On the men's high speed rail, children suspected of being noisy and threatened to drop off when they got off the station.

On the men's high speed rail, children suspected of being noisy and threatened to drop off when they got off the station.

Original title: the man is too noisy to threaten to throw the child off the train. After getting off the train, he was picked up by his relatives. The net friend turned over, and the eyewitness stood out and said...

In June 8th, on a train to the Guilin in Guangxi, a man had a little child crying to sleep and abused his mother with a child, saying "the child should not get off in a car." A male passenger could not see and fight with the man.

However, the man had never expected that the relatives of the children would gather at the exit of the station early and wait for him to beat him.

At the time of the incident, a two year old child was crying on the motor car, and a man was sleeping in the same car.

The man was very angry and threatened to throw the child off the car and insulted the child's mother.

A male passenger could not bear to see the man's behavior. After the dispute, two people formed a ball in the carriage.

Video from witnesses showed that the EMU staff and other passengers had been dissuaded by the other passengers, but both were emotionally excited and did not want to stop.

Meanwhile, the male passenger asked the man, "do you have no children?!"

The man said, "I don't have children. What's wrong?" And threatened the male passenger: "where are you getting off?" Get off together, no less than a grandson! "

Finally, under the persuasion of both sides, the mood of both sides gradually recovered.

But this is not the end of this matter.

In another video, the man and the male passenger and the parents of the children got off at Guilin Railway Station.

The parents of the children and the people who came to the station together beat up the man who scolded the child. Eventually, the station police officers arrived at the scene, which was able to calm down.

At the end of the video, the parents of the children pull the male passengers who are out of sight and say, "go, eat the midnight snack."

In June 11th, the Beijing time reporter called the station of the Guilin station, the police told reporters that the matter had been handled by the South Gate police station, "the South Gate police station received the police and took the people away".

As of 11 days before the press release, the police did not respond to the matter.

The views of the netizens are clear and clear

Who do you support?

After the video was exposed on the Internet, the netizen's attitude was divided into two groups. Some netizens think that children crying is very normal, men are too irritable; but more netizens think that passengers buy tickets are not to listen to children crying, crying in the car is uncivilized behavior.

Net friend point 1:

2 and a half years of crying can be understood, and beaten men are bullying women and children.

@ LookintomyeyeS: Well, it's a good fight. This man looks at others as a woman who bullies her children, and her fighting power is bursting.

He waited quietly for the final outcome: a 2 year old child who was intolerant and killed.

@ @ billing data structure: it is said that throwing people off the car is not a good fight. The green cars of the year, the children quarrelling, the adults quarrelling, the people sitting on the ground are all people, nor have they seen the present social atmosphere, and hate the children...... I didn't cry when I was a kid?

There's a hopeful little Feixi: all the passengers except the parties are good, and your fight affects the rest of the car, and it's a bad experience, but I also want to say that the man is too irritable and it's not easy to bring a child.

However, more netizens believe that "children is small" is not a reason to disturb others.

@ Lin Lin micro-blog: disturbing others is not the embodiment of quality. This is called the public heart. Your son is not my son. Why should I be used to it?

@ xiaonan0409: when I was on a bus, I saw a woman holding a child, a child crying, and the girl holding the child in two carriages, which was very warm.

@ shbsckj: for this beating, with a child can be a sensible master! Children are small, crying can be understood, influence others, to the people around, even to show an apologetic smile, or to accompany the other is not, others have the opinion of the past! Children can not be small as a reason, to retort until the upgrade to the shelf. Threatened to throw a child wrong, but the parents of children in the child crying between around a little sorry, a little bit to stop children's behavior, others will threaten?

@ Chen Chen Wei Wei: to tell you the truth, sometimes it's hard to meet a bear child who can howl all the time and parents don't care.

@ X light ink: so parents are not good at children. Please don't bring them out.

It's not good to comment on your left food. It's not good to comment. Your children should be optimistic in public places. They should be sensible when they are 2 and a half years old.

@ @ JokerSteven Huang: it is possible that a good play may not have taken too much iron, and how annoying it is to not know how noisy a child is.

@ @ Shangguan blue blue: what do you mean by playing well?? People say a word of air to live to be beaten? The child's quarrel is not to say a word?

Nine age society: a lot of people think that children are supposed to be noisy in public places, or do you know to understand a little: loud noise in public is the lack of public morality, children's noise is not the mistake of the child, it is the child "Guardian" wrong! If guardians fail to perform their duties well, they should admit mistakes. Of course, the affected people should have more understanding and patience, but we can not help thinking that this is right.

Lanenge: children are small, noise is normal. When parents want to placate their children, they are public places after all. If it is not good enough, take the child to the junction of the carriages and comfort them and bring them back. Passengers need to take some more. After all, it's hard to bring their children along. I am a mother. I have to do a lot of homework before I get on the plane, or else someone bought the ticket not to listen to your children making a lot of noise.

Chick chicken, frozen chicken jelly: can a child make any mistakes? Children must be educated if they make mistakes, otherwise they will not grow up.

@ Shangguan blue blue: the passengers on the bus said: I am on this train. The situation at that time was like that. The typhoon on Guangzhou that day was 4 hours behind schedule. It was about 11 when it happened, when the man said he was tired and wanted to sleep, but the child had been noisy, the man was really too irritable, but the mother was not a good stubble and had been provocative.

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