The 14 year old daughter walked away with the strange man, but it ended with a sigh.

The 14 year old daughter walked away with the strange man, but it ended with a sigh.

Original title: 14 year old daughter followed a strange man away! Mother was crying and couldn't sleep all night! The end is a sigh

At the age of 14, for a girl, the age of cardamom and the beginning of the flowering season are an age full of pure emotion. But for parents, how to deal with and deal with children of this age, the interaction and emotion with the opposite sex is a university question.

At five p. m. on June 1st, a middle-aged woman came to the police station of the Haining Public Security Bureau to police the police station. He said his 14 year old daughter had gone away from his home with an unidentified man.

Is it an abduction?

"We started with a case to deal with, because we were very worried that the little girl was abducted, and if so, things will be great." After receiving the alarm, due to the minors involved, the police station attaches great importance to the investigation and the police conduct relevant investigations immediately.

In the next few days, the police, through their parents, and other clues, found that the girl, Tingting (the pseudonym), had a close contact with a Hebei boy on the Internet, and the man had been to Haining in the near future. Considering the safety of the girl, the police were in a few times and contacted the man's present place in Hebei. The police confirmed by the local police that there was a girl from other provinces in the man's residence.

When the police decided that the girl had no danger of life, the police had a lot of reassurance, considering the anxiety of the family, the police station decided to take them directly to Hebei to find the children.

13 hours, more than 1100 kilometers

Mother cried when she saw her daughter

On June 6th, 8 o'clock in the morning, the police Dai Jianhai took the auxiliary police pony and Tingting's parents, Tingting's 4 year old brother from Haining, through Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong provinces, finally came to Cangzhou city of Hebei Province, lasted 13 hours, the trip was more than 1100 kilometers, and in June 6th, more than 10 points, found the local police station, in local dispatch. With the help of the help, she found the runaway girl Ting Ting.

As soon as she saw her daughter, she came forward and hugged tightly and sobbed. The mother had been frightened too much these days. "Almost to the edge of collapse, unable to sleep all day and all night, mentally ill." Xiao Dai police said that she was pleased to see her mother and daughter reunited.

But the daughter is not very happy, or even some conflict, feel that they follow their loved ones, do not want their parents to intervene.

Originally, Tingting and Hebei boy little Yan met 3 months ago, two people in a game called "my world" in the game, then again in the QQ conversation very happy, soon as a boyfriend and girlfriend.

However, Tingting saw his brother very much like, always holding his brother not willing to hand, brother also holding her sister, voice called: "sister, sister, we go home." After more than 2 hours of work, the little girl finally agreed to follow her parents home.

The boy's parents warned the child:

You can love each other, but you can't have any other action

Meanwhile, the director of the local police station also helped to do the job of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan is 16 years old, high and high, because of the two people on the net with Tingting online to talk about, to get along with friends of men and women, and also come to Haining to visit Ting Ting. After that, Ting Ting and men went to Cangzhou city of Hebei province voluntarily, although the boy's home is not rich, but Ting Ting still likes small Yan, the key is, boy, The parents have always added to Tingting's courtesy, and take care of their son, although love, but can not have any further action. Therefore, Ting Ting is not hurt in their home.

After 1 o'clock in the morning of June 7th, when Xiao Yan learned that Ting Ting was going home with her parents, she cried and wept and cried. But finally, she listened to the words of Tingting's mother: "little Yan, I respect you to each other, but you are really too small. I hope you put down the moment, read the book well, and wait for you to say feelings after you grow up." Things. "

Xiao Dai and pony again drove 13 hours in a row, travelling more than 1100 kilometers, returning to Haining at 10 o'clock in the evening, and returning the family to their home in person.

Two days, one night, 26 hours and more than 2200 kilometers, the two families live together harmoniously.

In the early morning of June 8th, Tingting's mother wrote the banner of "the people's guard, the speed of solving a case," and sent it to the police station of Hai Chang, expressing gratitude.

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