Us suicide UAV exposure: single soldier can carry 3 destroys tanks.

Us suicide UAV exposure: single soldier can carry 3 destroys tanks.

A small ground robot was reported on the corner of a cabin on the other side of a cabin on the other side of a small hut, on the corner of a small hut, which was reported in June 12th by the web site of the American defense news magazine, published in June 11th. Behind it is a suspended predator.

The "Predator" AX-1 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made its debut in Bratislava security show in Slovakia, Slovakia, in May this year, jointly developed by the country's compert industry and the Inchov Aerospace Corp. It is a kind of cruise missile that can be carried by the infantry.

AX-1 weighed 22 pounds (1 pounds, or 0.45 kilograms), with payloads of 4.4 pounds, the report said. This load may be warhead, and propaganda material says that the warhead can effectively combat "no armor and light armor targets". If the target is heavy armour, AX-1 can use high explosive anti armor warhead, which is intended to attack armored personnel carriers, infantry chariots and old tanks. These warheads are developed from standard RPG-7V rocket launchers. After all, this kind of micro UAV is different from the type of explosion it makes, but the aircraft itself.

AX-1 flies at a speed of 80 miles per hour (1 miles or 1.6 kilometers) to 155 miles, cruising speed of 120 miles per hour. The brochure says AX-1 has a range of 2.5 miles, but other reports say the range is 12 miles and the longest flight time is 20 minutes. The 20 minute flight time is not unheard of for the UAV, but it is a very short time for the cruise missile, and some of the cruise missiles can fly for up to 6 hours.

The report says that for today and future troops, this kind of weapon is particularly striking not only about the combination of its components, but also on how to control it. Promotional materials show that it is guided by a first person main view camera. This is a way of making explosions without supporting troops. The accuracy of their attack is just like that of the people who guide them to control the steering wheel. It uses tube launches, does not need runway or special launch tracks, and individual soldiers can carry up to 3 such unmanned aerial vehicles.

Photo: US Army "spring knife" suicide UAV.

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