Trump Kim Sin's first meeting to reveal the only woman present at the meeting of the two men

Trump Kim Sin's first meeting to reveal the only woman present at the meeting of the two men

Original title: Trump and Kim Jeong-eun met for the first time to reveal the only woman present at the meeting of the two men.

Source: Red Star News

In the morning of June 12th, the global focus was on Capella Resort Singapore. Here, we welcome the first handshake and meeting between the leaders of the United States and the DPRK, US President Trump and the supreme leader of the DPRK, Kim Jeong-eun.

In June 12th, the supreme leader of the DPRK, Kim Jeong-eun (left), met with us president Trump in Singapore. Xinhua News Agency (Singapore newsletter and Department of public information)

According to foreign media reports, Trump and Kim Jeong-eun met two people in the outdoor courtyard on the third floor of the hotel, from the left and right sides, and shook hands in the middle of the courtyard. After that, they went along the corridor to the library on the two floor of the hotel to carry out "one to one" talks. In addition to the two protagonists, the participants in the talks were only two translators from the US side and the DPRK side.

As of now, the identity of the DPRK interpreter has not been disclosed, and according to CNN, in this meeting, Trump was interpreted by Dr. Yun-hyang Lee, the director of the Department of interpretation services of the State Department of the United States, and Dr. Li Yunxiang.

The independent newspaper and many other media confirmed that Ms. Li Yunxiang was the only woman among the four people present.

What is the background of the translation of "witnessing history"? In such a "one to one" conversation, what kind of responsibility and role do they have to take as an interpreter?

Li Yunxiang, an American interpreter

He taught in many universities and went to the United States at the end of last century.

After consulting the official website of the American Association for translation, Li Yunxiang (Lee Yun-hyang), who had studied at the Graduate School of translation Graduate School of Foreign Language University of Korea, received a master's degree in the University, served as an associate professor of the American Institute of international studies of monterry, and a leader in the Korean project.

Li Yunxiang is also a professor at the translation and interpretation Graduate School of Ewha Womans University in Korea and director of Translation Research Institute of Ewha Womans University.

Over the years, Li Yunxiang has served as an interpreter and examiner for many government departments and international agencies, including the State Department, and has rich experience in leaders' visits, exchanges and biography of various conferences.

According to Li Yunxiang's former Office of Ewha Womans University's official website, in 2008, at the Beijing Olympic Games, 4 of the 6 interpreters of the Korean delegation were professors of Graduate School of translation and interpretation of Ewha Womans University, and Li Yunxiang was also among them. Contestant Pu Taihuan is the same biography (simultaneous interpretation).

In 2008, Li Yunxiang (left 1) and three other professors of pear flower and female university participated in the translation work of the Korean delegation.

According to the "Lihua university newspaper", Pu Taihuan was a well deserved "star player" at that time, so Li Yunxiang was also stand out in the competition to be chosen for his cross. "I think it's worthwhile to work hard for this opportunity. It's really exciting to see Piao Tai hung, their young player, fighting hard for the medal. Li Yunxiang said in an interview with the school newspaper.

At the Winter Olympics in Pingchang in 2018, Li Yunxiang worked as a former member of the Monterey Institute of International Studies in the United States, and once again participated in the translation work of the delegation. It is reported that since the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Losangeles, the monterry Institute of international studies has participated in the translation and interpretation task of the Korean delegation during the successive Olympic Games.

At the Pingchang Olympic Games in 2018, Li Yunxiang (right two), as a former staff member of the U. S. monterry Institute of international studies, took part in the delegation's translation work again according to the official website of the Institute

According to the official website of the international conference interpreter Association, Li Yunxiang was a member of the association and had been active since 2010, and its address was marked by Washington, the United States.

Bloomberg correspondent Sam Kim in South Korea (Sam Kim) said Li Yunxiang went to work in the US in the 90s of last century. Her present husband, Mark W (Mark). Menezes) is the Vice Minister of the United States Department of energy.

