It's enough to read the article "the golden church"

It's enough to read the article

Overseas network, June 12, local time, on June 12th morning, the world summit of the DPRK and the US was held at Capella Resort Singapore. This is the first time in the long history of the 70 years of exchanges between the two countries.

The holding of the Golden Summit aroused great concern all over the world. The State Councilor and Minister of foreign affairs, Wang Yi, 12, said the two countries have been antagonistic to each other for more than half a century. Today, the highest leaders of the two countries can sit together and engage in an equal dialogue. This is of great significance and positive significance. It is the creation of a new history. China welcomes and supports this.

The old opponent is a little nervous meeting

Around 8:50, a Benz S600 lengthened bulletproof car, with a Korean flag, stopped at the jiarpere hotel hall, and the door opened, and Kim Jeong-eun, the top leader of the DPRK, appeared. He was wearing a black dress, holding a folder in his left hand, wearing glasses on his right hand, walking into the assembly hall on his red carpet, and looking serious. Five minutes later, Trump, who arrived by "beast", was dressed in a suit and a red tie was particularly conspicuous. Trump first arrived at the hotel, but arrived at the venue first than Kim Jeong-eun, who arrived late.

At 9 and 4 points, in the third floor corridor of the jiperle Hotel, with a shutter like a firecracker, Kim Jeong-eun came to the left from the left and Trump appeared on the right later. The two people quickly walked to the national flag of the two countries and shook hands tightly for more than 10 seconds. Trump also patted Kim Jeong-eun's arm to show kindness. Kim Jeong-eun, who studied in Switzerland for many years, greeted directly in English. "Nice to meet you, Mr. President (Nice to meet you). Mr.president). "

After shaking hands, two people sat down in front of the media. Although everyone who had seen the big scenes suddenly gathered together, they were all nervous. At first, Kim Jeong-eun crossed his hands and exchanged a few greetings before putting his right hand on the chair. Trump crossed the triangle almost all his hands.

Under the guidance of translation, Trump opened the door first. He said that today's talks will be a great success. I am very honored to be able to take part in today's talks and will have a good dialogue at the talks, believing that the United States and North Korea will establish good relations. Kim Jeong-eun responded, "it's very difficult to go all the way. The history and the habit of dragging our hind legs sometimes confuse our audiovisual, but we have conquers everything." Speaking of this, Trump thumbs his thumbs up to Kim Jeong-eun and gave a compliment.

Formal talks "quick decision"

The north and the United States leaders who had once separated from each other were finally sitting in opposite directions. Wen Yu Yin, who was far away from the Chong Wa Dae, breathed a sigh of relief. He said excitedly to his aides at the state meeting, "people in South Korea are very concerned about the DPRK summit meeting. I stayed up all night."

The summit of the summit of the United States and the United States began to start with a warm field event: a separate meeting of the two people of the special king was held first, and the extended talks with three participants from each other were held. However, the two talks were "quick and decisive". Perhaps because the two officials have been very careful, perhaps because of the "good results" of the two work talks that have been held late last night, ten minutes earlier than the scheduled time, and only 35 minutes. If the translation time is removed, the actual conversation between the two people is about ten minutes. This is also in line with the general diplomatic practice of the leaders' talks - the working talks between the two sides will "break" almost all the problems, and the leaders' meeting alone is more like the results of the previous work.

When he entered the Enlarged Conference Hall, Trump once again declared, "let's work hard together. We will solve big problems together, and we will be successful together. " Kim Jeong-eun said that although there are many challenging issues, it will be resolved with President Trump. A reporter asked Kim Jeong-eun, "do you want to give up nuclear weapons?" In response, Kim Jeong-eun did not respond to anything but smiled at the media with a friendly smile.

In expanding the public session of the talks, Kim Jeong-eun said, "today we have successfully unloaded the past that has been pressing on our shoulders. There were many theories that were not optimistic about the talks, and we succeeded in overcoming all this. Trump responded immediately, "I believe so." Kim Jeong-eun stressed that despite difficulties, we have the will to overcome all difficulties. Trump was delighted when he heard it. He said, "we will definitely solve it. We will surely succeed." I am looking forward to working with you very much.

Walk side by side in the garden after lunch

After 140 minutes of talks and 50 minutes of lunch, Trump and Kim Jeong-eun walked out of the room and walked together in the hotel yard. Perhaps it is because of the morning's getting along, the two people are very relaxed at this time, laughing and talking from time to time in the short 1 minute walk.

Other interesting interactive details are also showing the subtle changes in the relationship between the two old rivals. After the walk, Trump offered to invite Kim Jeong-eun to visit the inside of his "beast". Kim Jeong-eun repeatedly said, "amazing, amazing." Trump also told reporters that "today's talks have made great progress. It was a fantastic talk, and the meeting with Chairman Kim Jeong-eun was beyond my expectations."

A joint statement by the DPRK and the United States

The heavy play came. At 13:40 p.m., as the core officials of the DPRK and the US delegation were all seated, Trump and Kim Jeong-eun pushed the door into the meeting and signed a historic joint statement.

At the signing ceremony, Trump stressed the "comprehensive and very important content" of the joint statement, which indicated a good dialogue and relationship with the DPRK, and it is expected that the process of denuclearization will soon be carried out. He also invited Kim Jeong-eun to visit the White House. Kim Jeong-eun said that in this historic gathering, he waved goodbye to the past. "The world will see major changes." After the ceremony, the two men slapped each other's backs and walked out of the meeting.

According to the subsequent joint statement, "Trump and Kim Jeong-eun have established a new relationship between the United States and the DPRK, as well as the establishment of a long-term and stable peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula, and has carried out a comprehensive, deep and frank exchange of views." Trump promised to provide security guarantees for the DPRK, while Kim Jeong-eun reaffirmed his unswerving commitment to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Trump and Kim Jeong-eun firmly believe that the new relationship between the United States and the DPRK will bring peace and prosperity to the Korean Peninsula and the world, and that mutual trust is the key to the promotion of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

This is the four main point of the joint statement:

First, the United States and North Korea promised to establish a new relationship between the US and the DPRK in accordance with the aspirations of the two peoples for peace and prosperity.

Two, the United States and North Korea will work together to establish a long-term and stable peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula.

Three, the DPRK reaffirmed the Panmunjom declaration signed in April 27, 2018 and promised to strive for the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Four, the United States and North Korea pledged to retrieve the remains of prisoners of war and missing persons, including the immediate return of confirmed identities.

The statement also said that after affirming the above points, the two sides also affirmed that the first summit of the US and the DPRK leaders was an epoch-making meeting, which was of great significance in overcoming the tension and hostility between the two countries for decades and the creation of a new future. Trump and Kim Jeong-eun promised to implement the content of the joint statement in a comprehensive and rapid manner and to undertake further negotiations and the outcome of the US DPRK summit in the earliest time, under the leadership of US Secretary of state Pompeio and a senior official from the North Korea. Trump and Kim Jeong-eun promised to work together to develop a new relationship between the US and the DPRK, bringing peace, prosperity and security to the Korean Peninsula and the world.

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