What did Kim Jeong-eun and Trump experience in the past?

What did Kim Jeong-eun and Trump experience in the past?

Overseas network June 12, June 12, 2018, the first North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun and President Trump of the United States in Singapore first met and shake hands, to attract global media eyes, the "golden club" finally settled. After Trump became the president of the White House and became president of the United States, the two countries released the friendly signal from each other in 2017, until the beginning of 2018, and then the determination and cancellation of the "golden society" had finally been held in accordance with the original plan. It was recalled that the interaction between the two countries in the last 2 years could be more deeply involved in the relations between the United States and the United States. And this makes the final "golden touch" precious.

Wang Yi, State Councilor and Minister of foreign affairs, said on 12 July that the DPRK leaders' meeting in Singapore was highly concerned. The two countries are antagonistic and even hostile to each other for more than half a century. Today, the highest leaders of the two countries can sit together and engage in an equal dialogue. This is of great significance and positive significance in itself, which is to create a new history. China certainly welcomes and supports this, because this is the goal China has been looking forward to and working hard for. We hope that the leaders of the United States and the United States should exclude interference, establish mutual trust and overcome difficulties, and make substantial steps to advance and realize the basic consensus of the denuclearization of the peninsula, the promotion and establishment of the peninsula peace mechanism.

Tit for tat 2017: North Korea and the United States frequently "fight hard" tense situation is on the verge of attack.

In January 20th, Trump officially became the new president of the United States. Shortly after he came to power, he announced the end of the Obama administration's policy of "strategic patience" towards the DPRK and changed its policy of "putting pressure on the extreme". On the Korean Peninsula, the United States also held a "key determination" joint military performance with South Korea, and sent the "Karl Vincent" nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the B-52 strategic bomber, the F-35B fighter and other strategic weapons to participate in the United States, causing the situation on the peninsula to continue to be tense.

As a response to the "unfriendly" behavior of the US side, the DPRK has repeatedly displayed its muscles and displayed its strength. Since February 2017, North Korea has been testing missiles frequently, and in May it is the 3 time to test missiles. In September 3rd, the sixth nuclear test was conducted by the DPRK. On the next day, the United States sent a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council to sanction the DPRK and was passed on the 11 day. In November, Trump further "pressure" on the DPRK, announcing the reinclusion of the DPRK in the United States "supporting terrorist countries" list, causing tensions between the US and the DPRK to continue to intensify.

In addition to taking action, the battle between the DPRK and the United States is also frequent. The Vice Foreign Minister of the DPRK told the US media that "as long as the Supreme Commander thinks it right, the north will have the next nuclear test at any time," and mentioned that "if the United States launched a pre emptive strike, Pyongyang would not sit down." In a speech by the United Nations General Assembly in September, Trump not only accused the Korean regime, but also called the DPRK "the reckless pursuit of nuclear and ballistic missiles and a threat to the whole world." the tense confrontation between the two sides also made the situation on the Korean peninsula a trigger.

In early 2018, there was a turning point: the DPRK and the United States will make contact with the "golden club".

If in 2017, between the DPRK and the United States was "gunpowder flavour", after entering 2018, the situation seemed to have reached a "boiling point" and had a rapid turnaround. Although Trump announced the "heaviest history" sanctions on the DPRK in February 23rd, the DPRK has released its goodwill again to the United States after extending its olive branch to South Korea.

In March 8th, during his visit to the United States, South Korean officials said Kim Jeong-eun asked the United States to convey his desire to meet Trump as soon as possible, and Trump accepted Kim Jeong-eun's invitation. In April 18th, Trump said that Pompeio, the director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, had been to North Korea recently to meet with the top leader of the DPRK, Kim Jeong-eun, and the meeting of two people was "very smooth".

With the gradual increase in contacts between the two sides, the "golden club" is also beginning to show signs. Trump first said at a rally in April 28th that he might meet with North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun in the next 3 to 4 weeks. In April 30th, the US president also said that he was considering meeting Kim Jeong-eun at the "peace house" on the Korean border. In May 9th, Pompeio, the new secretary of state for the United States, went to the DPRK to discuss the meeting of the US and the DPRK leaders, while the DPRK released 3 American citizens on the same day and sent a further friendly signal. In May 10th, Trump announced that his meeting with Kim Jeong-eun would be held in Singapore in June 12th and the United States and the DPRK were in office in the history. The first meeting of the leader was also finalized.

After the twists and turns of the Golden Summit, we finally decided that the leaders of the DPRK and the US would have a historic meeting.

Since ancient times, there has been such a saying that "good things happen", which seems to have been corroborated in the "Golden Summit". In May 24, 2018, one of Trump's decisions shocked the world on the same day that North Korea cashed its nuclear promise to complete the bombing of the nuclear test site in funhli: he said he had cancelled a meeting with the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jeong-eun, in Singapore in June 12th.

However, facing this unprepared "heavy bomb", the DPRK, although regrettable, said this decision did not conform to the desire of the international community to hope for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and even the world, but it was "quite generous" that it was willing to sit in any way with the United States at any time to solve the problem. To a certain extent, the DPRK's response also laid the foundation for the scheduled convening of the "Golden Summit".

The next day, Trump's attitude towards DPRK changed dramatically. On the 25 day, Trump first said through social media that he was pleased to receive "enthusiastic and productive statement" from the DPRK side. Later, he said in an interview that the "golden club" may still be held as scheduled. In the evening, Trump spoke third times on the "golden club" and said that if the summit meeting was able to make a trip, it might be held in Singapore on June 12th.

Trump's "abrupt" attitude change seems to have given the international community a sigh of relief. In May 26th, Kim Jeong-eun met with Korean President Wen Yin in Panmunjom, and both sides expressed the hope that the US DPRK leaders' meeting could be held in Singapore as scheduled. Trump also responded on the same day, looking forward to meeting with Kim Jeong-eun in June 12th. After a series of twists and turns, the "golden club" seems to be "keeping the clouds open and seeing the moon".

From May 27th, the United States ambassador to Philippines and the former ambassador of Korea, Kim Cheng, and Cui Shanji, the Deputy Minister of the Korean Foreign Affairs Province, held talks in Panmunjom for a few days, and coordinated the denuclearization program and the corresponding system security plan. On the 29 day, high-level officials of the two sides also discussed the agenda of the meeting in Singapore. On the 29 day, Jin Yingzhe, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the DPRK Labour Party, also went to the United States to meet with Peng Pao and Trump respectively.

On June 1st, Trump made a final decision after meeting Kim Ying zhe at the White House. He announced that the DPRK US leaders' meeting will be held in Singapore as scheduled.

In June 10th, Kim Jeong-eun and Trump arrived in Singapore successively. Today, the leaders of the two countries have been smiling together, holding their hands tightly together, and reaching the first historic meeting over 70 years.

In less than 2 years, the DPRK and the United States went from confrontation to dialogue and signed a joint statement, and the willingness of the top leaders of the two countries to sit down and talk about it was an inspiration to the international community. Even after decades of "resentment" can't disappear in a flash, it is believed that after the "big turn" meeting between the two countries, more problems can be solved through dialogue and consultation, and the Korean Peninsula will eventually open a new peace page.

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