The woman was robbed of the robbery and persuaded the robber to confess to the police and apologize.

The woman was robbed of the robbery and persuaded the robber to confess to the police and apologize.

Original title: women in the case of robbery calm persuade the other party "Robbers" to take the initiative to the police to commit the crime and apologize.

Cover news news (Dong Hang reporter Zhou Hongpan) June 12th, the reporter learned from Suining, Sichuan, the police of the opening District, Suining a woman went out late to go out of the robbery, the robbed woman talked with the "robber", and wittly persuaded the "robber" to give up robbery. After robbery, the robbers were found to be responsible for the crime after they were found by the police. They explained the related problems and sincerely apologized to the women and their families. In view of the fact that the robbery woman had not been injured, the property of the robbery was not damaged, and the robbery was suspended, and the robbery decision was made.

Around 23:30 on May 25th, Wang, a 20 year old woman, quarrelled with her husband and went alone to the cool Pavilion outside the highway exit. Who knows how to put a big hand behind Wang's neck and drag it into a piece of wasteland, robbing the man and letting her give it away. Wang was frightened. He immediately asked the man for forgiveness and said he had been pregnant for two months. He hoped that the man would not hurt her and her fetus. Because he had no money out of the house, he was willing to transfer his 200 yuan "red envelope" to the man in his WeChat.

The man immediately changed her attitude as soon as she heard that the woman was pregnant. The two men sat together and apologized to Wang. The man told Wang that his wife had been pregnant for eight months and was about to become a father. Because he did not receive wages at work for several months at the construction site, he thought he would be robbed of money. Wang listened to the heart of pity, good advice to persuade the man, do not commit crimes such as robbery and other offense, or his wife will bear the consequences for his foolish behavior, after the man listened, he nodded and admitted that he was only confused for a moment.

"Robbers" in order to express his sincere apology, he left his cell phone number to Wang, so that he could contact him later. When Wang came home, he told her husband what he had met. His husband was scared to death in a cold sweat, and asked his wife to call the police immediately.

At 1 a.m. on May 26th, Wang gave an alarm to the police station in Suining. The police rushed to the scene to understand the situation, but the robbers' phone failed. As the incident site did not monitor video, the police according to Wang's "robber" rode a white battery car clues, through the expressway from the road to the city road along the "Skynet", quickly identified the name of the man to carry out robbery, then found the man 27 years old Li.

According to Li's statement and the careful investigation and verification by the police, the police confirmed that Li's wife had been pregnant for eight months, and his work site had not been paid for months. On the night of the incident, Li planned to ride a bike to "find some money", just to see a lone lone of Wang's rest in a pavilion, and then he was able to seize the money after his forcible hijacking. After further investigation by the police, Li Mouceng was convicted of a criminal conviction. He was sentenced several years ago for robbing young people's money.

The police said that after Lee came to the court, he had a sincere attitude of admitting his mistake and did not cause any harm or loss to Wang, so he reported it to the legal department of the Public Security Bureau. Finally, through the study of the police in the legal department, according to the provisions of the twenty-fourth article of the criminal law of the People's Republic of China, the act of Li should belong to the category of discontinuation of the crime. The discontinuation of a crime refers to the act of voluntarily giving up a crime or automatically preventing the result of a crime in the course of committing a crime. If a discontinuance offence is not damaged, it shall be exempted from punishment.

After the decision of the public security sub Bureau of Suining Jing Kai District, the decision to exempt Lee from punishment was made.

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