The man took advantage of his ex-wife's sleep and unlocked his cell phone with his fingerprint 5 times to turn more than 30000.

The man took advantage of his ex-wife's sleep and unlocked his cell phone with his fingerprint 5 times to turn more than 30000.

Original title: while his ex-wife sleeps with his fingerprint unlocking his cell phone, the man turns around 30000 yuan with WeChat for the 5 time.

When someone else is asleep, he secretly uses his finger fingerprints to unlock his cell phone, then transfers the money tied to the bank card on his mobile phone to his account. This was a passage on the Internet. But I did not expect it to happen. Since last May, Wanzhou man Tan Mou has stolen thirty thousand yuan in 5 ways in this way. What is more unexpected is that his object of theft is his ex-wife.


The money on the bank card is more than 30 thousand less

Ms. Tan lives in salon Road, Wanzhou. Recently, because of the need for money, she came to a bank's ATM to withdraw cash. However, she inserted the bank card, entered the password and the amount of withdrawals, but the ATM prompted "insufficient balance".

Ms. Tan thought it was a system problem and entered it several times, but the self teller machine still prompted "insufficient balance". Now, she wondered: How did she balance her savings in the tens of thousands of yuan? She hurried to the bank to check the flow of her bank card, and found that her bank card was transferred 35500 yuan 5 times by WeChat transfer two months ago.

Ms. Tan thought he had been caught in a telecommunications fraud and immediately sent an alarm to the Wanzhou police. After the alarm, the police through the detailed analysis of the bank bill, excluding the telecommunications fraud, it is suspected that someone in Ms. Tan's mobile phone hands and feet, and use WeChat to turn the bank Cari money.

Very soon, after investigation, the police basically identified this possibility and locked it up as an acquaintance.


The money in the bank's Carret was stolen by his ex husband

Police immediately in Ms. Tan's account bank and Tencent finance and Technology Co., Ltd. to collect the relevant evidence of the flow of money to Ms. Tan's bank card, and found several transfers to the same WeChat account.

But when Mrs. Tan saw the WeChat account checked by the police, she was shocked at once: is this very familiar account, not her ex husband tan?

After a clear lock of the suspect, the police quickly landed to investigate the person and arrested tan. The iron proof is like the mountain, Tan Mou immediately pledges the crime.

It turned out that Tan and Ms. Tan started dating in 2016. During the love affair, Tam was informed of Mrs. Tan's bank card, WeChat and other payment passwords. In 2017, two people got married, but the marriage lasted only two months, and two people agreed to divorce.

Although divorced, tan and Ms. Tan still have connections and occasionally live together. After the divorce, Tam did not have a fixed occupation and played a lot of fun, and he owed a lot of debts. Again and again, Tam was worried, so he moved his mind and aimed his eyes at his ex-wife.


Unlock the mobile phone while the former wife's sleeping fingerprint

Although Tan knew Ms. Tan's bank card and WeChat payment code, Ms. Tan's cell phone had a fingerprint lock. How did he turn the money away? Tan explained that every time he took a deep sleep, Mrs. Tan secretly used his fingers to unlock the cell phone and then transferred the money from the bank card.

Tan said he first changed his money in May 2017. One night, when he saw that Mrs. Tan was asleep, she took her cell phone in one hand, picked up her finger in one hand, and quietly untied the cell phone lock. Then, quickly open Miss Tan's WeChat, transfer 9000 yuan to her WeChat, and delete the WeChat transfer record.

After a few days, Tan found that Mrs. Tan did not perceive her behavior of secretly transferring money, and her courage gradually increased. In the next 2 months, he made 4 burglaries again, to the case, during which Tan a total of 35500 yuan was transferred from Ms. Tan's bank card.

At present, Tan Mou was prosecuted by the people's Procuratorate of Wanzhou district on suspicion of theft. He will be punished severely by law.

Source: safe Wanzhou

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