Independent design of the first Asian island God instrument "Tian Kun" sea trial

Independent design of the first Asian island God instrument

Original title: "Tian Kun" sea trial is successful, making the island artifact toward the "deep blue" closer.

At 11:15 on June 12th, "Tian Kun" returned to the port.

After nearly 4 days of sea trial, Wang Jian, the construction team leader of the sea trial, excitedly wrote the first word in the circle of friends.

Surf, sand, flower and bird mountain

The sound of the whistle rises and sails. The exclusion of obstacles is difficult and dangerous, and the confidence is full.

Let the surging waves follow, and march forward bravely and roaming hundreds of boats. The rosy glow of the return road, the sky Kun triumphant!

Before the "Tian Kun" sea test, Wang Jian told news. "There must be no problem on the trial, but there may be an accident, and we have confidence in the team."

The reporter learned from the Tianjin channel bureau (hereinafter referred to as "the air bureau") that during the sea trial, many equipment, such as the power system and the propulsion system of "Tian Kun", have successfully tested the marine environment and took a key step to become a real dredging weapon.

The dream and glory of the dredged man

Dredging has long been in the long history of China.

Dayu water control, Li Bing and his son built Dujiangyan and the Sui Dynasty dug the Grande Canale. These ancient stories are the epitome of China's dredging industry.

The beginning of dredging industry in modern China is 121 years since the establishment of the Haihe Engineering Bureau in 1897.

In the two changes, the development of China's dredging ships has gone through three stages: foreign monopoly, teacher training and independent development.

The Haihe River Engineering Bureau purchased the first dredger from Holland in 1902. The dredging vessels during this period were mainly purchased, supplemented by assembly and construction.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the state began to allocate more capital investment in the late 60s of last century, and gradually enriched the marine equipment. Dredging equipment is basically imported, and construction funds are mostly dependent on the support of national interest free loans.

Since 2000, China's independent innovation ability has been greatly improved, from the first domestically made to the completely independent design and construction, and achieved a qualitative leap. During this period, a number of more than ten thousand tons of rake suction dredgers were built, and the largest rake suction dredger, "the road number", could reach 20000 cubic meters.

Until November 3, 2017, China's independent design and construction of "Tian Kun" slowly sailed out of the dock, slowly and calmly heading to the intersection of the river and sea, the new Jin "Asia first", carrying the dream of how many dredged people.

"Tian Kun" Captain 140 meters, 27.8 meters wide, the maximum depth of up to 35 meters, the speed of 6000 cubic meters per hour to seashore, rock and sea water mixture to the most far 15000 meters.

The company's staff told the "Tian Kun" merged the latest world's latest technology. All the performance indicators were more than the first largest self - stranded dredger, "tianwhale", in active service in Asia.

In addition, "Tian Kun" uses full power drive type, the ability to excavate system ranks the top in the world, transportation system ability is the first in the world, the ability to adapt to bad sea conditions is the strongest in the world. The largest mining depth of 35 meters is in the forefront of the world and Asia is the first. Bit double location system.

So many "the strongest surface" set in one, and netizens have also given a number of nicknames "Tian Kun", the most representative of which is the "island God building", "map editor".

Wang Jian, the leader of the "Tian Kun" construction group, has been involved in dredging for 36 years, and his most proud work is "Tian Kun".

Wang Jian said in an interview with surging news, "this life has been dealing with dredgers, from the day of participating in the work, until now. When I first joined the work, there were 6 dredging vessels in the "Tian hang" bureau, of which only one was made in China, and it often had problems.

"At present, the largest number of dredging ships in the world is China, and exports to India, export to Iraq, export to Iran, we only took more than a decade to complete this process." Wang Jian said.

"I'm very proud to be on the boat every day. This is probably the most important piece of my life. I would like to make a contribution to the cause of our country's dredging equipment, for our country to dredge equipment technology, production capacity, or manufacturing capacity, to exceed Europe. "

In addition, Wang Jian also told the surging news reporters, "to be here to be the leader of the prison building, is my own request, because after 5 years of development, I have a feeling for this ship."

This is also the reason why "Tian Kun" has published his own words in the circle of friends after the end of the sea trial return.

Not only is Wang Jian, Feng Changhua, the deputy head of the supervision group, has handed over his whole life to China's dredging.

Feng Changhua, who was born in Tianjin in 1955, has been working with dredging industry since he joined the work in 1977. In over thirty years of career, Feng Changhua from the dredging ship interns, fuel workers to the captain, and then from the land's ship management to dredging ship supervision.

In 2015, Feng Changhua, who should have been enjoying his retirement, was returned to the "Tian Kun" monitoring group and continued to build ships for the country.

Feng Changhua said, "'Tian Kun' is our country's first independent research and development, independent design and construction of the ship, we belong to engineering technicians, have ship manufacturing experience and experience, so in technology for this ship can play some of our technical expertise."

China's dredging towards deep blue

Today, "Tian Kun" has completed the launching, launching, dock mooring test and sea trial.

After the sea trial is returned, some adjustments and tests will be made before it can be delivered.

After launching in November 3, 2017, the "Tian Kun" has gone through 7 months of grinding and forging.

In the last 7 months, "Tian Kun" has completed the installation of the whole ship hydraulic pipe system, the ship outfitting and coating work, the construction of the distributed whole ship power system, the processing of the flexible steel pile platform, the installation of the steel pile trolley, the installation of the main and auxiliary steel piles and the pile up test, the installation and debugging of the pneumatic damping system, the propulsion system, and the propulsion system. The installation and commissioning of all kinds of equipment such as commissioning and whole ship power system installation and commissioning, and the ship tilt test were completed, which laid the foundation for ensuring the success of the sea trial.

How did "Tian Kun" play its role after delivery?

"I hope that in the future construction of the reefs, I hope that the two ships of the" sky whale "and" Tian Kun "will be able to combine the two swords and create good achievements in the future construction of the island reefs," the captain of the "sky whale", once the captain of the "sky whale", told the reporter.

The Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Party committee of the Party committee of China has been able to support the "Kun Kun" during the news interview. "The" Tian Kun number "has a strong ability to excavate, the so-called strong mining ability is two indicators, one is to dig harder stones, the two is to excavate higher production, no matter where construction, faster, More efficient. "

"We need to build what kind of ship we need in the future," he added.

Feng Changhua, deputy leader of the "Tian Kun", said, "China is also a great dredging country. Now it is moving towards the powerful dredging power. The most important thing is to rely on advanced equipment and advanced technology, and go out abroad in the near future and move towards deep blue."

After the successful sea trial of "Tian Kun", it will solve some systematic problems found during the trial, and then prepare for the next step of the dredging test.

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