Does Cai Yingwen have a "contribution" to Taiwan? Netizen: let us adapt to the reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits

Does Cai Yingwen have a

Overseas network on June 12, Cai Yingwen came to power two years ago, many policy provoking, public discontent is rising. Netizens in Taiwan lamented that although Cai Yingwen was not in power, the "water spinach" still contributed to Taiwan, so that the people of Taiwan could adapt to the reunification of the Straits.

Taiwan's "the joint newspaper" questioned Cai Yingwen's behavior, saying that for more than two years, Cai Yingwen and the Tsai authorities did not think that there were any mistakes in the Taiwan value line that they insisted on, and they did not think that the so-called "92 consensus" of "the Taiwan subjective view" needed to be corrected. Instead, they all pointed to the mainland and thought "wrong". All on the other side, and the more the scolds and the worse. Cai even killed Kuomintang while he shouted unity. Is Cai Yingwen really hard to understand the so-called disunity inside Taiwan?

The Taiwan Competitiveness Forum issued an identification survey of the people of Taiwan in the first half of 2018. The results showed that more than 86% of the people identified themselves as the Chinese nation, and nearly 52% of the people thought they were Chinese, and more than 60% of the people thought the future would be unified.

Tang Huilin, a political commentator, said Cai Yingwen's greatest contribution was to tell jokes to the Taiwanese. For example, "the DPP is a very honest and honest political party", "I am the patron of the Taiwan army", "now optimizes the annuity system", and the sense of humor is still enough.

Taiwan netizens are angry, Cai Yingwen is the most shameless, the most incompetent, the most greedy, will deceive, the most able to play a mental retardation, that is, no sense of humor!

Some netizens in Taiwan added that she still has a contribution, that is, the most false news, the most intimidating people, shameless is no lower limit.

Wu Xianghui, a writer in Taiwan, bluntly pointed out that Cai Yingwen faced two major problems. First, Cai Yingwen's interest in applauding the Taiwanese can not be done now. Second, supporters of DPP find themselves in a minority of opinion and gradually become silent.

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