Red Star News reporter on the United States Senate website, Mark was nominated in July 2017. In the nomination hearing, he thanked his wife Li Yunxiang, who was "director of the interpretation service department of the United States Department of state," and called her "the driving force of the public service".

She was 33 years old for a master's degree

Now the Korean social platform becomes a symbol

According to Korean media reports, Li Yunxiang has been working full-time for the US government since 2009, and has repeatedly interpreted for former US President Bush and Obama. In May this year, President Trump met with Korean President Wen Yin, and Li Yunxiang was also an interpreter.

Li Yunxiang is 61 years old. It is unthinkable that she did not aspire to interpreting at the very beginning. In an interview with South Korean media in 2010, she said that her first choice after graduating from university was to become a producer of programs. However, at that time, because she was a woman, the road of job search was repeatedly run into the wall.

At the age of 33, she was accepted as the master of translation at the Foreign Languages University of Korea, and became the oldest student in the class.

In 1996, Li Yunxiang started teaching at the monterry Institute of International Studies in California, United States, and then returned to Seoul in 2004 to serve as a teacher at Ewha Womans University, and went to Washington five years later to work full-time in the United States government.

According to Jiye Lee, a Bloomberg South Korean correspondent, Li Yunxiang's name is also on the South Korean search portal Naver's hot search list with the arrival of the South Korean local election in June 13th, and is assigned to a label #VoteForFemale (for women).

Of course, Li Yunxiang himself won't take part in the election, but she has become a symbol on the social platform of South Korea to encourage more Korean women to participate in politics and to break the political environment and atmosphere of the men's dominance.

The interpreter is "the only witness of history"

It was not the first time, before there was a precedent.

For Li Yunxiang and the North Korean interpreters, the Washington Post has highly praised them as the only witnesses of history.

"The world is waiting, Trump and Kim Jeong-eun, each sitting on their own chairs, talking to one to one, and the rest of the two interpreters who have been the only one in the history of the United States' president and the North Korean leader."

A large number of aides, guards and diplomats escorted their leaders from Washington and Pyongyang to Singapore. However, during the nearly hour long conversation, they were helpless in addition to being outside the house.

As of now, it is not known what the conversation is, and only two people can see only two people go out of the room as usual, go to the next meeting and work lunch, and they are not forgetting to say "very, very good" to the next reporter, saying that two people built a "very good relationship".

In June 12th, the supreme leader of the DPRK, Kim Jeong-eun (left), met with us president Trump in Singapore. Xinhua News Agency (Singapore Straits Times)

Before the meeting began, a number of senior American officials were on social networks, expressing great anxiety about the choice of one to one in the form of the conversation, without the presence of the records. "The National Security Council should have mastered the full text of the conversation," Mika Free (Barry McCaffrey), a retired five star general, said on his social media account.

Despite doubts, it is not without precedent for the leaders of the two countries to meet individually. Usually, such a meeting is only witnessed by two interpreters of the two sides, without the participation of stenographer, because the interpreter himself can take part in this role. They recorded their conversations in their shorthand books as official records.

The Washington Post reported that Obama, a former president of the United States, had interacted with other leaders with only one interpreter at the global summit, and at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, in 2017, Trump also had an informal hour of informal talks with Putin, only during the talks. The president's translation was present.

Earlier, in November 1985, Reagan, the former president of the United States and former Soviet leader Gorbachev, also chose the form of closed door talks for the first time in Switzerland, with only two interpreters most trusted by both sides. It is reported that the original 15 minutes of conversation was extended to nearly an hour.

According to the records of the national security archives of the United States, the official "memorandum of understanding" drafted by the United States was the interpreter of the United States as an interpreter for the United States, Dmitri (Dmitri Zarechnak). The memorandum also confirmed that the participants in this historical dialogue were leaders of the two sides and their interpreters, Dmitri and Yuri (Yuri Uspensky).

In introducing the meeting, the Boston global newspaper said that as the president's interpreter, the work to be done is not only a simple translation, but also to listen to the voice of the leader's words and deliver the meaning accurately.

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