Chivalrous Island: Trump Kim Jeong-eun issued a joint statement. This is the latest interpretation.

Chivalrous Island: Trump Kim Jeong-eun issued a joint statement. This is the latest interpretation.

Original title: [interpretation Bureau] how to treat Trump and Kim Jeong-eun joint statement? This is the latest interpretation

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The historic summit meeting between the US and the DPRK ended up with a more successful conclusion.

The significance of this meeting is much more important. This is the first time the two heads of state have met since the end of World War II 73 years ago. It is worth mentioning that the two met not only centuries of meeting and shaking hands, but also spent more than five hours together for the first time.

During the period, the two people were not stinting with praise, and Trump said he had a good relationship with Kim Jeong-eun (excellent relationship), meeting very very good, and Kim Jeong-eun said that the helplessness of the age was dead, and the dawn of peace would come.

Moreover, after a historic "one to one" meeting (only the presence of the translator), the two sides also signed a statement.

At a subsequent press conference, Trump also said that it would stop the war games with North Korea and revealed that Kim Jeong-eun agreed to destroy a "major" nuclear weapon test site.

How to view the achievements and future of the "special fund"? Professor Zheng Jiyong, director of Korea Korea Research Center of Fudan University, brings fresh interpretation to everyone.

1. The statement mentioned the establishment of a new relationship between the United States and the DPRK, the establishment of a long-term and stable peace mechanism in the peninsula, and the commitment of the DPRK to achieve the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Zheng Jiyong: Generally speaking, this Communique is the best point of combination after the two parties are running in. It is not the end of the peninsula problem, but it has a good head for substantive negotiations.

Why do you say that?

As you can see, in the declaration of "denuclearization", the statement of the Panmunjom declaration continued more. As for the specific time and steps, there is no further publicity.

In addition, when interviewed by reporters, Trump said, "sanctions against North Korea will continue to take effect, sanctions will be abolished after the DPRK discarded." In a sense, the problem of laying eggs and laying hens will continue over a longer period of time.

However, as secretary of state Pompeio said, it is unrealistic to solve this century old problem through a meeting. We should be fully aware that, although the content of this joint communiqu is more in the broad direction, we need further implementation and follow-up, but the substantial content in the big direction is still very much.

Kim Jeong-eun's first meeting with Trump was that this meeting was not easy. In the past, we had many misunderstandings and prejudices. In fact, this is in sharp contrast to the "new relationship between the United States and the DPRK" proposed in the joint communiqu. It shows that the two sides are showing their greatest sincerity and that the denuclearization of the peninsula is progressed.

In addition, the third point of the communiqu quoted "North Korea's commitment to achieve the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula", in fact, is a set of statements by the Panmunjom, indicating that the United States has accepted the idea of the DPRK to some extent.

What is more important is that the meeting not only spread the message from the third sides, but also avoided the "top-down" dialogue.

Many of the past experiences have shown that the third party will often cause understanding, and if it involves the actual problem of nuclear details, it is difficult to push it without the top leaders.

From this perspective, there was a great breakthrough in the meeting.

2. What is the performance of the DPRK and the United States at this meeting?   

Zheng Jiyong: objectively speaking, it will meet itself, and the score of the DPRK is quite high.

First of all, for Kim Jeong-eun, to go to Singapore to meet Trump is a victory in itself. After all, being able to stand equal to Trump is a great recognition of North Korea's own strength.

Secondly, Kim Jeong-eun also successfully put the focus of the world on himself, and the performance of several senior Korean leaders in the special gold conference, to some extent, helped him to realize the desire to "let DPRK like the normal country".

Of course, at the same time, the American harvest is not small. For Trump, finding a common entry point with the DPRK on the nuclear issue is a good opportunity to show its strength.

As we all know, Trump is not very good at home and abroad, from sex scandals to financial shortages, to Iran, China and the United States trade frictions, "yellowing" G7 circle of friends... Trump is in urgent need of a friendly atmosphere of diplomacy, proving that he is not useless in diplomacy.

Of course, for the two sides, the biggest success is to set a friendly direction. At the press conference after the meeting, Trump told reporters that he would end the "provocative, untimely" war game with the DPRK. It even revealed that North Korea will "immediately" promote denuclearization, and the United States will stop joint military exercises with South Korea.

It can be said that these provide a very good foundation for future substantive talks.

3. This time, the leaders of the US and the DPRK held a one to one private conversation, not the three party talks or the Quartet talks before. How do we understand this?

Zheng Jiyong: the most basic mentality of the US and the DPRK is direct dialogues rather than people playing. This is not only related to the political needs and character of the leaders of the two sides, but also has a substantive connection with the settlement of the Peninsula issue.

In the final analysis, the core of the Peninsula nuclear issue is the mistrust of the US and the DPRK, mutual hostility and confrontation in security. Therefore, the most important thing to solve this problem is to untie the two sides' hearts and talk openly and honestly. It was clear that the meeting was done.

As far as Trump is concerned, if third parties join, it will undoubtedly cut down its dominance on the problem and weaken its halo on the issue of the peninsula, reducing the score for Trump in the mid-term election; Kim Jeong-eun, in the same way, does not want to shift the focus of the world to other things.

4. Next, what are the hard nut to crack problems on the peninsula?   

Zheng Jiyong: as mentioned earlier, the meeting shows good intentions of both sides and provides a certain impetus for the promotion of substantive denuclearization. So, considering that North Korea has destroyed a nuclear missile test ground, the two sides may need to make more breakthroughs at the technical level.

One is its own technology, such as the timetable and steps of nuclear abandonment, how to proceed in specific ways and how to achieve the best results. The two is the technology of the two sides in talks and consultations.

From the present situation, the sincerity of the DPRK is relatively good. In the next step, the nuclear peninsula will not only be accompanied by the efforts of the two sides, but also the international community, including China, Korea, Japan and Russia.

Most importantly, if the DPRK really has a real action, whether the United States or even the Security Council will respond to it, let it taste the sweetness of the nuclear abandonment. If you can provide such a positive cycle action, then the next step will be optimistic expectations.

There has been a very classic metaphor on the Peninsula issue: Kim Jeong-eun can provide "cash", while Trump gives it "cheque".

In fact, for Kim Jeong-eun, his only chip is nuclear weapons and missiles, and the security of power and land is also sought, which is difficult to replace only by "cheque style" such as "prosperity, prosperity and strength".

So what North Korea can do now is more committed to denuclearization. And on this basis, make some substantive actions. Today's joint communiqu is a manifestation of its attitude. Trump also revealed that North Korea's commitment to blow up a major nuclear missile test ground is also important.

However, North Korea is also eager to get the response from the international community. For example, can we ease the economic sanctions against the DPRK? After all, the pressure Kim Jeong-eun faces at home is not small. At the moment of the summer season, the DPRK needs more seeds and fertilizer, and Kim Jeong-eun also needs to prove to the DPRK that the efforts of the leaders are not in vain.

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