The White House did not invite him to visit the DPRK for the 5 time.

The White House did not invite him to visit the DPRK for the 5 time.

Original title: the white house does not come, too. He visited North Korea for the 5 time, so that he could catch up with the "golden club".

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This morning, North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun met with us president Trump at the Sentosa Island hotel in Singapore. People witnessed the "century handshake" between Kim Jeong-eun and Trump through the lens.

After ending a meeting, the two sides held bilateral enlargement meetings.

How about the two people's impression of each other?

Trump said to Kim Jeong-eun, "it's a great honor to meet you. We will have a good relationship. I will not doubt it."

Kim Jeong-eun said to Trump, "it's not easy for me to come, history has been a shackle between us, and Prejudice is a stumbling block on our way forward. But we have come here. "

Trump responded: "thank you!"

In fact, in this "century handshake" behind, there is one person worthy of our attention, that is, the self called Kim Jeong-eun and Trump "tie" Dennis Rodman. He visited Kim Jeong-eun 5 times in North Korea and participated in Trump's reality show "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2009.

Although Trump said he did not invite Rodman, the former NBA star arrived in Singapore early this morning. He was wearing a black T-shirt with a large letter P on his chest. This is the sponsor's logo. Around the letter, he wrote "peace begins in Singapore."

When asked about "seeing Kim Jeong-eun" at the airport, Rodman said, "it's a great surprise to meet him every time, and maybe there will be a surprise to meet him tomorrow." It

In the subsequent interview with CNN, he was excited and cried when he was known for his rebellious image.

He said he firmly believed that there would be a change, but no one listened to him, and he even received a threat. "I didn't fall down. Today is a wonderful day for all. "

Indeed, Rodman has been to North Korea 5 times since 2013. He has also claimed that he is making a "basketball diplomacy" to ease the relationship between the US and the DPRK.

As soon as the meeting was announced, he wrote on Twitter: "thank you for the upcoming historic meeting between Trump and Kim Jeong-eun. As I said in 2014, this door will open. Now, it's no wonder that he will tear in front of the lens.

Rodman may be Kim Jeong-eun's most familiar American, and basketball may be one of the main reasons he is able to get close to the most mysterious "post - 80s" leader.

Kim's father and son all like basketball very much.

Kim Jong-il is the powder of the bulls, especially Jordan. In 2000, when the US Secretary of state Albright visited North Korea, the gift presented to Kim Jong-il was Jordan's Autographed Basketball.

Kim Jeong-eun, like his father, is also a bullock iron powder. It is said that when Kim Jeong-eun was studying in a private school in Switzerland, the room was full of posters of basketball players. During an interview with the Washington Post, Kim Jeong-eun's aunt said that during his study in Switzerland, Kim Jeong-eun was obsessed with basketball and even slept in basketball at night. Fujimoto Kenji, Kim Jong-il's exclusive chef, also said in an interview with the Asian weekly: Kim Jeong-eun especially liked to play basketball, and often organized a basketball match at home, and then judged it.

As for Rodman, Rodman, who played for the bulls in the late 90s, won the 5 time to win the NBA championship and joined the basketball hall of fame. Kim Jeong-eun regarded him as an idol.

Well... This is probably the ring of the highest level of star catching.

Rodman visited North Korea for the first time in February 26, 2013. After that, he visited North Korea fifth in June 13, 2017. In addition to Kim Jeong-eun and the other 4, he was all received by Kim Jeong-eun.

Every time, Rodman's schedule is almost the same -- visiting Pyongyang, having a big banquet and playing basketball friendly matches.

Kim Jeong-eun, who is with Rodman, laughs like a child.

The friendship between the two people has been warming up again and again during Rodman's active visits. In 2013 alone, Rodman went to the DPRK for the 3 time, and Kim Jeong-eun once said to him, "as a friend, you can visit the DPRK at any time. It can be seen that Kim Jeong-eun really likes Rodman.

In 2013, Kim Jeong-eun and Rodman watched the basketball match together.

In January 6, 2014, when Rodman made his fourth visit to Kim Jeong-eun's birthday, he said to Kim Jeong-eun, "let's celebrate your birthday with a friendly match." Kim Jeong-eun jumped up excitedly and told everyone: "Rodman is going to have a basketball match for me!"

In the friendly match, Rodman sang a birthday song for Kim Jeong-eun.

