Why did he choose Singapore?

Why did he choose Singapore?

Original title: Special Fund meeting, Xi Ma Hui, Wang Gu talks... Why do you choose Singapore?

On the morning of June 12th, President Trump held a historic meeting with Kim Jeong-eun, the supreme leader of the DPRK, at the jiaxpere Hotel, Sentosa Island, Singapore, ending the history of the United States and DPRK leaders who had not met. During the meeting, Trump and Kim Jeong-eun's hands tightly grip the picture, attracting the attention of the global media.

When the two protagonists of the meeting attracted worldwide attention, Singapore, where the two met, also became the focus of attention.

Earlier, the meeting had been sent out of three alternative locations: the Panmunjom in the Korean military boundary, the neutral Switzerland in which Kim Jeong-eun had studied, and the Singapore that eventually won the opportunity to hold the meeting. As a third - party country independent of the DPRK and the United States, why this important meeting "flown" Singapore has become a global hot topic.

Singapore is a "city country", the land area and the size of the population are very small, although its economic level is developed, but the total amount in the world is also difficult to compare with many big countries. However, no one will underestimate the international influence of this country, which has strangle the thoroughfare of the Malacca Straits, and the Singapore government is unanimously committed to improving its international status through various diplomatic means to allow its own country to occupy a place in the international pattern.

Many experts have put forward their views on Singapore's emergence in the three alternative venues of the "special fund".

As a Chinese businessman who has long been business in Singapore, Li Guosheng, President of the Singapore Zhejiang Merchants Association, told reporters from Zhejiang newspaper group that he began to continue to pay attention to the special gold conference since March this year. Singapore can stand out from several alternatives. "Singapore and DPRK have been in business and relations with the United States." It is also quite stable. It is a choice for both the United States and the DPRK. "

Hu Yishan, a senior adviser on international affairs of the Asian strategy and Leadership Institute in Malaysia, explained the significance of the site from a higher point of view. He believed that the site was located in Singapore as a symbol of "the transfer of the world foreign and political center from Europe to Asia".

No matter how people explain the reason for the siting of the special gold conference, it is very clear that Singapore does have a rich experience in hosting international conferences and meetings, so it has a unique advantage. As early as the "special fund meeting", Singapore had long been good at hosting the international conference.

Before that, the most prestigious important meeting held by Singapore was undoubtedly the "Xi Ma Hui" held in 2015.

In November 6, 2015, when the establishment of diplomatic relations between People's Republic of China and Singapore was 25th anniversary, Xi Jinping was allowed to arrive in Singapore from Vietnam at 5:30 p.m. and began his state visit in Singapore. When Xi Jinping ended his state visit to Singapore, the meeting of the leaders of the two sides was held at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore in November 7th at 3 p.m. Singapore time.

After the meeting began, Ma Ying-Jeou and Xi Jinping's two leaders shook hands in the Dongling Hall of the island hall. The time lasted for up to 1 minutes and 20 seconds, and was praised by the media as "the grip of the century". After the meeting, both sides affirmed the important achievements made in the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations since 2008. They believed that we should continue to adhere to the "92 consensus", consolidate the common political basis, promote peaceful development of cross-Straits relations, safeguard peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait, strengthen communication and dialogue, expand cross-Straits exchanges, deepen mutual cooperation and achieve mutual benefit. Win, benefit the compatriots on both sides of the Straits.

This historic meeting not only caused the shock on both sides of the Straits, but also became the focus of world attention. And Singapore, which hosts the meeting, has played a very important role. In fact, Singapore has not only held this important meeting between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, but also greatly promoted the first "Wang Gu talks" in 1993, which was also held in Singapore.

In 1992, the ARATS sent a letter to invite Gu Zhenfu to visit the mainland. After a number of preparatory consultations, the two sides will talk about positioning as folk, transactional, economic and functional. Later, under the good offices of Li Guangyao, the State Minister of state of Singapore, the SEI reached an agreement with Yang Shangkun, the Chinese president who visited Singapore at that time, and was scheduled to hold the "Wang Gu talks" in Singapore.

After three days of intensive consultations, the two sides signed the cross straits notarization agreement on the morning of April 29, 1993, the agreement on the compensation of the cross-straits registered correspondence, the agreement of the two meetings, the agreement on the talks and the common agreement on the common agreement of the Gu Wang talks, and the negotiation mechanism on the right of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits to symbolize the cross-straits relations. Thawing and development. This is the first formal informal talks held by the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, which has attracted the attention of the international community and welcomed by the Chinese world.

In addition, as a commonwealth country that is closely related to Britain, Singapore is also undertaking a very important international task, which is the annual "Shangri-La dialogue" with the British Institute of international strategic research. In fact, the "Shangri-La dialogue" in 2018 just caused a pass. Note.

Since June 2002, the "Asian Security Conference" jointly organized by the British International Strategic Research Institute and the Ministry of national defense of Singapore, also known as the "Shangri-La dialogue", is held every year at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.

In the face of the crossroads of history, Singapore may not necessarily have the opportunity to play the leading role, but it has never been absent, and it has to be admired.

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