China's expensive flight produces the first FTC2000G fighter worker to work until 4 a.m.

China's expensive flight produces the first FTC2000G fighter worker to work until 4 a.m.

The development of the aviation industry FTC-2000G aircraft is very fierce in the battle of the battlefields of your flight.

In the development and production of FTC-2000G, the machine addition plant uses the new lean production theory to push forward all kinds of work, and the overall progress is progressing smoothly. However, there will be a lot of new problems in the development of any new product. All kinds of problems in the raw material, process state, special tool and so on are possible at any time. There is a chain reaction in parts production. Therefore, how to react quickly and put into production at any time will become a top priority for the branch plant. For this reason, the leading group of the branch of the factory requires all the cadres and workers of the whole plant to wait 24 hours all day.

Especially in June, in order to snatch a partition, bearing combination tripod, former Liang Qianduan, front beam back end and five types of matching, three section deputy chief Ren Bin and section comrades often work overtime every day to 2, 3 o'clock, even all night... Ren Bin is not only a production manager at the production site, but also a mentor for young comrades. In the case of lack of staff, he is a helper or a porter for every job. Every day, he is busy on the production line for a day. The light walk is more than 20 thousand. Ren Bin's lover is still working in the old area. The two husband and wife can not take care of the young children, only the son of nine years old can only be sent to the trusteeship class...

Since June 7th, Ma Xinming, Li Wenfei, Shuai Chengyun, Zhao Yu, Chen Rongkuan, Chen Rongkuan, Zhou Jianzhang, and inspection of Zhang Shenzhou and other comrades have just worked overtime until 6:30 on the 8 morning. The Ministry completed the production tasks of all the components of the FTC-2000G stage girder.

On the night of 8, a telephone rang quickly on the mobile phone of the staff and workers in the branch, some were cooking, and some were ready to rest because of the days of fatigue. But all those who received the phone were immediately returned to the unit, Yao Liming, deputy director Luo Shibi, assistant Zhang Peng and three section of the factory director. Ren Bin, director of the technical room, director of technical room, Zhang Bangjiang and so on have also arrived at the production site.

The workers who hurried back to the workstation opened the machine tool and immediately threw themselves into the new battle. The sound of machine tools kept echoing in the workshop, and the drizzling rain outside the factory kept rolling and dancing with the night sky.

After all day and night fighting, 9 (Saturday) at four a.m., for employees to produce safety, Yao Liming half order and half order to rest first, everyone stopped the work in the hands of workers in a small house fell to sleep... At 8 early in the day, Yao Liming and overtime workers continued to put into the task of fighting, and at this time, the fitter Li Xiaoyong, with a fever, had been working overtime and added a lot of late nights at the production site. Until about 4 p. m. on the same day, in the cheers of red red Li Xiaoyong and test Alin, all the parts of the FTC-2000G phase 1 beam shelf of the machine addition plant were all guaranteed to complete the production, and all the parts were transferred to the Department at 5 p.m. on the 9 day. At this point, the first FTC-2000G aircraft parts manufacturing task is completed, and the two key parts are also delivered smoothly according to the production node. It has created the conditions for the smooth progress of the FTC-2000G aircraft production. (source: Gui Fei)

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