Female old Lai less than 100 million disappear for 7 years: when taken away, "fainting"

Female old Lai less than 100 million disappear for 7 years: when taken away,

Original title: female old Lai less than 100 million disappear for 7 years: a brand name, was taken away when playing "fainted"

Legal lair news disappeared 7 years old lazie finally appeared in Beijing South Railway Station.

When the executive judge and the police officer of the Haidian court were to take off 1 million 590 thousand of Hui Hui from the high speed rail and get ready to bring back to the court, the dramatic scene appeared: the woman who had just been able to talk to the judge had just been able to talk to the right, suddenly turned to the right, fell down, and the female police did not respond to it for a moment. It was brought to the ground by it.

It is 7 years for women and their parents to be in debt.

It is understood that Hui is due to a loan contract dispute has become the executor.

From December 19, 2007 to January 27, 2010, Hui's father borrowed 1 million 590 thousand from Mr. Wang in 17 times.

In February 3, 2010, Mr. Wang signed a repayment agreement with Hui and his parents. The two sides agreed that the creditor of the loan contract is Mr. Wang, and the debtor is Hui's parents.

After the signing of the agreement, the Hui family failed to perform the contract. In 2011, when the Haidian court accepted the case, Hui, who was 24 years old, lied to himself that he was a member of the CPPCC Committee. He refused to go to court to explain the situation, and his parents also avoided it.

7 years later, the Hui family still failed to fulfill the obligation of repayment, and even hide it.

The train station was caught in the play and was playing "fainting".

In June 8th, the Haidian court received a clue that Hui will leave Beijing from Beijing South Railway Station at about 13 p.m. the same day. The judge quickly gathered the police officers, and in a few minutes before the train left, the executive judge successfully found Hui Mou and took him off the train.

Hui is a famous designer, wearing a new Burberry T-shirt and carrying a chanel bag. At the sight of a judge, Hui Mou claimed that he had a 150 million big business in Tianjin, so long as she was let go, she would definitely be able to repay the money. In view of Hui and a judge hide and seek before many times, the executive judge decided to bring it back to the court to explain the situation.

But what everyone did not expect was that when a female bailiff was to take him away, Hui suddenly fell forward and fell to the ground, and the bailiff was brought to the ground.

When the bailiff picked up a Hui, he refused to walk with his legs bent. He was pretending that he could not walk and was seen by the bailiff. He was eventually brought back to the court.

As a result, after the court, Hui staged a drama "to be married to a great man", saying that the heirs of the listed company promised to pay their debts for them, and they were still watched by the judges.

Bring your mother's ID card to change the information to avoid debt.

The executive judge introduced that one family handed over a real estate certificate as a guarantee, but the property certificate was a false certificate by the public security organ and the Chaoyang housing administration. To say it is to borrow, in fact, there is a suspicion of fraud. In addition, Hui family has other loan disputes in the Haidian court.

At this time, an ID card carried by Hui Mou attracted the attention of the judge.

The photo on the ID card is Li Mou of Hui's mother, but the name, ID card number, address and so on are not in conformity with the information of Hui's mother Li, and the valid date on the ID card is after the case was put on case. Hui Mou admitted that this is the identity card of his mother Li, and said that the new identity card had been processed because of the demolition of his hometown.

"We have reason to suspect that the reason why her mother does this may be to go on to deceive others, or to hide, not only we can't find, and her creditors can't find it." The judge said that the reason why he could not find Lee was because the information entered was Lee's identity card. The judge said that the next step would be to verify the authenticity of Hui's mother's identity card and transfer a clue to a police suspected of fraud.

At present, Hui Mou has been placed under judicial detention in the Haidian court. It

Source: Legal Evening News

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