Hong Kong media: Australia sway to China listen to this "conscience suggestion".

Hong Kong media: Australia sway to China listen to this

Original title: voice foreign media: China swaying Australia listen to this "conscience proposal"

Hongkong's "South China Morning Post" website in June 11 Daily said that Bob Karl, a former Foreign Minister of Australia, is one of the best friends in Australia, and he is now the president of the Australia China Relations Institute. Every year, Carle will lead a reporter delegation to China.

The article says that few countries, like Australia, have gained huge benefits in their trade with China. But in trying to balance its economic relations with China and its security ties with the United States, Australia finds itself increasingly in conflict.

The article believes that this is reflected in some "Anti China" remarks - some of the remarks made by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and foreign minister Julie Bishop annoyed Beijing.

The article said that after that, they tried to calm things down. But Turnbull admits that the proposed plan to take legislative action against foreign interference in Australia's administration has exacerbated tensions between the two countries.

The article says Bishop is right to appeal to all parties to remain calm.

The article argues that bilateral differences should not be out of control. In the words of Chinese State Councilor and Minister of foreign affairs Wang Yi, Australia should "pick up colored glasses" and look at the rise of China in a more positive way.

The article says that this may require difficult geopolitical adjustment. At the same time, Australia may wish to return to a pragmatic approach based on national interests. The two sides can put aside their differences and cooperate on issues that can be reached by both sides, such as defending free trade.

The article says, as Carle said, diplomacy is still the key to becoming an American ally and a Chinese partner, and the parties need to engage in honest communication to solve the conflict.

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