Taiwanese businessman choking Choi Choi authorities: if people can't eat enough, what other development will they talk about?

Taiwanese businessman choking Choi Choi authorities: if people can't eat enough, what other development will they talk about?

Overseas network June 12, Taiwan, the Democratic Progressive Party's recent support rate continued to decline, its iron ticket Kura Takashio also appeared dissatisfied voice. In recent days, Taiwan's "trousers king" Yang Zhengcheng said in an interview with Hong Kong media that Taiwan's economy has gone from bad to worse, and Kaohsiung has been less than a year in the past 20 years. "If the people can't eat enough, they will not be able to continue their meals. What other development will they talk about?"

According to the news agency, Yang Zhengcheng believes that the economic depression in Taiwan lies in the excessive internal consumption caused by the political struggle of the authorities. In addition, the rigid relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits after the DPP are also an important factor hindering the economic development. Yang Zhengcheng said, "the government does not fight the economy every day, it is really a tragedy for the people of Taiwan".

Yang Zhengcheng said that when former leader Ma Ying-Jeou promoted the improvement of cross-strait relations, tourists to Taiwan increased greatly. I seize the business opportunities to develop the hotel and make money. But over the past two years, the DPP came to power and the tension between the two sides of the Straits has led to a sharp decline in mainland tourists. Other hotels in southern Taiwan have been greatly affected.

Reported that Yang Zheng Cheng in southern Taiwan, the cause of the expansion of the original male clothing for the later clothing, hotel, medicinal makeup business layout. Its clothing brand "trousers king" at its heyday has 38 direct outlets in Taiwan, and now it has shrunk to more than 20. Its hotels also did not get much revenue because of the reduced number of tourists to Taiwan.

This year, Yang Zheng City, with no party status, was elected to the small port district of Kaohsiung. The main appeal was "political affinity, city love, no blue green in the heart, only non black and white". Yang Zhengcheng said, "the Democratic Progressive Party in Kaohsiung has been in power for 20 years enough, political party political time to wash the shuffle is the basic common sense of the people, otherwise absolute power will definitely corrupt people."

In addition, Yang Zhengcheng has also criticized the DPP's achievements in Kaohsiung. "Now Kaohsiung is the first in debt, according to the law of the bank, the general enterprise can only borrow 5% of its capital with the bank, which will violate the bank regulations." He believes that voters in Kaohsiung should throw aside the ideology of political parties or colors. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been in power in Kaohsiung for many years and can also let the Kuomintang try it.

However, Yang Zhengcheng was not the first person to express dissatisfaction with the DPP in "the green camp", and the people of the DPP expressed their dissatisfaction with the Cai Yingwen authorities' disregard of the people's livelihood.

Su Huanzhi, the former Tainan magistrate in May 8th, said he had withdrawn from the Democratic Progressive Party in the social platform and would participate in the Taipei mayor's election with no party status. He said the move was due to Cai Yingwen's "ruling" for 2 years. Taiwan was withered, the economy stagnated and people's livelihood was sluggish. Su Huanzhi said that Cai Yingwen and the Democratic Progressive Party, in order to vote for the Taipei mayor, would not spend time to solve the actual problems of Taiwan's economy, labor, and the aging of the population.

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