They were wandering around with more than 200 poisonous snakes.

They were wandering around with more than 200 poisonous snakes.

Original title: they took more than 200 poisonous vipers and wandered around! The truth makes people get cold back

The soil and water climate in the South has always been suitable for snakes, and the situation in rural areas is not unusual. If it is hot today, we must be careful of "snake coming out".

But what I want to remind you today is the criminals who sell drugs under the cover of snakes.

In June 10th, the Haining police successfully destroyed a gang of fraudulent gangs with "snake catching drugs", and 5 suspects were arrested.

A good "snake catcher"

Master Xu, 53, contracted fish ponds in Shuang Shan village, Haichang street, Haining.

In the morning of May 10th, he was working beside the fish pond. At that time, he saw a more than 50 year old strange man bending over to find something in the grass beside the pond. He was curious and went up to ask what the man was looking for.

"I see you have a snake near the fish pond, and a poisonous snake. If you bite someone, you will be in trouble, so I will catch the snake during the day. If you have a flashlight, the flashlight will not run away if you look at it. The man said.

Master Xu saw that the man had a nylon bag in his hand, containing several vipers, so he believed it and took the flashlight at once.

"Oh, I was bitten by a snake!" When Xu master took back the flashlight, the man suddenly shouted.

"I saw that his finger was bleeding. He thought he had been bitten by a snake. Let him rush to the faucet and go to the hospital for treatment. But the other side said he had medicine, so long as he put on a little bit, the snake venom was immediately resolved. Master Xu recalls.

The man immediately took out a military kettle and drank a mouthful of master Xu's face, then poured it out a little, smeared it on the wound, and said, "the wine was painted on the horse, and nothing would be available."

Man told master Xu, this is the ancestral "magic wine", is made from the hands of Grandpa, once buried in the ground for more than 10 years, is a dozen kinds of precious medicinal herbs brewing old wine, not only can treat snake bites, but also can treat rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases, very magical.

Seeing that the man in front of him is like nothing, master Xu feels that "it should be true".

"My wife's waist is prominent, I want to buy some for my wife, rub it to relieve pain." Master Xu said.

"This is certainly good. There is snake bile in this wine, which is very effective in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation." The man said immediately. "This wine is really not cheap. We are also a lucky man. I'll give you 1200 bottles, no less." After bargaining, the man gave Xu master three bottles of "medicinal liquor" in a small bottle of mineral water bottle, a total of three jin, with a total price of 3600 yuan.

At that time, Xu master didn't have so much cash, and he deliberately took 3000 yuan to the bank.

Until noon that day, after master Xu had eaten the meal, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that he was not quite right, so he rushed to the police station at Hai Chang to call the police.

5 people swindled the gang down and they brought more than 200 viper viper.

After being cheated by master Xu, the Haining Public Security Bureau's Skew Bridge police station also received a similar report. The criminals chose to defraud the old people living in the old house.

According to the clues provided by several victims, the Haining police soon grasped the operation track and residence of the suspect. On the evening of June 10th, the Haining police seized the five suspects in a rental room in Tongxiang by careful control.

At the scene, seven bags of viper were found and more than 200 were triangular and highly venomous. These snakes are of different sizes, big with two fingers and thick small chopsticks. The suspect explained that the vipers were bought from the outside.

After investigation, the 5 suspects were all Lin, aged around fifty or sixty, all from Zhanjiang, Guangdong.

The police, the so-called "magic wine", is nothing more than ginger slices, Codonopsis and some other cheap Chinese herbal medicine, and add a little yellow wine, liquor, and water and other materials of the water.

Snakes are carried by themselves, and blood is tied by their own needles.

"When the case was done, the suspect was generally riding a motorcycle in a nearby town to find the target of the case, especially looking for an old house. Once a single old man was found, a pre prepared snake was released from the bag to create a false picture of the snakes." Tan Jinyu, deputy director of the Hai Chang police station, introduced the case. Since snakes are really poisonous Agkistrodon, they will bind the snakes on the snake when they put the snakes in order to control the snake's direction and facilitate the "recovery" after the end of the fraud.

In the process of catching snakes, villagers will come and watch. Subsequently, the suspect secretly with a needle in his arm bleeding, resulting in his sudden bite by a snake.

While the spectator was still in a panic, the suspect poured out a little "ancestral" wine from a military kettle and put it on "snake bite" and took it orally.

In this process, if the villager on the sidelines asked, the suspect will tell the villagers that the medicine wine is his own secret recipe, the snake bites, and the treatment of hypertension, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases also have "magic" effect.

At present, all 5 members of the gang have been detained by the police on suspicion of fraud, and the case is being intensified.

The police introduced, since May this year, the fraud gang in the Jiaxing area has been a lot of crime, and some of the victims spend high prices to buy home has not yet realized that they were deceived. If the public is confronted with similar fraud, please report to the local police station immediately.

The police also reminded us not to believe that the so-called "Jianghu people" on the edge of the village and in the streets and lanes. People outside the home and near the home to grab snakes or other similar behavior, do not pay attention to it, to their own ancestral medicine wine, and so on, do not believe, there is no so-called "panacea" in the world. If such people engage in entanglement and promotion, inform their relatives or alarm at the first time. If you find that you have been cheated, don't feel that the amount of being cheated is too low. It doesn't matter. It's the first time to call 110.

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