The police knocked out two prostitution Gangs: some wives receive passengers, and husbands take them.

The police knocked out two prostitution Gangs: some wives receive passengers, and husbands take them.

Original title: Zhejiang Jiaxing knocked out two prostitution Gangs: some wives "receive" husband to send, bring baby

The long night, the nearby people, ambiguous head, a pick and stir, the two sides went straight to the "right topic", the door paid "service".

Recently, (Zhejiang Jiaxing) Xiuzhou District Public Security sub Bureau Patrol Police Brigade got clues, some people in the area use WeChat to carry out Internet prostitution.

Through investigation, the police in Xiuzhou discovered that this was a case of organizing prostitution and prostitution through a remote control network.

The chatting is all the old men

What is the operation line of the gang?

"Keyboard player" positioning mobile phone geographic location to a hotel location in the city, then download beauty pictures from the Internet to do WeChat head image, and the name, WeChat signature to get ambiguous, hint can provide "special service." When the object of the deal is hooked, he will go and go whoring, and once the price is close, he immediately reports the specific position of the "customer" and the room number to the head of the gang.

The leader of the gang then sent the women to the "misplaced" women around the "client", and arranged the "salesmen" to pick up the women who were misplaced.

After the failure of the women's door-to-door service, the women get whoring, and after taking out their own crimes, the remaining money is handed over to the "salesman", and the "salesman" is then handed over to the gang leader. The person in charge is distributed to the "keypad" and "salesman" according to the division of labor.

In this way, the head of the group will not have a positive contact with the "customers". The whole gang is clear and clear.

The wife "take over" the husband to take over

What a great surprise is that some of the lost women think that each time the "salesman" is responsible for the delivery, they have to pay a fee, not as good as their own husband to send themselves, "fat water does not flow out of the field", this money will be saved... Therefore, in the prostitution Gang, husband and wife are not in a minority. Husbands acquiesce in their wives' behavior and assist them. Two of the women are still in lactation, and the baby is only 8 months old. The wife takes the child with her husband during his "work".

After careful investigation and squatting, after the gradual mastery of the criminal trace of 3 organizations of prostitution groups, Xiuzhou police were squatting in many hotels and carrying out net action. The 5 suspects, Wang Mou, Shi Mou and Peng Mou, were arrested in accordance with the law for organizing many women to engage in prostitution and prostitution activities. At the same time, 8 women and 8 clients were arrested for administrative detention.

At the same time, Nanhu police also cracked a case of organizing prostitution.

"Teachers" organize "students" to go whoring?

In May of this year, netizens posted a posting on the forum, saying that a college admissions teacher in Jiaxing was able to provide prostitution and offer female students at school. This attracted people's attention to the net posts, which attracted the attention of the Nanhu police. Immediately after receiving the clues, they set up a task force to investigate.

Through investigation, a prostitution Gang surfaced on WeChat, and the police quickly found out the personnel structure of the gang.

"She is not a teacher at all. It has nothing to do with universities." Chen Kai, the deputy director of the new Jia police station, said.

Micro plastic surgery promotes "sale"

In just one year, Xiu Xiu, one of the members of the gang, got a lot of illegal income and bought a house in Jiaxing with these illegal income. Even in order to attract more customers, she has repeatedly packaged herself through micro plastic.

After preliminary investigation, the proceeds from their prostitution and the introduction of prostitution were drawn from them, and the monthly income was 300 thousand yuan when the show was the most.

After the police had mastered the gang's criminal activities, the police quickly captured the net and captured more than 20 suspects, of which two were in a hotel in Jiaxing city.

As a result, the members of this group are mostly after 85 and after 90, and most of them are the staff of the entertainment places, not the college admissions teachers and students on the Internet. The case is now under further investigation. It

Source: "Jiaxing public security" WeChat public number

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