Wen Yin praised the "special fund meeting": North Korea and South Korea will bid farewell to the past together.

Wen Yin praised the

Original title: Wen praised the "Golden Summit": the DPRK and South Korea will bid farewell to the past together.

Overseas network, June 12 (Xinhua) local time June 12th, the world's most prominent DPRK summit meeting was held at Capella Resort Singapore. This is the first time in the long history of the 70 years of exchanges between the two countries. The Korean President, who is closely watching the talks in South Korea, issued a statement after the end of the "Golden Summit" that the historic session between the DPRK and the US will be recorded in the annals. He said that the Korean Peninsula will bid farewell to the past full of wars and disputes, and write a new history of peace and cooperation, "the DPRK will join us".

Jin Yiqian, a spokesman for the Chong Wa Dae, issued a statement by Wen Yin in the spring and autumn hall. Wen expressed congratulations on the successful holding of the "DPRK US talks" in his statement. He spoke highly of the courage and determination of the two leaders of the DPRK and the United States.

The statement said that the joint statement of the US and the DPRK in June 12th will be recorded in the annals as a historical event of lifting the last "cold war" of the earth. This is a great victory made by the United States, South Korea and North Korea. It is also a petition for the peace of the people of the world.

Wen Yin said that President Trump had realized the great cause that no one could achieve. He once again paid tribute to President Trump. He also praised Kim Jeong-eun in his statement, saying, "Chairman Kim Jeong-eun has decisively taken the first step toward the world and will become the protagonist of the historical moment."

He believes, "based on this joint statement of the United States and the DPRK, we will go on a new road. We will say goodbye to the past, the history of peace and cooperation, a new history of peace and cooperation, and the DPRK will go together with us." There will be many difficulties, but we will never turn back. We will never give up this daring journey. "

Wen stressed in his final statement that South Korea will work closely with the United States, North Korea and the international community to jointly promote the implementation of the "agreement". As president of South Korea, he will do his best to open up a new era of coexistence and prosperity for the sake of lasting peace on the peninsula. (Wen / Yang Jia Yin Zhourong)

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