On January 8, 2014, Pyongyang, North Korea, Kim Jeong-eun went to the North American basketball match with his wife Li Xuezhu on his birthday. He talked with Rodman very happily.

At that time, there was a great disturbance in the United States. Americans thought Rodman behaved inappropriately and was a traitor.

Rodman feels that the world misunderstands Kim Jeong-eun too much. "He is different from his father and grandfather". He is still a child.

In Rodman's eyes, Kim Jeong-eun, like all the young more than 20 years old, loves sports, likes basketball, table tennis and swimming, likes the American "80s music", has a lot of research on the music, and has a violin band of 13 women.

When Kim Jeong-eun appeared, the Korean people would shout "long live", waving to him excitedly, handed the child to him, and even a woman cried on the spot, but when he was with his people, he would have some jokes like ordinary people.

Rodman also clarified the rumor of "killing aunt Zhang Chengze" for Kim Jeong-eun: "I went there last time, and they said Kim Jeong-eun killed his girlfriend, killed his aunt and fed his body to the dog... But at that time they were standing behind us. "

As for nuclear weapons, Rodman said that Kim Jeong-eun had told him that he did not want to bombard anyone. North Korea developed nuclear weapons because it was a small country and the only way to protect itself was the development of nuclear weapons.

Rodman has always stressed that he can maintain a "pure and long lasting friendship" with Kim Jeong-eun, mainly because they only talk about the wind and moon, and do not ask politics. He looked at Kim Jeong-eun as a friend. In his eyes, Kim Jeong-eun is a good boy. He cherishes the friendship between the two people.

"I've been to Korea many times and have seen him many times. I've been basically hanging around with him. We're talking and laughing, singing Cara OK together and doing a lot of cool things together. When we go out to play, we can ride horses together and ski together. We hardly ever talk about politics. It's a good thing. "

American media say Rodman is the only American who ever met Kim Jeong-eun, but the truth is much more exaggerated. In addition to the above, friends spent the whole life walking together, eating, drinking, singing K riding and skiing together, and Rodman had stayed with Kim Jeong-eun's family for a while. He embraced Kim Jeong-eun's daughter and sent her a small Jersey. He also filmed a family portrait with them.

Kim Jeong-eun also passed some voices through Rodman:

"We want Americans and the American government to know that we do not hate Americans, and we want to work with Americans."

"I hope Obama can give me a call (Obama was still in office)."


Rodman said he wanted to use "basketball diplomacy" to open a door and enter the court many times, just for friendly exchanges and friends.

But by combing his opportunity to enter the DPRK several times, he saw some clues:

In February 26, 2013, when Kim Jeong-eun was in power for more than a year, Rodman first entered the court. In February 12th, North Korea conducted third nuclear tests. This is the first nuclear test since Kim Jeong-eun took office, and the situation on the peninsula has escalated.

Half a year later, Rodman entered the Dynasty again. At that time, the United States and North Korea were discussing the problem of Pei Junhao, an American who received reeducation through labor in North Korea. In November 2014, Pei Junhao was released by the DPRK.

At the end of 2013, Rodman visited the DPRK third times. This time he was confronted with the internal political struggle of the DPRK. 10 days before he came, Kim Jeong-eun's uncle Zhang Chengze had just been arrested, so he did not see Kim Jeong-eun.

In January 2014, Rodman visited the DPRK fourth times. After that, Rodman did not enter the dynasty for more than 3 years. In the past 3 years, the frequency of missile test in North Korea has increased.

In June 13, 2017, Rodman visited Korea again after a lapse of 3 years. On the same day, Wham Bill, an American student sentenced by the DPRK, was released.

His visit to the DPRK happens to be a sensitive period.

Last June, when the situation on the peninsula was quite tense, Rodman visited North Korea. Since then, he has interviewed: "if President Trump tries to get acquainted with Kim Jeong-eun, there will be very great possibilities."

He also sent Trump a book, the art of trading, to Kim Jeong-eun.

Maybe it was the book that made Kim Jeong-eun understand Trump.

Rodman once said, "I have done a lot for Trump." He believed that his "basketball diplomacy" played an important role in the warming of the relations between the US and the DPRK. But Trump may not think so.

Hogan Gidley, the White House deputy news secretary, said in an interview, "Rodman is great on the court, but the negotiation is best left to those who are good at it." We hope that the president and Kim Jeong-eun will have a great dialogue without Dennis Rodman stirring up.

Perhaps Rodman has been living in his dream of "basketball diplomacy".

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