The Taiwan school shouted "do not do cannon fodder": if the PLA goes on stage, it will revolt.

The Taiwan school shouted

Original title: Taiwan unified faction shouted "do not do cannon fodder": if the PLA goes on stage, it will revolt.

Overseas network, June 12, the "American Association of Taiwan" (AIT) Nehu new pavilion, the local time of 12, the local time of the ceremony, Taiwan multiple groups of groups went to the scene to protest, erect five star red flag, demand the United States to stop interfering in China's internal affairs, the people of Taiwan "do not do cannon fodder, improper walk the dog", against the Cai Yingwen authorities and the United States A conspiracy for a poor army. The Taiwan Unification Party appealed to the DPP to bring the PLA into a position if it turned the tables on others.

The Taiwan unification group called on the us to stop interfering in China's internal affairs.

According to the Hongkong news agency, in view of the opening of the Neihu new pavilion in the United States, the Taiwan Labor Party, the union of China, the peace development association of the two sides of the China, the mutual aid of the political fraternity in Taiwan, the summer tide Federation, the Labor Human Rights Association and the peace development on both sides of the Taiwan Straits have been jointly published for 12 days. It appealed to the United States to stop interfering in China's internal affairs, and stressed that the Taiwan society should also face the seriousness of the problem and not let the cross straits relations under the external forces and move towards a more difficult situation.

The statement stressed that the United States recently proposed a series of bills that violated the "one China policy", providing a false message to the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces. This act will not only stimulate Sino US relations, but also encourage "Taiwan independence" adventurism, and further the possibility of deepening the deepening of the conflict between the two sides of the Straits and destroying cross-Straits relations. And regional peace, stability and development.

The statement said that the US side was not an accident. It was an attempt to fiddle the Taiwan problem through the so-called "Taiwan travel law" and upgrade the "Taiwan defense cooperation" in the near future. It encouraged the Democratic Progressive Party Cai Yingwen and the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces in the dark. It not only overstepped a Chinese policy, but also violated the three United States and the United States. The principle of the newspaper.

The statement said that the process of peaceful development between the two sides of the Straits has been destroyed by the "Taiwan independence" force, and the US side's actions are completely inconsistent with the expectations of the people of the region, especially the people of Taiwan, for peaceful development. It also completely does not conform to the common interests of the people of Taiwan at present to improve the livelihood of the people, to develop the economy and to solve the most urgent needs of the common interests. Benefit.

The statement stressed that China's unification is an inevitable trend of history and can not be stopped. The limited interests of the US strategic abacus are incomparable with China's core interests. The hegemony of the US side, as an attempt to make disconcerting and profitable in all parts of the world, will eventually be overcome by the efforts of the Chinese people on both sides of the Straits to seek national unity, the pursuit of national rejuvenation, and the efforts of the peace loving people all over the world.

Taiwan people "do not become cannon fodder"

In addition, Huang Debei, Secretary General of the Taiwan Institute of social development, served as Secretary General of the "Left Wing Alliance". The "left-wing alliance" said that AIT was highly strategically high in the inner lake and became the "beachhead" of the United States to return to Asia, which was a threat to Taiwan's burial of war and peace. The group stressed that the people of Taiwan did not make cannon fodder and improper "running dogs" and opposed the conspiracy of the Cai Yingwen administration to the United States.

The "left-wing alliance" believes that the AIT new pavilion will be the trading center of the "Taiwan American" arms merchants, which is "the fortress to attract the evil spirit of the war". The innocent people of Taiwan are likely to be pushed into the fire line and become "the pawns of the expansion of the US imperialism" and become "the cannon fodder under the merciless fire".

The alliance said that in order to maintain the dignity of the people of Taiwan, to defend the precious peace and to live and work for the people, they are firmly opposed to the Cai Yingwen authorities' conspiracy with the United States, and the opposition to the Taiwan authorities is constantly expanding the budget under the hardship of the people's livelihood in Taiwan, which is not only "the annual defense budget". To expand, we should also make special budgets by borrowing, selling land and releasing shares of public enterprises, and buy large quantities of ammunition to the United States.

The alliance stressed that they also firmly opposed the "soft soil excavation" in Taiwan, which jeopardizing Taiwan's livelihood economy and endangering Taiwan strait security.

Taiwan's "unified promotion party" came to protest against the five-star red flag flying.

It is reported that at the ceremony site of the AIT new pavilion, the Chinese unity promotion party (CPC) gathered 200 people at 8:40 in the early morning of the Qing Dynasty, raised the five star red flag, and pulled up "the United States is the largest source of chaos in the world", and protested to AIT that "the United States can not interfere in China's internal affairs, Taiwan is not an American chip!"

Zhang Anle, President of the "unified promotion party", said that wherever the United States goes, there will be trouble. Only peaceful reunification is the happiness of the people of Taiwan. There were also many American accusations, demanding that Americans get out of the American out.

Zhang Anle said that the United States is not a world policeman, but a "world robber". Now the United States uses Taiwan as cannon fodder, while "Taiwan independence" politicians cooperate with the United States to provoke the mainland. In the end, if war breaks out, the people of Taiwan will become cannon fodder.

Zhang Anle stressed that only peaceful reunification is the happiness of the people of Taiwan, because the peaceful reunification will not have war, the Taiwan commodity will be able to marketing the mainland's 1 billion 300 million population market; and if the DPP reacts against the mainland and leads the Liberation Army to the stage, the Taiwanese must be righteous in front of it!

The Chinese side: a solemn negotiation has been made to the United States

In June 12th, the new address of the Taipei Office of the American Taiwan Association was held, and Royce, the Secretary of the State Council, was responsible for the education and cultural affairs of the State Council. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said, "we express serious concern about the reports and have made a solemn negotiation to the United States."

Mr. Geng stressed that it must be pointed out that the US side, with any pretext to send officials to Taiwan, has seriously violated the one China principle and the three United States joint communiqu es, interfering in China's internal affairs and causing a negative impact on Sino US relations. We urge the US side to abide by the commitments made to the Chinese side on the Taiwan issue and correct the wrong practices so as not to undermine Sino US relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits.

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