"The United States in Taiwan Association" new library opens Taiwan people to wave five star red flag demonstration

Abstract: the opening of the new site of the American Society of AIT (AIT) triggered anger in the people of Taiwan. The demonstrators waved five star red flags in the streets and shouted "Cai Yingwen stepped down."

Taiwan people wear Five Starred Red Flag to protest the opening of the new site of the United States Taiwan Association (Chung time Electronics)

Overseas network, June 12, the new site of "AIT" was opened on the 12 day, causing anger in Taiwan. The demonstrators waved five star red flags in the street, shouting "Cai Yingwen stepped down," and stressed that "Taiwan and the mainland can never be separated by the US."

According to China news report, the AIT Nei lake new pavilion was launched on 12, with President Mo Jian of AIT, Cai Yingwen in Taiwan, Ma Ying-Jeou, the former leader of Taiwan, and Royce, the assistant secretary of state for education and cultural affairs in the United States Department of state.

Demonstrators and Taiwan police confrontation (China time electronic newspaper)

More than 100 people in Taiwan spontaneously went to AIT to rally slogans and shouted "Cai Yingwen stepped down". Some demonstrators said that Taiwan and the mainland could not be separated from the United States. The "Chinese unification promotion party" put up a five-star red flag before the new AIT building to express its protest and asked the us to "get out of Taiwan". The group responsible for the demonstration said that the demonstrators were on the north of Pingtung, Kaohsiung and other places all night, which was to express to the Cai Yingwen authorities and the government of the United States for 11 days. He said, "the United States is the biggest source of chaos in the world. Wherever we go, we go nowhere. Taiwan and the mainland must not be separated from the United States and the people of Taiwan will loudly vociferate that Cai Yingwen should step down. "

Taiwan's "unified faction" moved out of the "cliff to climb" plaque, to be sent to AIT, and was blocked by the police.

Zhang Anle, chairman of the CPC, said at the scene that Taiwan is an inalienable territory of China and the unification of the two sides is the general trend. The United States will provoke the war between the two sides of the Strait. The Americans will be the only benefice. The sufferers are the people of Taiwan.

Reported that Taipei police sent more than 300 police officers to maintain order, erected iron fence, in front of the AIT Jinhu road as the boundary will be the "independence" and "unified" two groups of people separated.

Royce, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, stressed that "we are seriously concerned about the reports and have made a solemn negotiation with the United States," according to the ceremony of the United States affairs academy of education and Cultural Affairs Assistant Secretary, Royce and so on.

Mr. Geng said it must be pointed out that the US side, with any pretext to send officials to Taiwan, has seriously violated the one China principle and the three United States joint communiqu es, interfering in China's internal affairs and causing a negative impact on Sino US relations. We urge the US side to abide by the commitments made to the Chinese side on the Taiwan issue and correct the wrong practices so as not to undermine Sino US relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits. (overseas network Yang Jia)

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