordinary telephone, held a successful "special fund meeting" plan to discuss. Yonhap reported that Wen Yin and Trump talked on the phone for about 40 minutes.

At the same time, US Secretary of state Pompeio held a press conference in Singapore, saying that the complete nuclear elimination is the only acceptable result of the United States.

21 hours

On the 11 day, the North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun did not have an open trip. But on the evening of 11, Kim Jeong-eun left the hotel and began to visit the night scene of Singapore.

China Youth Online reported that around 11, about 21 o'clock, Wang Yikang, Minister of foreign affairs of Singapore and Minister of education, accompanied Kim Jeong-eun to visit the night scene of Singapore. Under the escort of a large number of security personnel, Kim Jeong-eun left the hotel and entered the coastal bay garden. Then he visited the garden of the Jinsha Hotel and the walkway of the Jinxi. During the tour, Kim Jeong-eun waved to the media and crowd watching.

The Xinhua news agency quoted 12 cna reports that Kim Jeong-eun said in 11 Singapore that North Korea is willing to learn from Singapore's experience in economic and social development.

The report said that Kim Jeong-eun visited the Jinsha air garden in Binhai Bay and the Jubilee Bridge and other places, praising Singapore "clean and beautiful, each building has a distinctive feature".

Kim Jeong-eun said he would learn more about Singapore's knowledge and experience in various fields in the future. Through this visit, we have fully understood Singapore's economic potential and development outlook and made a very good impression on the domestic students.

Historical handshake, working lunch and signing documents

June 12th

8 hours

Local time 12 at 8 o'clock in the morning, North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun team from the The St. Regis Singapore. Around 8:30, Kim Jeong-eun arrived at the Chia Perle Hotel, a historic meeting between the DPRK and the US, and met at the outdoor courtyard on the third floor of the hotel.

9 hours and 04 points

Trump and Kim Jeong-eun made a historic handshake and meet. The handshake lasted about 10 seconds, and the two of them shook hands when they shook hands. Trump also patted Kim Jeong-eun on the arm.


Kim Jeong-eun and Trump began a "one to one" meeting at the two level library of the Scarlet Hotel. After the two men sat down, their expressions were serious, and then they talked briefly with the help of translation. Kim Jeong-eun said the meeting between the leaders of the two countries was not easy. Prejudice in the past is an obstacle to the realization of the meeting between the two countries, but eventually the two countries overcome difficulties and finally usher in today. After two people, they shake hands again for a long time.


Trump and Kim Jeong-eun ended the 40 minute "one to one" meeting. They then went down the corridor to the Cassia restaurant for an enlarged meeting.

10 hours and 02 points

North Korea and US officials and advisers joined the talks to expand bilateral talks. At the bilateral expansion meeting, Kim Jeong-eun and Trump shook hands for the third time.

The United States has secretary of state Pompeio, national security assistant John Robert Bolton, White House chief of staff Yue Han Kelly and others attended. On the Korean side, Jin Yingzhe, vice chairman of the DPRK and Secretary of the United Front Department, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Labor Party and international minister Li Zhuyong, and Li Ronghao, the foreign minister of the DPRK, attended the enlarged meeting.

Trump said that the "one to one" meeting with Kim Jeong-eun was "very good" and the two sides had a very good relationship. He also said they would "solve a big problem".


North Korea leaders and some staff members work lunch together. The White House also released a menu for working luncheon, which seems to combine eastern and Western cuisine, not only with fish and meat, but also carefully designed.

In the menu of "East and west", appetizers have avocado salad, Korean pickled cucumber and so on. The menu includes sweet and sour pork, steak, prawn cocktail and so on. Dessert is Haagen Dazs ice cream. In addition, Yangzhou fried rice is also included in the menu.

During lunch, Trump also said to the press corps: "have you taken a good picture, everyone? We must be handsome and thin, right? Perfect. "

After lunch, the two leaders went for a walk together. Trump told the media that the talks were "better than everyone expected." Trump also invited Kim Jeong-eun to watch his special car.

14 hours before and after

Kim Jeong-eun and Trump attended the signing ceremony, the two sides signed the historical document of the DPRK summit, and will publish the contents of the document at the press conference. Kim Jeong-eun and Trump then took a photo of the group for the first time they shook hands in the morning. Trump invited Kim Jeong-eun to visit the White House.

The president of the United States said before signing the document that he and Kim Jeong-eun would sign a "very comprehensive document". They will publish the contents of the document after the meeting and share the details of the documents at the press conference this afternoon.

"I think our relationship with the DPRK and the Korean Peninsula will be totally different from the past. We all want to do something about it, and we will do so. We have set up a very special friendship. " Trump said.

Before signing, Kim Jeong-eun said, "today we held a historic meeting and decided to leave it behind. We will sign this historic document, and the world will see "a major change". Kim Jeong-eun said that the DPRK signed the document, will usher in a new start.

According to the people's daily client report, Trump and Kim Jeong-eun held talks for about five hours on the 12 day. Trump told Kim Jeong-eun that they would meet again and meet many times. Trump described Kim Jeong-eun as a very talented person, and Kim Jeong-eun loved Korea very much, which was quite different from Kim Jeong-eun who had been playing against him several months ago.


Kim Jeong-eun's team returned to the Rigi Hostellerie. According to China News Weekly, 12 days earlier, Kim Jeong-eun expected to leave the meeting at 14 p.m. after the working lunch of both sides, but he had not yet announced the time he left Singapore.

15 hours

The contents of the historic documents of the United States and the DPRK are published. According to China news network, the two sides have reached agreement on four items, including the commitment of the DPRK to "completely denuclearization". The US side is committed to providing security to the DPRK.

The statement said that President Trump of the United States and Kim Jeong-eun, the supreme leader of the DPRK, had established a new relationship between the United States and the DPRK, as well as the establishment of a long-term and stable peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula, and carried out a comprehensive, deep and frank exchange of opinions. Trump promised to provide security guarantees for the DPRK, while Kim Jeong-eun reaffirmed his unswerving commitment to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.


Trump held a press conference. According to China Daily, Trump told reporters at the press conference that he invited the North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun to visit the United States, and the latter accepted it. Trump also said he would visit North Korea at the right time. He also said the United States would stop military exercises on the Korean Peninsula.

According to China Daily network, US President Trump plans to leave Singapore at about 8 p.m.

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