Media talk about Wanda Mau executives fall dead: those who climb halfway up the mountain are most difficult to turn around.

Media talk about Wanda Mau executives fall dead: those who climb halfway up the mountain are most difficult to turn around.

Original title: Nanjing Wanda Mau female executives fell dead, climbing halfway up the mountain is the hardest part to turn around and boil.

In a changing era, compared with the bottom and the top wealth, these middle people who are "less than the last ones" are the most difficult to turn around.

Zhang Feng

Ms. Xu, head of Nanjing Wanda Mau project, died a few days ago, and the police ruled out the possibility of homicide. Many people have linked Ms. Xu's suicide and Wanda KPI assessment strictly to the company's management system, and Wanda has denied it.

Ms. Xu's family did not accept her suicide because she was too stressed, because she was not only successful but also cheerful.

The only confirmation is Miss Xu's last sentence to the world, "sorry". She was born in her own family. She had only three people, her husband and daughter.

The family was her last harbor. She left the last word to her family, but it would confuse her family for a lifetime. Why in the end would she say "sorry" to the world, and it's hard to find the exact answer.

In September last year, Suzhou, a founder of mobile phone application WePhone, killed himself. His entanglement with his ex-wife Zhai Xinxin is still a hot topic among netizens.

In the same way, last year, ZTE's middle level led suicidal suicides to make it difficult for the public to understand the medium level survival of the enterprise, and soon after the suicide, he went to play with his wife and children to the amusement center.

Many people are shocked by such suicides. They are also deeply puzzled: they are not "desperate". They are not worried about their clothes, they have a car and a house, and they are even in a place of respect in society. What are they going to take things too hard? Why not enjoy life, but choose to go to this step?

They all belong to the elite of the workplace. Before joining Wanda, Ms. Xu was the top of a Nanjing mall. Europe is a typical technical man, working in HUAWEI and ZTE for many years, and Su Henry's business is also very good, to the ex-wife to break up tens of millions.

In the eyes of outsiders, if their careers are not thriving, there is absolutely no problem in supporting their families. According to the news of the interface, Ms Xu bought a new house near Wanda Maoming for the convenience of her work.

We can not know exactly what a man is thinking when he chooses to commit suicide. Even leaving a suicide note may be a game between the dead and the world.

"Depression" is a medical explanation, but if depression is used as the standard answer to suicide, it is not only lazy, but also to some extent disrespectful to the dead: many suicides have not been diagnosed by the hospital, and how can we easily get down to this conclusion.

The only thing that is certain is that they do feel some hardship. In the middle reaches of large companies, they are regarded as the upper class in the middle class. They are only a step away from the so-called financial freedom that many people aspire to.

They have gained a lot, but they have encountered some kind of bottleneck if they want to get more. This is the fundamental reason why they are stressed.

This is like climbing a mountain. They see the top of the mountain, but they can't really climb to the top. Their inner regret is bigger than those at the foot of the mountain.

In a changing era, compared with the bottom and the top wealth, these middle people who are "less than the last ones" are the most difficult to turn around.

To replace a job at the bottom, the income will not be greatly affected, but also can not affect the interpersonal relationship in the enterprise, and the high level has a specific circle. Their position changes, usually only need to deal with the relationship with several special characters, even if they leave, they will not have a great impact on themselves.

In such a position, financial freedom is basically realized, and it is only responsible for its own values.

And in reality, many people are faced with, either for years of rising difficulties, and in the face of the pursuit of young people, or to a strange environment, and a new business and interpersonal relationship, which often makes them feel at a loss. Once an event exceeds their capacity, it may lead to a loss. The tragedy of suicide.

In such a situation, it is ineffective for some people to retreat in the traditional Chinese culture. Because under such circumstances, it is difficult for them to confide in others. Anyway, it seems that everyone around them is pretentious.

In some cases, they may only bury their pain in the bottom of their hearts and fight against it alone. Like Ms. Xu, simplifying all the thinking into three words, "sorry", but no one actually thinks she owes anything.

However, although one may encounter "to the dark moment" of emotion and career, it is not only a human normal, but also a test of the will of a person. In the valley of life, it may be a little hard to encourage them to be positive, optimistic and open-minded, but they may also give themselves some time to see if they can make a settlement with their lives. It is very likely that at some point, life will be beautiful.

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Shen

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